Biden’s granddaughter holds wedding at White House

Biden’s granddaughter holds wedding at White House

Finally White House first lady Naomi Biden today became the first granddaughter of a president to marry at the executive mansion, when the 28-year-old and her fiancé exchanged their vows on the South Lawn, joining a rare tradition here.

This is Natalie Brand of CBS. It is an exclusive club with history dating back to 1812. Only 19 White House weddings conducted by the President and First Lady were for the President’s children; Tricia Nixon and Edward Cox’s ceremony was recorded for the American public to view in the Rose Garden.

His background was complemented with a 12-. The foot gazebo landing is extraordinary because, like any White House event, Stuart McLaurin, president of the White House Historical Association, says he still has the three-ring binder used to plan Nixon’s wedding in 1971 was.

If everyone was there You see the erased names of wanderers, You see the menu plans and recipes for extravagant cakes Washington’s latest monument Six-tiered cake A few years ago Lindbergh Johnson’s Marine Captain Charles Robb A Saber Arch Eastern Included in the room.

The 250-pound cake tradition mixed with personal touches like weddings at the White House cut his sword right there. We are reminded that the White House is not just an office for the President and his staff. This is a family home, but interests first. The public and press are fascinated by the family’s wedding.

The 1906 wedding of President Teddy Roosevelt’s daughter, nicknamed Princess Alice, dominated the news cycle—it’s like the American version of a royal wedding. If you look at Alice Roosevelt in the early 20th century in our country, that’s really the first celebrity wedding.

This was the gown worn by Maria Hester, daughter of President Monroe, in 1820. The 1966 CBS special featured President Grover Cleveland exchanging his vows at the executive mansion Inside Blue, one of the few gowns worn by White House brides.

Um Naomi Biden is the first presidential granddaughter to speak at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in 1886 and Natalie Brandt is the first to use the South Lawn, cementing her place in White House history.

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