Elon Musk Claps Back at Andrew Tate's Jail Release with Savage Response

Elon Musk Claps Back at Andrew Tate’s Jail Release with Savage Response

Andrew T has been arrested, but the official narrative makes no sense. I think it’s 99 certain Rivers will not be free tomorrow, the only reason I know about the cancellation is because I took my life.

Declared Tom G and former kickboxer Andrew Tate arrested last year for human trafficking as one of the most divisive personalities of 2022, their arrest caused quite a stir for Elon Musk to say a thing or two, but Elon Whether or not Musk was actually against Tet, he has some ulterior motive.

Haven’t heard about the epic argument on Twitter between Greta Thunberg and Andrew Tate that led to Tate’s arrest. Congratulations you are one of the most annoying people on earth The back and forth between climate activists Greta Thunderberg and Andrew Tate was probably one of the highlights of 2022 as the year drew to a close which made it all the more amazing after all The arrest was taped by the Romanian authorities while he was enjoying his stay in his Romanian warehouse.

Unfortunately his younger brother Tristan Tate got caught up in the mix and was arrested with him, with Tate explaining that one of the reasons he moved to Romania was because the police were less likely to pursue any sexual assault charges against him. Was. Thing is, initially the brothers were only held for 24 hours because Romanian authorities held the brothers as suspects in an alleged organized crime ring that exploited women.

But he and his brother were jailed along with two Romanian suspects as the brother’s investigation continued, and all four continued to deny the charges despite every effort by Tate and his legal team to get them released. He faced stiff opposition. Despite the fact that he and his brother were not officially charged with anything, they were initially detained for just 24 hours, but the detention was later extended to 30 days in December Was.

This was again extended to 27 February as the brothers were deemed too dangerous among brothers. Property in Romania is forcing them to stay in the country until further notice. You would expect the self-proclaimed Top ji under house arrest to put his head to the ground in an attempt to figure out the next steps and get out of this mess. , But you would be wrong to think that Tate has not shied away from using social media despite being in custody.

Not updating on the situation every now and then until not too long after his arrest, the influencer commented on the situation from his twitter account saying that Matrix sent their agents and later added Matrix will only let you know that Matrix sent you But this isn’t the first time the former kickboxer has spoken about The Matrix. When he’s not making misogynistic comments about women or talking about some controversial issues, he’s talking about how people are being brainwashed in addition to The Matrix.

fully explained who or what the matrix is but they have suggested multiple times that the powers that be are bent on targeting and silencing free thinkers or free thinkers or speakers like me and if you’re wondering That’s where you heard the word from before it was taken. The popular franchise that goes by the same name where everyone’s mind was controlled by machines was claimed by none other than Elon Musk while everyone was wondering what Tate is talking about all this time.

Elon Musk gave a clever response to the influencer and tweeted a meme straight out of the movie with the Tet meme saying what if I told you the only way to escape the matrix is to do everything it taught you forget it and rebuild your whole belief system based on critical thought and analysis and shortly after it aired it was the pizza box and tet video that led to his arrest, the eccentric owner of twitter is still in the top Yes, but some make fun of it.

Stating that sometimes it is better to make pizza at home, he is clearly enjoying the fact that someone else is making headlines for a change. But his arrest wasn’t the only reason Tate recovered. was making headlines, for the most part it was because of this but for many of his staunch followers or those who listened to him on masculinity, it was hard to believe that he could be arrested so easily because he was seen as an anti-feminist.

But no one could say that Tate was not a smart person and the recent footage that went viral on social media proves that Tate is seen talking about his social media in the video. Elon Musk canceled his Twitter account on all platforms before restoring it, and said in the podcast Everyone’s Talking After Tate that his cancellation on social media cost him one in three lives. It was over and the next step had to be taken for the Matrix.

One of the reasons for imprisoning him and eventually killing him, if he does not go insane, is that no one can be sure whether Tate witnessed the arrest or how long he was likely to remain in custody in Romania. But one thing we can agree on is that Tate’s influence is widespread and it’s fair to say that many people are still searching for his videos or coming to his defense despite his arrest.

Already has over 11 billion views and counting so if you haven’t seen any of his videos get some news about others talking about him or something he said It’s not hard to see, but what really attracted the boys was his fast lifestyle that attracted him or his divisive comments, especially with his messages on women, he is a man He became someone many young men looked up to. began watching and parents and teachers at the school expressed grief about its impact.

A school for the younger generation in west London banned students from saying their names anywhere on campus, while another school prepared a highly detailed PowerPoint presentation to address Andrew Tate’s messages, which hit social media today attracted such attention. from Elon. Musk boys as young as 11 begin to pick up on Tate’s sexist views, especially regarding women.

Teachers have reported an increase in incidents of sexual assault at the school which may be directly linked to Andrew Tate’s influence on the boys in what he called his newly founded School of Masculinity. The university he claims teaches people how to make money consists mainly of young teenage boys who, dazzled by Tate’s fleet of supercars and flashy lifestyle, are no longer trying to make money or be successful. have been There is nothing wrong with that, but it seems to these impressionable teenage boys.

They too would be successful if they followed Tate’s formula for success to a T, but many feel she has a message that young men these days with the rise of feminism don’t get. how controversial he is and when you combine it with this extravagant lifestyle most people can’t help but see him as an alpha male or top G as he describes himself but now that it’s off So are we ever going to see them again for someone who has Tate hasn’t been charged.

With his brother Tristan facing the harshest form of punishment, his custody has been extended for a third time by the Romanian authorities because his wealth makes him a flight risk, with authorities investigating Tate also claiming that he has committed six found the alleged victims to have been mentally coerced, sexually abused and physically assaulted by the brothers and deemed too dangerous for Tate to release while the investigation was still ongoing. The brothers would coerce the victims even more and possibly silence them.

They were first expected to be released on 21 February, but this was later extended to 29 March as prosecutors are allowed to extend the detention of suspects for up to 180 days, a deadline that has almost passed and if the brothers No charges have been formally laid against him so we can see the tape on social media sooner than later, but if police decide to press charges, Andrew Tate could face up to 15 years in prison if he Found guilty or not, whether he is a social media influencer or not will make it out of this unblemished thing.

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