Elon Musk Just Launched Brand NEW Aviation Company

Elon Musk Just Launched Brand NEW Aviation Company

You’ve probably ridden in a Lockheed Martin Boeing Saffron and Northrop Grumman but haven’t yet experienced one from Elon Musk’s aviation company, he has a new aviation company and wait till you get a taste of it Don’t get it because the tech billionaire just got over it A decade ago Elon Musk launched his own company, which he started from scratch.

Perhaps we should turn back two decades to 2002, when Elon Musk launched his new space company, SpaceX, which is now famous for making milestones in the space sector, but he just caught us off guard by suggesting another unexpected idea. New Aviation Company It is not every day that an aviation company is launched in America but alone anywhere in the world and now that it is Elon Musk, the technological genius who is doing it, the world is left in awe.

But the tech moguls give us a hint before their mega surprises of course Unfortunately we take Elon Musk for a ride in the park Sometimes Elon Musk admitted he was dying to expand his limits building electric cars and trucks and a supersonic jet Now you might think this was something he only said once, don’t get me wrong Tesla and SpaceX CEOs set a similar line this time on The Joe Rogan Show, This time in a very clear voice, Elon Musk said that now all transport except rockets will be electric.

Elon Musk Just Launched Brand NEW Aviation Company

If you didn’t get it clearly let me know how much is left this means air transport train road and all will use electricity because adding one plus one we get two how to expand the boundaries about connecting die and all transportation being electric except rockets the definitive answer here is a new aviation company and a good one for that matter but will really a new aviation company make a big difference there are already many and they ‘ Not so bad Most of them are not that bad anyway Unfortunately the aviation industry is notorious for polluting the air.

Entering the aviation sector is a business that will make anyone a billionaire. Too bad you will be polluting a lot of air in the process, 915 million tons of carbon dioxide coming from the aviation sector is the reason the earth looks like a living oven. , in which humans are the cakes to be baked otherwise concentrated efforts are being made to ensure that this quantity is reduced significantly or the government as a relief to hear about a great man of earth’s history wants to build an airplane.

Besides pollution there is a hope at the end of the tunnel to stop air pollution you will agree that flying fast is not fast enough we need something better traveling from New York to Sydney has never been a great experience by air A long day of travel doesn’t sit well with most of us who find air travel to be the most excruciating, especially if it has to be taken in full. Thankfully Elon Musk has a few tricks up his sleeve and you’ll love that Imagine traveling only 40 minutes from New York to Sydney that will be the new normal with the arrival of Elon Musk at the arena but more details are coming during this video.

So the only question that begs to be answered, stay tuned is how soon are we going to see Elon Musk’s jets, can he honestly say that you won’t be seeing any Tesla planes anytime soon at least Not this year ago the batteries are still too heavy for these aircraft take Elon’s words it is a very difficult task it takes a tremendous amount of effort to make one of these but give it some time and you will see that What’s in Tesla?

Store or else we doubt that the Spacex starship and all this hype going around mars was part of a business plan otherwise why wait till 2050 or somewhere in the hazy future for elon musk to take people to mars when they have All means of carrying people are from point A to point B here on earth well with some fun in between as you can see with Elon Musk’s rockets air pollution safety is guaranteed we’re about a philanthropic musk Talking who takes care of getting things green.

Elon Musk’s rockets use methane which burns much cleaner energy than what NASA and the aviation industry are doing This would be a big boost for Elon Musk which resonates with the growing chorus of Go Green Folks Musk Starship A particularly extraordinary launch can burn up to 4 600 Tones of propellant with impressive efficiency, while at the same time being equally friendly with the government right behind it who would like to support its efforts to ensure that pollution is a At least another advantage the tech moguls have with their rockets is the unlimited space they can offer to travelers.

Musk’s rockets could carry more than 100 tons comfortably. This is in contrast to the limitations of present-day airplanes, with most aircraft designated only for cargo. Many limitations and slowness compared to rockets that speak of speed. Since you’ve heard that it would be possible to travel from New York to Sydney in 40 minutes, you now understand why it was possible because it would be a rocket. Any rocket like Elon Musk’s. has or is capable of any that has ever existed before, must bring its payload into low Earth orbit. Low Earth orbit, also known as LEO, is located just outside Earth’s atmosphere.

Make the trip out there more exciting and imagine telling your friends that you were just above Earth’s atmosphere and catching a glimpse of the Solar System just before. ore you were dropped back in Sydney what were we saying what were we saying oh yeah low earth orbit Leo for a rocket to maintain Leo it has to go very fast otherwise it wobbles in the middle of space speeds of up to 17 135 mph would have to be maintained and this rocket would be impressive for passengers, so if you translate that from New York to Sydney, which is 9929 miles, it’s less than about 40 minutes , which exceeds the reasonable authority.

Are they thinking it’s too good to be true here’s why we’re pretty sure Elon Musk has always boasted since we can remember that his urgent need to develop more rockets was the driving force behind the commercialization of the space business and unfortunately prepare for their madcap journey to colonize Mars, albeit with billions of dollars to their name. Money is not enough to build a city on Mars which motivates him to make the best use of his resources Now clearly the CEO of SpaceX will not start from scratch in commercializing a space business on EA. After listening to all this he can easily turn what is now into an earth bound space business.

The only thing that boggles your mind is how feasible this transport would be. Maybe you are looking at it on the expensive side but more details will astound you. How cheap such earthbound space travel is, we have already said. that Elon Musk starship and any other musket owned rockets use methane as fuel because methane is much easier to produce than you think, in fact do you know humans can independently produce methane too after taking Produces many baked beans If it’s easy to get through your system Elon Musk will get it from anaerobic bacteria Methane is produced abundantly by living organisms on Earth.

The tech billionaire who sets this up won’t need millions of people eating baked beans to fuel his rocket. Thankfully millions of anaerobic bacteria can easily produce that given the right conditions. That’s the cool thing about methane. That you don’t need it You don’t need a complicated factory and expensive ones to complicate things.

The process of figuring it out is what makes starship transportation a viable process for now, so while we can’t say much about what Musk’s giant rocket tickets will cost, he’s still able to give a reasonable estimate that many Will be surprisingly affordable for the people, on what basis can we make an accurate estimate Elon Musk the tech mogul hinted sometime back that he wants to launch at a cost of $2 million, now we can get our passenger tickets Will round to completion, remember we’re dealing with payloads of over a hundred tons when we estimate.

A measly 20 per kg price it up to 2 million dollars what you are going to hear next may shock you mainstream rocket companies will charge six thousand dollars for the same amount which is quite expensive but now competing with musk blue won’t do origin or for NASA customers he will be working with earthbound aviation companies that are already doing very well so how much do these cost because we measured Elon Musk’s cost using tons we currently Will take the rates according to which is between 4.5 to 6 dollars per kg.

To this extent musk space company charges a bit more but remember whoever saves your time saves your money and for you to save time you have to spend some money who says don’t you think Elon Musk has a fair deal If you agree that Elon Musk is out for a fair deal then you will strongly agree that he will have a hold on the aviation sector this time instead of revolutionizing the industry he is going to destroy it every time Elon Musk gets his hands on some kind of sector, he has this specific way of turning things upside down from the car industry AI and the space industry, but unfortunately there is a blueprint.

For Aviation he is going to bring a completely new concept in travel in which many passengers will like to travel on Aeroplanes, starships and with someone like Kasturi when he means he is joining a business. He is always ready for this. Start there will be a small den in terms of migration of air passengers from mainstream aviation to oyster streamers then later we will see a mass migration which will make aviation industry obsolete you can call Elon Musk a perfect business monopolist Because that is what is natural for him Elon Musk is not far away from making it a reality.

But first they have to build a lot of star bases around the US and in addition make sure that if you are coming from point A you will have a landing base in point B The aviation business in the U.S. will have to contend with these stringent laws to make it acceptable, although coming from an already established space business, it probably won’t have as many formalities yet have enough skilled labor to deal with the elephant in the room. With a piece of land to help him set up the various Starbases and territories the star base would be proud of sit with this problem Elon Musk is ready to take us to the skies.

Suppose Elon Musk, on the other hand, decides that he really wants to try out an electric airplane, regardless of what the challenges will be and what the obstacles will be, and the tech billionaire sets up an independent aviation company starting with the opportunity. Elon Musk has a chance to acquire many customers interested in keeping their environment free of pollution, including the 31 percent of Americans who take climate change as a personal concern. Yet Kasturi has a way of making his deal interesting. He says his airplane will go faster than the speed of sound.

It’s a bonus the fact that it will be capable of vertical takeoff and landing. One problem he will have to deal with is tighter regulations for setting up an electrical aviation company and building better batteries. Once that’s done, Elon Musk would be good to go, but it The question begs how long, we’re not sure, but you shouldn’t expect that over the next two years. Do you think investing in a new aviation company would be a good decision for Elon Musk?


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