Elon Musk banned Bill Gates from Twitter

Elon Musk banned Bill Gates from Twitter

Both Elon Musk and Bill Gates are some of the prominent members of the billionaire club, however Elon Musk has banned Bill Gates from Twitter, why has Elon banned Bill Gates from Twitter ever since Elon Musk bought Twitter.

He’s making some big changes to the platform on April 25 for $44 billion, he’s even warned that any Twitter account with advanced spam activities will be banned from the platform, similarly to what most people do for free.

Speech Some people are thinking that free speech logged into their Twitter accounts and posted all kinds of insults on the platform which is far from the truth Elon Musk has made it clear that Twitter is not a petri dish for abuse , but rather a platform that promotes free speech as prescribed by law, he revealed in a tweet that read from Free Speech.

i mean that which matches with the law i am against censorship that goes far beyond the law if people want less free speech they will ask the government to pass a law on that effect so go beyond the law the will of the people Contrary to this, anyone found going against free speech in this regard will also be de-platformed from Twitter Elon Musk and Bill Gates have never had a warm relationship, they disagree on a range.

In 2020, on things ranging from electric cars to the coronavirus, Bill Gates indirectly attacked Tesla when he said that there was no need to make an 18-wheeler electric vehicle substantially, these comments were directed at Tesla because It’s an EV company. One of Musk’s fans on Twitter asked the Tesla billionaire to comment on Bill’s comments about developing an 18-wheeler semi truck, to which Elon said he didn’t know why. It is true that Bill Gates may not know what he is talking about.

Much about electric cars as he is a guru in software development Gates co-founded Microsoft Incorporation in 1975 with his childhood friend Paul Allen. Microsoft deals in computer software consumer electronics personal computers and other related services Bill Gates was the richest man on the planet for almost 19 years He was the richest man on the planet from 1995 to 2010 and from 2013 to 2017 when his crown was stolen by Jeff Bezos Was.

But sooner or later Musk came into the picture and now he is the richest person on earth according to the Bloomberg Billionaire’s Index. Apr 27 Elon Musk was richer than Bill Gates and Warren Buffett combined Beginning Gates was actively involved in the coronavirus issue where he committed to help finance the production of a vaccine, the Microsoft co-founder coveted 19 have supported the need to maintain health protocols, such as social distancing and wearing masks which they have also donated.

Dollars to help fight the coronavirus through the Bill Melinda Gates Foundation Although Musk was also involved in the fight against COVID-19 through the maker of ventilators, he had a more relaxed approach to COVID-19. Gates didn’t hesitate to criticize Elon Musk’s move on the coronavirus, saying that while Elon’s position maintains a high level of derogatory comments, he isn’t much involved in vaccines. It seems there are very few things Musk can do to impress Gates. Microsoft CEO says he would rather spend his money on vaccines on Earth than building rockets to Mars.

A Mars person but knows a lot of people who are Mars supporters but it is Musk’s latest encounter with Bill Gates that has rubbed him the wrong way even as he has decided to ban him from Twitter, among billionaires A private conversation has been leaked that the origin of their disagreement is due to the screenshot of Elon’s phone, we have come to know about this disagreement, so this time what is the reason behind the conflict between Elon and Bill is the simple answer Elon declines to team up with Gates in a philanthropic exercise.

Bill took a short position against Tesla shorting, a strategy that is used when an investor believes the price of a security will fall in the short term, when Tesla’s CEO on climate change found that to be the case. Bill Gates has predicted that Tesla’s stock price is going to go up. Musk doesn’t understand how Bill is supporting climate change when he expects the stock price of an auto company that uses sustainable energy to last longer. The founder and CEO found Gates to be unrealistic and insincere and eventually banned.

Tesla share price will fall as predicted by Bill Gates Tesla share price has been rising rapidly over the past few years as a result of which Tesla has grown and become the first auto maker to reach trillion dollar market cap in terms of car production. It is also making great progress as it has so far manufactured more than 2.5 million cars in the first quarter alone, Tesla manufactured 310 048 EVs, while their closest competitor Rivian only managed 2500 vehicles, General Motors only was able to produce.

56 electric cars and you can be sure Tesla share price will continue to rise as the EV company rapidly expands in February 2022. Tesla opened its latest Gigafactory in Berlin, its first plant in Europe, days after Musk also started building a futuristic pickup truck.

Popularly known as Tesla Cyber Truck, Tesla has great potential not only as a car manufacturer but also as a tech company as it is involved in manufacturing some of the craziest and most sophisticated technologies that will power our future. It is said that a good example of the way Tesla is making humanoids is a humanoid robot made by Tesla, the humanoid will also have the ability to interact with people, the plethora of things made by Tesla is simply endless because It also makes the Tesla Home which is very affordable.

The Tesla Home is easy to build because it is prefabricated. The main objective of Tesla Home is to solve the housing problem. The company is also working on lithium-ion batteries which are an integral part of EVs, noting that the quality of the battery will always determine the quality of the battery. An Electric Car Could Cover All of These Tesla Products With Bill Gates There’s absolutely no need to take a concise position against the EV maker because Musk has refused to cooperate with Gates in promoting climate change.

Elon is a firm believer in sustainable energy in fact he is actively involved in sustainable energy consumption through Tesla EVs, he uses Tesla solar panels to collect energy from the sun which is stored in Tesla Electric Walls, collected The energy can be used to charge a Tesla car and power a. Tesla Home Musk’s love for sustainable energy is unmatched as Tesla has in the past been working on a Tesla Model Pi phone embedded with some solar panels for charging, Musk has equally demonstrated his commitment to fighting climate change.

He stopped using bitcoin to buy Tesla. The digital currency is mined using fossil fuels that pollute the environment in 2017 as by-products. Musk also resigned from President Trump’s advisory council after the head of state pulled out of the Paris Agreement fighting climate change. Busk’s commitment to sustainable energy is undeniable. The tech guru said that he believes it is surprising that the Tesla team is working on an electric plane. In the past it has been clear that the energy from the Sun is severely underutilized.

Saying it’s possible to power us all with the energy of a sun trapped in a tiny corner of Arizona, Bill Gates’ double standards on climate change may have contributed to getting him banned from Twitter, hopes the Microsoft founder.

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