Bruno Fernandes came out swinging on Instagram to destroy claims he threw shade at Ronaldo

Bruno Fernandes came out swinging on Instagram to destroy claims he threw shade at Ronaldo

Bruno Fernandes came out swinging on Instagram to destroy claims of him throwing shade at Ronaldo, while not disputing how Fernandes threw the ball past Ederson.

There was no shortage of anger at the fact that Marcus Rashford had been deemed to have intervened in the game just moments earlier. Considering how controversial the whole episode really was.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, this was not the only major topic of discussion surrounding Fernandes following the Derby Day victory. Different versions of a quote attributed to Fernandes after the match led some to believe that he was taking a thinly veiled dig at Cristiano Ronaldo.

As is often the case with social media, Fernandes’ comment about teamwork on the Old Trafford pitch for BT Sport evolved and turned into all sorts of different combinations. Looking at the footage, we can confirm those were the Portuguese midfielder’s exact words: “We look like a team now.

A few months ago, some time ago, you could see that sometimes a team, sometimes each of us a little bit for ourselves. Now you see a proper team working hard for each other and you see it pay off.

Listening to Fernandes speak, it is clear that he is not throwing shade at any one player and certainly not at his compatriot and former United teammate Ronaldo. Numbers of fans decided Fernandes was actually referring to Ronaldo, who prematurely terminated his contract at the ‘theatre of dreams’ on the back of an explosive interview with Piers Morgan, prompting the United star to speak out did.

Sharing an Instagram post that correctly circulated the quotes on his story, Fernandes made sure to let the haters know how he felt about Ronaldo. Fernandes wrote in the caption: “I know it’s hard to see Manchester United doing well, [but] I have nothing but good things [to say] about us.

Don’t use my name to attack Cristiano. Cristiano was part of our team for half the season and as I said in many interviews, since Liverpool everyone has been amazing and working like a proper team and you can see the results.

Fernandes has been put in a very difficult position over the past few weeks where he has regularly faced questions given the acrimonious nature of Ronaldo’s Old Trafford exits. To Fernandes’ credit, he has always struck a difficult balance between defending the integrity of Erik ten Haag’s United team and not throwing his fellow Portuguese under the bus.

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