"Delete Instagram Now!" - Elon Musk

“Delete Instagram Now!” – Elon Musk

Elon Musk warned all Instagram users to delete the application immediately. An eye opener yeah I think one of the issues with social media has been pointed out by a lot of people I think maybe especially Instagram people feel like their lives are actually better too.

So by design yes people are posting photos when they are really happy they are modifying those photos to make them look better even if they don’t modify the photos they are at least the best lit photos Picking, the best angle this guys are basically doing, guess they look better they’re basically right and they look happy anyway.

Like they really are if you look at everyone on instagram you might think they’re all happy beautiful people and i’m not that nice and i’m not happy you know and it makes me sad some of the most Happy people are actually the most unhappy people who listen to what people really are and never seem nice.

It doesn’t matter who you are no it’s not even something you should do why you want to look great all the time yes of course uh so I think stuff like that just makes people very sad by comparison maybe Because you like people. People usually think of themselves relative to others. It is like this. We are constantly re-basing our expectations. I love that he’s stepping forward and saying yes, you can just advertise, you don’t have to assemble.

People’s data and sell it relentlessly and then fraudulently Facebook tries with you you’re killing small businesses with these decisions you’re not killing small businesses from here we’re going to kill it collect a huge information business who of course is going to take data that people didn’t know was valuable and sell it and make billions of dollars, yeah i mean worse than that for sure what they are going to develop it Called Facebook AI, you can follow him on Twitter.

let’s accelerate all this information into AI and see what it does yeah who knows what will happen you know it sounds like I don’t know some dystopian outcome isn’t possible okay I think the public has There are things they have to have some kind of public oversight on the side of the FAA and uh nitza you know the different regulatory agencies in the FDA and I know I think we’re better off having them they have a risk risk reward disparity . That they probably aren’t as good as you know the bad is weighed because of their incentive structure.

You know they get punished a lot for allowing something but they don’t get punished enough not to pelt stones so it’s just in the nature of government but still i think everyone u feel safe from FAA will do? FAA um or we feel safe buying food and drugs with a regulatory agency that oversees this stuff, but we don’t have a regulatory agency to do that.

There’s another point that I think it’s really important to appreciate that um we’re all already sidecars so you have a machine extension in the form of your phone and your computer and all of your applications that you already supernatural but now you have more powerful abilities than you knew 30 years ago the president of the united states if you have an internet link uh you have an article of knowledge you can communicate to millions of people and the rest Are able to communicate with Earth instantly.

I mean these are magical powers that didn’t exist long ago, so everyone is already superhuman and one of the sidecar bandwidths, so we’re tied to a particular constraint on the output, so our input is much better. is but our output is very slow if you want to be generous you can say it’s a few hundred bits per second or a kilobit or something like that the output um a little bit you know the way we output it’s like It’s like we have little sticks of meat that we slowly move straight and press buttons or tap on little screens.

You compare this to a computer that can communicate at the terabyte level. I think security is a big concern like cyber security. Um. I think the biggest uh risk to autonomous vehicles is that someone can’t hack fleet-wide, you know in theory, if someone was able to hack, say, all autonomous Teslas, they could say are that ira mean like a joke like you say road all of them sent to the island requesting the United States of America we have to make sure athlete white hack is basically impossible and if people are in the car they have That’s all the car has to do.

If the car is doing something wacky then override authorization that no software can override that will make sure uh you’re in control of the vehicle and disconnect the link to the server so it’s actually within the car we have a lot The fundamental um is, even if someone has access to the car, there are many subsystems within the car that also have a special encryption, for example the powertrain and have special encryption, even if someone has access to the car.

Can’t get access to the powertrain or braking system and this is my top talking stone from a security perspective, Tesla is making sure a fleet wide hack or any vehicle specific hack with a cell phone could be a problem, You know, it’s kind of crazy today that we live quite comfortably in a world that George Orwell would have thought super crazy, like we all have a phone that could be a microphone. In fact any time the GPS is turned on without any information that knows our position and a camera and well all our personal information um we do it voluntarily.

It’s wild to think that this is the case. Um so far the only challenge with phones like Apple and Google is making sure they can’t be a fleet wide hack or a system-wide hack of a phone or a specific pack. , so it’s our top concern that we’re going to do this it’s become a bigger and bigger concern that most people don’t understand why the Tesla founder Instagram account with over 8 million followers had to say goodbye, while Some managed a handful of followers. We were trying hard to know what was the reason behind deleting his account.

As can be seen in a tweet who didn’t like this you know when you are a billionaire just not liking something is enough for you to leave it but normal people are sometimes forced by circumstances What they don’t like is there’s a lot of people doing things they don’t like because they have no other choice Minutes later Elon did another tweet that gives us more details on this.

Eliot’s death by water, in one of the sections links to Musk’s Wikipedia page for Eliot’s poem The Wasteland, Musk’s ID page was later deactivated by rapper Azealia. Banks posted a series of messages on Instagram demanding that the Tesla CEO return his phone, claiming that Elon’s lawyers had taken the phone away from his lawyers but Musk’s team denied the allegations because He did so.

It is clear that the tech guru neither knows nor has ever met Azealia Banks, the main reason why Elon left IG is because he believes it promotes fake life, the tech genius revealed when In an interview on The Joe Rogan Podcast, he said, let us really go deeper to understand how many people live fake lives on Instagram, a social media platform that is primarily for posting photos, most people use the platform. Let’s use

The problem with social media is that people pretend their lives are better than they really are. People are posting pictures of times when they were really happy. They are modifying those pictures to look better even though they are not modifying those pictures make sure they are selecting pictures for best lighting and best angle but no problem posting good pictures here Is.

As there are friends posting pics on one end and other friends viewing pics on the other end, most of the people watching pics get stressed because they think their friends are living better life than them so IG brings an aspect of comparison Which is not healthy According to Elon Musk most people get into stress and depression because they are made to believe that they are in a bad situation now you can feel relieved.

If you start to worry about their rapid progress that some of your friends were making as the IG images suggest, just know that it may not be a bed of roses for them because no one is always happy. Wouldn’t be great for the world’s richest man to admit that even a billionaire like him has his share of problems, perhaps even wondering how falling share prices will affect his wealth, a tycoon with concerns There are enough reasons to be why to delete your IG account another simple reason is that people are not addicted to the platform, most people only post online.

Too much productive time wasted looking at images, other IG users are so addicted to the social media platform that they have to check it every now and then. Tech geniuses suggest that Instagram addiction is not healthy. Will delete IG accounts, they will be happy because they will have time to do things that can use the time instead of looking at random pictures on IG. Listen to some motivational music or read a motivational book, there’s every reason to believe that the ongoing feud between Elon and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg may have contributed to the deactivation of his IG account.

Given that Facebook is the parent company of Instagram for a long time, there were strong differences between Elon and Mark regarding the development of AI, the Facebook founder believes that the development of AI should not be limited as it poses no threat to humanity. Elon, on the contrary, strongly advocates regulation of AI, which he sees as a bigger threat than nuclear, Tesla CEO wrote in a tweet to Facebook CEO on AI I talked to Mark about this, Given that his understanding of the subject is limited, it’s possible that Elon has taken his beef with Mark to the extent of deactivating his IG account.

Before Tesla founder had already deactivated his IG account on deleting his Facebook account as mentioned earlier that both the companies are inseparable as Instagram is a subsidiary of Facebook, between that time Elon Musk made an interesting tweet when he deleted facebook and didn’t deactivate ig. Still, tweet instagram is fine in my opinion as long as it stays free enough, I don’t use fb nor will I ever, so don’t think I’m some kind of martyr or my companies are taking it for granted.

We don’t advertise or pay for support so don’t care yet Elon deleted his IG account few days later tech guru also warned your privacy when you are using IG strangers In danger, easily trace all your moves as you keep updating all new photos. Anyone who values their privacy on their IG page will delete their IG account The concern is that the data we share through our Instagram pages is not secure as it is susceptible to cyber attack Yes yes some people’s IG accounts have been hacked.

Cybercriminals can even go to the extent of posting nudes on your IG page but more interestingly, Facebook cannot be trusted for data either. Facebook is being investigated over allegations it sold sensitive data to Cambridge Analytica. The Information Commissioner’s Office found that Facebook breached data protection laws by failing to safeguard users’ personal information, allowing Cambridge Analytica to harvest the data of 87 million people without their cooperation. It is alleged around the world that the data breach by Cambridge Analytica was used to rig the 2016 elections in the US.

There are many things people can do after deleting IG It is a sad reality that social media platforms are controlling us instead of controlling us Deleted IG account allows you to spend some quality time with friends and family. It is when they leave their social media platforms like Elon Musk suggests that you will start living a happier and more meaningful life after deactivating your IG account.

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