Elon Musk JUST EXPOSED Senator Elizabeth Warren's CORRUPTION

Elon Musk JUST EXPOSED Senator Elizabeth Warren’s CORRUPTION

Once again Elon Musk is in Elizabeth Warren’s case for one thing that he hates corruption the most. The richest man in the world is a philanthropist who likes to tailor all his projects to the needs that humanity has. Be the best fit but messing with Elon Musk is the last thing you want to do because he knows how to expose any crime very well.

This time Massachusetts fell on the wrong side of things with Senator Elon Musk, Elon Musk exposed the corruption of Senator Elizabeth Warren, Elon Musk is a happy go lucky kind of guy who can be extremely sweet, when things are good you are Can.

Sure enough especially when you go through his tweets as they reveal a free-spirited person, there is another side to him that no one should cross. All this also reveals who Elon Musk is Social media media handles Twitter Too bad the US senator stepped on Elon Musk’s foot and got what he didn’t expect It all started with rumors that America’s richest The man doesn’t pay his taxes.

Sometimes rumors have a strange way of being true. This one also had some truth to it, so the senator from Massachusetts decided to clear things up as it was something that circulated across social media lines, specifically Twitter. , which was the only place to respond to his response after being dubbed by Elon Musk. Man of the Year Although she spoiled the moment for the tech billionaire when she tweeted that Elon Musk, the richest man in America, doesn’t pay taxes which was her fault.

Especially the social media platforms he currently does not own. The fact that he spends more than 120 hours a day working has never deterred him from having a strong social media presence and we all know that he is special. never fails to respond to her critics or anyone who wants to tarnish her famous name, Elizabeth Warren was not an exception. Musk in her case was something you probably didn’t know about Elizabeth Warren.

She has been actively advocating for strength and safety nets, increased opportunities for jobseekers and strengthened safeguards. While his status as a progressive Democrat fame as a well-known politician and law professor led to his involvement in matters of taxes to consumers and promoting equality and tax payment among all American social classes, he was actually a tax collector. He is very popular for his concept of making the system more equitable.

The United States has actually played a key role in exposing tax evasion from American multi-millionaires so it is not surprising to see that Elizabeth was on Musk’s side on taxes, however when she publicly tried to embarrass Musk decided to, which marked the beginning of his unproductiveness But make no mistake we are not defending Elon Musk in any way Taxes are very important.

For the smooth running of a country of course with few exceptions like Dubai which does not require taxes from its people yet countries which require taxes from their citizens are justified and whoever does not want to pay taxes, he is doing a great injustice, especially if he still has all the money in the world.

There is much more to this incident than what it appears, so let’s look at the matter very carefully weighing both sides and see who is telling the truth, the best place to start is obviously the US senators who have the bold It was claimed that Elon Musk does not pay taxes We all agree without any dispute that Elon Musk is the richest man in the world, he is probably the richest man in history.

Thanks to successful business lines like his company SpaceX and AV maker Tesla aren’t the only two companies he owns. And it comes from Tesla, which means that if these two were to collapse today, Elon Musk would be nowhere on the top 10 list.

Those who said it is only natural that a rich man like Elon Musk would pay his taxes without any hassle, right after he has all the money at his disposal, yet Elizabeth Warren claimed otherwise about the tech guru and Mu’s Also made bold claim about sk involved in dirty deals that avoid him taxes Warren claimed that Elon Musk never made any payment towards his tax liability for an entire year He confidently said that in 2018 Elon Musk has actually looked at his tax return.

You know how much he paid in taxes One of the richest people in the world Zero Also she was straight forward and answered anyone who wanted to know more about the subject Also what Warren said Elon Musk didn’t pay any federal taxes in 2018, a ProPublica report shows. Reportedly, Musk lived off the loans taken from the Tesla shares he had through stock options, which was quite a lot, you can be sure Warren was after billions.

Even adding a little more to the story that how important taxes are to the country and that rich people who don’t pay taxes are being unfairly treated, he wrote that the country’s wealthiest people Having this tax avoidance is deeply unfair. It leaves the country unable to pay for critical investments in education and health care infrastructure. It favors investment over wages. It distorts our nation’s economy and adds to inequality. The statement adds to the response of millions of people and more you see Warren has a trail of millions of followers like Elon Musk it follows whoever posts.

His fan mark generated millions of reactions, fans did not always disappoint an important matter because taxing a rich man would not fail to attract millions of Americans who did not enjoy paying taxes in any way Stuff to do yet has you wondering why Warren took things to social media, things don’t always go well when things are released to the public, Elon Musk was also ready for Elizabeth’s allegations and their common It was a typically sarcastic comeback.

Weapons he’s mastered well enough to deal with his critics Pick up where Warren left off muss We’ll be visiting the IRS next time I pay t I DC just to say hi I am He seemed typically sarcastic last year for someone with the highest taxes ever in history, saying maybe I could have a cookie or something, a statement the tech billionaire didn’t seem evidence enough for.

He had a ton more evidence for which he could back up his claims. 2021 report painted the rest of the picture, which Warren skipped as per the report, Elon Musk spent a lot on taxes in 2021 ranking, the highest As a tax paying citizen we are talking about $11 billion in taxes that came from the richest man in the world.

It was reported that he would face a bill of more than $10 billion if he exercised his stock options. Bloomberg highlights that Elon Musk will be the biggest payoff to the Internal Revenue Service, so what do you think the evidence suggests? whether the truth was telling musk or warren and do you think there is a difference in paying taxes from company earnings or their personal earnings all evidence shows that Elizabeth warren was clearly trying to tarnish musk’s image to the public Wanted, while Elon Musk on the other hand had all the evidence to back them.

In fact it seems that every time someone again brings up an unfair allegation against him, he seems to have a lot of luck running in his favor. The war and Elon was not over, yet he proceeded to expose Elizabeth Warren, for which he felt that Musk knew much more about Warren than he would have appreciated to Musk’s one with his admirers. Share the link to the website that showed Elizabeth Warren was not a Native American, a devastating blow to her rival who had been claiming to be Native American for some time.

Now the senator had led many people to think she was a Native American, yet the truth was hidden from the public eye; if it were not for the discovery of Musk’s eyes, many would have known Warren’s true identity. But why would she lie to people about her origins, surprising given that the senator had a cunning side to her. Some professionals concluded that the only reason Warren lied about her identity was so that she could benefit from privileges available to a certain group of people as it is disclosing her identity which is a challenge to Republican Musk’s current position. Apart from the party would jeopardize the enjoyment of such privileges.

Warren had lied about her heritage, according to a US government report, coming to her defense by insisting that the senator had attended the University of Pennsylvania in 1989 where her ethnicity was classified from white to Native American. He was first referred to as white, but after two years at university his true identity was erased and thus adopted an inexpressive persona. The currently glaring truth was too much to warrant a public reply to Elon Musk via Twitter.

Things could get really messy, instead he criticized Musk in a fundraising email in which he called Musk a poster child for how our rigged tax code breeds billionaires while avoiding comments about Musk’s origins. The senator went ahead to comment on Musk’s evidence of tax payments. She wanted to somewhat downplay Musk’s evidence of art and tax payments, saying it shouldn’t be news when the billionaire Pay taxes but truth be told it doesn’t take away from the fact that she was accusing someone of tax evasion.

Yet she had something fraudulent up her sleeve. What can we say but Elon Musk just exposed Elizabeth Warren’s corruption, the truth was plain Warren couldn’t deny it. We can’t blame Musk for what he did. Anyway Warren started this and he got a response from Musk. One piece of advice you should take to heart.

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