Elon Musk hints that a Tesla phone could be made to punish Apple and Google

Elon Musk hints that a Tesla phone could be made to punish Apple and Google

Musk Hints That a Tesla Phone May Be Made to Punish Apple and Google His confusing and illogical changes to verification checkmarks and his inability to make a decision and stick to it without changing his mind for a while doesn’t inspire confidence in a person who can run a company like Twitter. Musk tweets threats today should Apple and Google remove Twitter from the App Store and Play Store

When T-Mobile’s former chairman and CEO John Legere said he’d be interested in working his magic at Twitter (albeit at a superstar executive salary), Musk dismissed him as distasteful. Considering what Legere did for T-Mobile after leading T-Mobile to second place among the major four wireless providers, the man should at least get an in-person meeting. After all, he has a great track record and helped T-Mobile become the most innovative company in the industry.

The latest news involving Musk and Twitter is that the multi-billionaire posted a tweet in which he said that Apple and Google should bounce Twitter from their respective app storefronts, with Musk calling it an “alternative phone.”

Let’s look at the whole matter. A tweet by conservative commentator Liz Wheeler said, “If Apple and Google removed Twitter from their app stores, @elonmusk should make it his smartphone.” Half the country happily uses the biased, snooping iPhone and Android. Will leave.” Elon wrote in response, “I certainly hope it doesn’t get to that, but, yes, if there is no other option, I will look for an alternate phone.”

It helps us to remember another very rich person who thought making a contending cell phone may be definitely in his wheelhouse. Jeff Bezos and Amazon delivered the Fire Telephone in June 2014. The telephone was a lemon, to say the least, with purportedly just 26,000 units sold.

There is no indication right now that Apple or Google are considering removing Twitter from the App Store and Google Play Store, respectively. But you never know when Musk comes up with something that will violate the rules of the App Store and Play Store. If Google were to remove Twitter from the Android app storefront, Twitter could always end up in a third-party app store, like Amazon’s, where it could be sideloaded by Android users Making an alternative phone won’t be easy.

Sideloading an application on Android implies downloading it from an application store other than the Play Store. Losing the Application Store wouldn’t be a shock, regardless of whether there was no choice for sideloading on iOS. This is on the grounds that without an Android or iOS application, Twitter will in any case be open by means of versatile programs on iPhone and Android handsets all in all, the absence of a local iOS or potentially Android application won’t be the end for Twitter.

We would imagine that if a Tesla phone is developed, Musk would create a mobile/wireless business unit for Tesla. But Elon has to be careful about how he approaches such a project. Keep in mind that his stake in Tesla stock is down 54% so far this year. Tesla shareholders might not take too kindly to Elon using Tesla’s cash and name to run Twitter, which is one of Musk’s personal holdings.

Again, this is all conjecture at this point, especially since Twitter is listed in good standing in the App Store and Play Store. Unless planning for the development of an alternative phone has already begun, the process of creating a new smartphone using a new platform could take several years. So hopefully Mr. Musk doesn’t just snap his fingers and a new phone becomes an iOS and Android competitor right away.

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  1. As long as the telephone has satélite link, can be used in space, and provides a measurable cost for its offerings, it can be a real big hit.


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