Elon Musk Cancels ABC’s “The Conners” Mid-Season, Doesn’t Inform Cast

Elon Musk Cancels ABC’s “The Conners” Mid-Season, Doesn’t Inform Cast

Tech billionaire Elon Musk took TV programming in his hands, canceled the show mid-season and forgot to inform the artists.

In a bold step, who scratched several of his heads, Tech billionaire Elon Musk took himself to cancel the ABC hit sitcom “The Conners” through his latest season – show the show’s artists and crew shows the show Informed the artists and crew without notice.

Sources close to Musk say that he was just browsing through his TV guide when he stumbled on an episode of “The Conner”, and was so angry with the show’s “Innovation and Originality” that he was immediately of the show. “Angered by innovation and originality” picked up the phone and called the ABC Executive Officer.

“I told him, friends, the show is terrible. It is not doing anything new or interesting,” Musk allegedly said. “And they were like, uh, sir, we are in the middle of the broadcast of the weather. We can’t cancel it.”

But according to the same source, Musk was not about taking for an answer. He allegedly left for a long time about the importance of advancing and taking risks, and “conversion” was either failing to do.

“I mean come. They are recycled only for an old jokes and stories,” called a musk. “There is no imagination. No innovation. It is just lazy.

Despite the ABC opposition, Musk eventually discovered his way – and “The Consensions” was pulled from the airways, leaving the artists and the crew completely in the dark.

“I didn’t understand what happened,” actor John Goodman said, who plays Dan Conner in the show. “One minute we’re filming an episode, and the next minute we hear that the show has been canceled? I did not even get a chance to say goodbye to my trailer. ,

Some have criticized Musk’s decision, calling it an abusive step towards hardworking persons who misuse the power and show’s production team. But for musk, it is all about the big picture.

“We can’t only compromise for the average situation,” he said in a statement. “To improve us, we need to continuously pursue ourselves. And if this means cancellation of a popular TV show through its season, it should be so. ,

Note: Satire, not real news.

4 thoughts on “Elon Musk Cancels ABC’s “The Conners” Mid-Season, Doesn’t Inform Cast”

  1. I think he thought some major key person might’ve been missing like Roseanne….He got shafted for five years ago and no one was loyal

  2. If ABC belongs to Elon musk, he can do it the hell he wants to do and decisions he been making in my Pinyan perfect. He is a businessman you make good decisions, and eventually ABC will be better than it ever has. If we just get rid of the view, the ratings would come up a lot.

  3. These people didn’t stand up for Roxanne when she got the boot. About time these lowlifes got the boot. Please give Roxanne a chance to develop her own show not including any of the actors from The Conners. Time to bust that Union wide open. A friend of mine’s best friend is doing a lot of filming and commercials that are non-Union in Alabama, Georgia and Tennessee. Unions especially in the movie industry, think their employee’s are untouchable and support the left’s policy which are not in alignment with the common people’s ideals. They need to be destroyed. YOU CAN DO IT


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