Elon Musk & Joe Rogan NEW INSANE Partnership Changes Everything!

Elon Musk & Joe Rogan NEW INSANE Partnership Changes Everything!

In 2018 Joe Rogan invited Elon Musk to his podcast and to his great surprise Elon honored his invitation during the show the two men smoked together and laughed and maybe even a hug among the numbers exchanged Shared, at that time it seemed that there was nothing else.

than just two like-minded people coming together on a talk show and that’s why both Elon Musk and Joe Rogan were able to get closer and closer right under our noses without anyone noticing the beginning of their partnership, this What matters to people living in partnership, the United States and how will it affect Tesla and Spotify Tesla CEO Elon Musk like most billionaires is a loner.

It is an open secret to anyone who knows him or has any kind of personal relationship with him but unlike most billionaires who prefer to keep their private life secrets while trying to avoid the public and media eyes Elon Musk There is one exception. The tech billionaire loves to attract attention, he posts memes on his Twitter page containing controversial statements and even engages fans and with the recent acquisition of Twitter things will undoubtedly only get.

From here on, for better or worse, American podcaster Joe Rogan began dreaming of bringing the tech mogul onto his show. That Elon had accepted his invitation was massively gratifying before he met tech billionaire Rogan, who, like most people, already had an idea of what Musk would be like as a podcaster, from the founder of SpaceX He is expected to be imposing and not at all funny, but Musk surprises Rogan by showing up. He never expected to see her on one side during the show.

The two talked about Musk’s exciting projects and in a strange turn of events they even smoked together and of course enjoying it there was a lot of media backlash but neither of them cared What critics said was that Rogan’s show developed into something that both Rogan and Musk had never seen since the show. There’s a rumor that Joe sent Musk a text message encouraging him to take on the Bluebird app, but no one knows if that’s true. What we do know is that Rogan squealed with joy when he heard that. In addition to Musk Online, Bluebird is also getting the app.

Support They have been seen together on several occasions A good example of this was sometime in 2022 when Rogan was spotted having dinner with the billionaire and his then-girlfriend Grimes While this could have been a friendly meeting, it is also likely that Musk was introducing his new partner to his girlfriend But before we go into the details of the partnership between the two, let’s quickly discuss who Joe Rogan actually is and that Twitter CEO Joe Rogan is the American podcaster. One that shares similarities must have gained a lot of followers over the years.

What you might not know because of his podcast show The Joe Experience is that the American has been in the limelight long before he launched his podcast show. movies but none of them gave him the big break he wanted, then the American got his big break in 1997 when he landed a role as a UFC commentator as well as hosting the game show Fear Factor. Despite earning his big break working as a UFC commentator there were still many people who had no idea who the American was, but within six years when the American decided to launch his own podcast show, The Joe Rogan Experience The show got such a huge audience that it became one of the most popular podcasts in the whole world.

It became so popular that Spotify had no choice but to sign an exclusive distribution deal with the comedian, according to rumors the deal is reportedly worth $200. Million dollars But what makes Rogan’s show so special that Spotify offered him such a huge sum, one answer is that Rogan has unfiltered views about many subjects like American podcaster Elon Musk says How he perceives it and even though some of those comments land him on the wrong side of many, it’s also important to note that this is why many of his viewers love him and if anyone who loves free speech and broadcasts his thoughts as he sees them then that person is none other than him.

Compared to Elon Musk, you could even say that maybe he’s the reason the two bonded in the first place, whether or not it’s the reason for their new bromance, one thing is clear and that’s that the two are on the receiving end of a number of controversial issues. Have been in the center. When the smoking incident appeared on Musk Rogan’s show, the podcaster encouraged him to inhale his marijuana. Things weren’t bad enough. Tesla’s stock price dropped five percent after Elon Musk told his investors that But for Rogan and Elon Musk, the controversy only seems to bring them closer.

Now you would think that this kind of brawl would mean that Rogan and Musk would do their best to stay out of trouble, instead of getting into more trouble, and if you know anything about Tesla CEOs, you would Would agree that he lives for controversies, but is fair enough. As the founder of SpaceX, he has not found himself in any controversy as of 2020. Around this time the world was preparing for a lockdown due to the deadly coronavirus and countries asking everyone to stay at home meant that companies like SpaceX and Tesla were unable to. Well done because Musk was against the decision and tweeted on his usual platform to protest the lockdown saying this coronavirus panic is dumb.

It’s unclear how people who have lost loved ones to the coronavirus will feel about this statement. To make the case worse, Kasturi insisted that all of her employees should come to work no matter how much you No matter how rich you are, you can never be above the laws of your country and that’s why the US government scolded SpaceX and Tesla Boss. Now you will hope that this Elon Musk learns his lesson. Rather, Kasturi has stopped the spread of virus every day. The time spent criticizing every public health move to stop Elon Musk even saying the virus was not deadly flies in the face of the facts.

At one point he even said that he was moving all his assets, including the Tesla headquarters, out of California due to strict reputational rules and regulations, not too long after these claims by Musk, American podcaster Joe Rogan on his show announced he was leaving California and once again Musk and Rogan were in the news again. For the wrong reasons and this time it was because they were putting people’s lives at risk because the virus was not fatal and the government was exaggerating it despite the departure of its critics Rogan and Elon Musk.

The government and who else and every self-respecting respected doctor encourages people to take the vaccine and once again Musk caused a stir by announcing that neither he nor his family was getting the vaccine. Rogan, on the other hand, did not comment on a vaccine until 2021 during this special show in April. Responding in a big way and this time from the former director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, Nied Anthony Fauci and White.

House Communications Director Kate Bettingfield joined in criticizing Rogan for his remarks, but Rogan refused to retract it, despite the reaction to his views on the virus when Rogan tested positive for the virus. In hopes of changing perceptions for good, Rogan released a video where he revealed that he was getting better, but not from stereotypical behavior according to the former UFC commentator, who is recovering after taking medication.

Which was popularly known as Horse Dewormer. The controversy was a ray of hope. Regulatory bodies did not take this lightly and decided to go after Rogan, although Rogan was not going to go down without a fight, the American podcaster hosted several doctors who supported his claims about the pandemic. Even more drama ensued because in January of 2022, 270 scientists, doctors, and health care workers signed a petition calling for Neil Young, a legendary rock star, to declare that he would end his false and socially stigmatized lives through his music.

Action is being taken against Joe Rogan over defamatory claims. The audio streaming app may have fixed the problem if Rogan’s podcast hadn’t been completely removed from the app before Spotify. Many did not take this lightly and Rogan suddenly found himself in the middle of a scandal and rightly so now in this scenario a billionaire like Musk would do his best to avoid commenting on such issues, lest His reputation was tarnished, however, as Elon Musk not only commented on Rogan’s issues, but also posted a meme showing a picture of the youth with the words.

If you won’t censor the boy I don’t like, I’ll send you to the free world, won’t let you listen to me, keep moving. These words were taken from one of Nick Young’s most famous tracks in The Free World and the whole idea behind posting this was to indicate to everyone that Young had a personal issue with Rogan and Musk as another. In other words, it reduced its intensity. The backlash Rogan faced. Rogan wasn’t one to forget the favor and so when the tables turned, the American podcaster made sure Musk jokingly challenged Russian President Vladimir Putin to show his support for Ukraine.

When Rogan got the news, Putin in turn threatened Musk and his Starlink business. So he immediately reached out on his podcast show to show his support for his friend, with the American podcaster also offering to train Musk if he didn’t need to help in any way against Putin. However, despite Rogan and Musk’s growing relationship, you will agree that it is pretty much impossible for two friends to always be on good terms, especially if two friends have strong opinions. Musk and Rogan were a good example of this when Tesla CEO Rogan was asked about a feature of the Tesla car that he felt was dangerous.

This was in regards to the Autopilot feature that allows Tesla cars to drive on their own, which while no doubt is a cool feature to have. Despite Rogan’s threats and criticism, Elon defends his company when people begin recording and posting videos of their cars sleeping on a busy street. He insisted that people should be informed about the autopilot feature. I shouldn’t have worried because it was completely safe. two friends. Musk banned a Twitter user’s account. It was a bit surprising because when Musk gained the platform on social media, Rogan was one of the happiest people in the world.

Musk was a superhero who allowed anyone to share their thoughts without having their account banned or revoked. That’s a great compliment to give someone but when you look at it from Rogan’s perspective. Looking at things, you can probably understand why the former UFC commentator was so pleased to see that Rogan has been the object of conversation and quashing investigation. But with Musk at the helm of things, he truly believed Twitter would become such a place. So you can imagine how Kasturi must have felt in December 2022.

When Twitter suspended the account of a college student named Jack Sweeney who was accused of being a member of Elonjet. Sweeney persuaded him to delete the account, despite Musk claiming he was concerned for his safety after publicly available data was used to track the movements of the billionaire’s private jet.

Fifty thousand dollars was sought in the counteroffer, but the billionaire noted these objections and eventually called off negotiations, after some time he ordered the account to be permanently suspended and threatened legal action. Reinstated, he created another account called ElonJet the next day where he tracks Elon Musk’s jet but released the information the next day, although Rogan agreed that it was inappropriate for Sweeney to track the billionaire’s private jet.

The move to ban Elon Musk’s account shows that the Twitter boss was only in support of free speech, if it had anything to do with it. Musk was not too pleased with Rogan’s dance, but did not comment despite both of them talking. The close friends and companions remained and it’s clear since Elon Musk first appeared on Rogan’s podcast, he has returned to the show not once but twice. The episode broke records, with over 56 million people tuning in that day to hear him discuss both Elon’s exemplary time management skills, artificial intelligence, and Tesla.

It was a lot of fun and there was a lot more to talk about a lot of things. Rogan invited the Twitter CEO a second time. This time they talk about Elon’s life, their baby name Mars Covid and the meaning of Neuralink. , while the second show didn’t get as many views as the first two people clearly seemed to enjoy each other’s company and that’s why it came as no surprise when Elon Musk appeared again for a third time, that on the occasion He discussed SpaceX climate change, Tesla aliens and other stuff, in addition to the issue of Elon Musk’s continued appearances on the podcast Rogan, turning the show into an Elon Musk propaganda show whenever the billionaire was not getting tested again.

Rogan often discussed what he was doing, he even started promoting Tesla products on his show. He first showed interest in Tesla cars after receiving a Tesla Model S on Elon Musk’s recommendation, was so impressed with the car that he kept talking about it and when Elon Musk returned to the show, the comedian took the conversation to heart. Got it. Return to Tesla Cars and they discuss details about the Tesla Roadster, in addition to the exciting features Rogan revealed for the new Tesla Cybertruck after seeing the vehicle.

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