Elon Musk JUST BOUGHT Manchester United From Glazers Family

Elon Musk JUST BOUGHT Manchester United From Glazers Family

According to video: Elon Musk recently bought Manchester United from Glazer’s family Musk said the following and don’t even thank me for buying Manchester United What is the reason to buy a football club How much would an English football club cost.

Why Elon musk decided to buy football club welcome to Elon musk five channel in this video we will talk about billionaire Elon musk who bought Manchester united football club high tech and why Elon musk decided to buy Manchester united Have done?

There has been no comment from the club at this time. The Securities and Exchange Commission also did not confirm the transaction. Manchester United went public in 2012, placing shares on the New York Stock Exchange. Elon Musk promised to buy Manchester United on Twitter and wrote it was a joke.

Elon Musk does nothing Tesla and SpaceX owner Elon Musk tweeted that he is buying Manchester United Football Club, but at the same time the world’s richest man did nothing to provide any details and his previous extravagant statements on social networks Given this, many doubted whether he really wanted to take over an English team which has been facing great difficulties recently.

Musk admitted he was joking. Musk’s tweet appeared in The Businessman late Tuesday, in which he previously wrote about his political views and said he was on the left half of the Republican Party and the right half of the Democratic Party. Field can also play left or right. Then Elon Musk added and I’m buying Manchester United, don’t thank me. The statement immediately spread across the Internet.

Already got more than 300 000 likes. However, News correspondence with the initial agencies that spoke about this tweet reminded that in the past the businessman has repeatedly used it to make light-hearted statements on Twitter. Said, so it is not clear whether it is worth taking him seriously, the journalists’ fears were confirmed in the reaction some time later.

On a user’s question, Musk wrote, No, this is an old joke. I don’t buy any sports team on Twitter The current owners of Manchester United also did not respond to requests from journalists to comment on the situation at Manchester United, one of the most famous clubs in the English Premier League.

Hailing from the Glazer family of American businessmen, he is now in deep trouble after losing the first two games of the season and a mediocre performance in the club’s shares over the past year. Falling 24% on the York Stock Exchange, Manchester United is now worth almost £2 billion.

Many fans of Mu strongly oppose the current owners of the club Why Elon Musk join a football club American entrepreneur and billionaire Elon Musk claims he is buying Manchester United Football Club Controlling stake in Manchester United States of America The Glazer family belongs to the Red Devils fans, who have repeatedly expressed dissatisfaction with the policy of the club’s owners, to which the club has so far responded.

There is no official response, but it was on the same day that Cristiano Ronaldo told the social media network Manchester United striker Cristiano Ronaldo 95 percent of the news that he intends to continue his football career is a lie and a few weeks ago In an interview I promised to tell something.

The media reported that the 37-year-old Ronaldo wanted to leave the club because of the team’s failure to participate in the Champions League, but Manchester United refused to terminate the first contract. After the defeat to Brentford Ronaldo refused to shake hands with team coach Erik 10 Haag.

0 colon 4. To be clear I support the left half of the Republican party and the right half of the Democratic party plus I’m buying you Manchester United Greetings Elon Musk a 51 year old man with 103 on twitter Some of the club’s fans had previously urged Elon Musk on Twitter to consider buying the club, complaining about insufficient investment by Glazers United at the end of the season.

Heirs record 20 English league titles in 2013. Within six hours Musk’s tweet had received over 500 000 likes on the club’s main Twitter account, although some users did not take it too seriously, comparing the post to Musk’s failed purchase on Twitter, but an explanation did not come. It’s an old joke on Twitter, I don’t buy any sports team, Musk wrote if he was serious, although if it was any team, it would be Manchester United.

He said they were my favorite team as a kid The Glazers Musk and his Florida attorney did not immediately respond to requests for comment Manchester United declined to comment United fans were not impressed This was just one tweet from one person One who doesn’t always think twice first Calcutta fan’s statement by Hungarian fanatics club Manchester United was originally written as follows.

Club This again confirms the fact that Elon Musk and his tweets are just a gimmick, although it would be great if he actually invested 1/10 of what he paid for Twitter to own this legendary club, Fans Are Tired of Glazers Yet Elon Musk Had Thoughts Due.

They briefly jumped 17 and then closed at 20 cents, up about three percent from Tuesday’s closing price, IPEC Oscar Deska senior analyst at Swissquote Bank in trading and shares of a United States-registered company before the New York market opened. believes that Elon Musk and United Elon Musk would not be an ideal pairing and that his experience is not necessary for Manchester United.

Unless he wants to. When he’s joking, I’ll buy Coca-Cola to get back the cocaine, he tweeted on April 27, two days after Twittersport accepted his unsolicited offer to buy the company, a possible takeover. Musk’s tweets about it had landed him in hot water with US regulators in the past in 2018. Funding is believed to have been secured for the $72 billion deal to privatize Tesla.

Elon Musk and Tesla each did not pay a $20 million civil fine, and Musk stepped down as Tesla’s chairman in the U.S. to satisfy Securities and Exchange Commission claims. Resignation filed. He chided investors that the SEC declined to comment on Musk’s latest tweets.

In the process they have built the world’s most expensive car company in the person of the Tesla rocket company SpaceX and among them a tunneling company called The Boring Company, among many smaller firms, with fans thirsty for stark contrasts that combined It is the most prestigious club tournament. To change the ownership of the three-time winner of the world sports European Champions Cup.

British newspaper the Daily Mirror reported last year that the Glazers, who bought the club for £957 million in 2005 for £790 million, were prepared to sell the club, but only if they were offered more than £4 billion. However, the Glazers have shown no interest in selling British billionaire Jim Ratcliffe from the Manchester area.

Fam was approached by his representative at Long Chemicals as a potential buyer. The firm Ineos, of which he is chairman, declined to comment, saying there had also been unconfirmed reports of Saudi Arabian interest in United before Newcastle United Glazers, another Premier League club, was acquired by the country’s PIF investment fund. Was Joel Glazer wrote an open letter to the club’s fans over the failed European Super League plan in May 2021.

Respecting their values and traditions, they have united with their huge global fan base to be ranked third this year by Forbes on the world’s most valuable football clubs with a net worth of $4.6 billion, behind only Spain’s Real Madrid and Barcelona. In second place, but the club’s shares have fallen by a quarter in the past 12 months and are worth just over $2 billion in comparison.

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