Elon Musk PROMOTES MrBeast to CEO of TWITTER!

Elon Musk PROMOTES MrBeast to CEO of TWITTER!

What do you think about Twitter after Elon Musk buys Twitter I think they should make me CEO like I tweeted so what will be your first act as CEO of Twitter Elon Musk picks second CEO of Twitter , and according to Musk Mr. Beast is the best.

Why Elon Musk chose Mr. Beast as the new CEO for this position Do you think he will bring something extraordinary to the table Let us know all the reasons why Elon Musk chose Mr. Beast as the new CEO Elon Musk acquired Twitter for $44 billion, shortly after taking over the platform announced it would furlough most of its employees from the company.

This includes Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal, a position he now only wanted to be filled by the king of the social media platform. We talk about the best, what better option than Mr. Beast, Mr. Beast is the king of YouTube who makes vlogs of expensive stuff because of his creativity and marketing activities, he has more than 129mm million subscribers, more than Happens to be the most subscribed and fourth most subscribed channel on YouTube, the young man is just 24 years old.

Which means he knows everything about the aesthetics that appeal to audiences today, so Elon Musk is sure he can bring that same expertise to the Twitter platform. In a poll on Twitter, he asked users whether he should step down as head of Twitter. You will be surprised to hear that 58 replied that Elon Musk should step down, this was one of the most viral tweets.

The poll, polled by 17.5 million people and viewed over 350 million times, sparked a huge debate as to why people thought Musk was not the right choice, yet Blank caught the eye of many, including famous YouTubers. People wanted to take positions, but no one made a move. As Mr. Beast, the king of fiery YouTube supported the people’s decision that Elon Musk should step down, he also put out a cryptic tweet. The post states that if you keep doing such things.

What did Elon Musk do that forced Mr. Beast to make this statement? At this point there could be many things that could trigger Mr. Beast because Elon made massive changes after gaining the platform, he did many things on many accounts. changed the internal structure of the organization, updated the Blue Tick policy and many more things affecting Mr. Beast. Like their new policy, which prohibited the promotion of third-party social media platforms on Twitter, they chose most of the platforms including Facebook, Instagram Nodester and more Mr.

Beast was completely against the policy as it blocked the advertising platform for YouTube King despite the differences, it seems Kasturi liked the idea and if he didn’t like Mr Beast it seems Mr Beast Also want to work with Elon Musk. Appointed as the new CEO of the platform.

He tweeted that to our surprise I may have a new idea. Elon Musk tweeted in favor. He said it was not out of the question. Their exchange of tweets made it clear to the world that Mr. Beast was Twitter’s new idea. CEO Elon Musk’s name is serious when it comes to running a business, there’s a reason he turned the automobile to the space industry in a matter of seconds, now he’s conquered the biggest stage.

He would also change the social networking industry, this leads us to conclude that Kasturi must have seen something in Mr. Beast that led him to make his crucial decision in Mr. Beast about digitizing the social media industry. Intelligent and hardworking, he was just 13 when he opened his YouTube channel, setting benchmarks every year until he created a gaming platform called Blaster when he was just 12.

He then sold the game to Office Technology, proof that Mr. Beast was a technical genius from birth, with a knack for creativity. Because he is the trendsetter for most of the videos, all of his stunts are the most viewed videos on YouTube, although they caused health issues. The young man is fearless and has amazing courage. Nothing can come between Mr. Beast and his ideas.

Even his health does not make him a perfect fit as the CEO of Twitter, but despite all these reasons, there is one reason more than all these that has prompted Musk to take a stand on Elon Musk’s policies. Have done When they acquired Twitter it became difficult to make a quick decision. Most of the employees were not only fired from the job but also gave strict instructions to the rest. He demanded all the employees to work extra hours. He said that the employees would have to work day and night to achieve the targets while staying in the offices.

Elon Musk also said that he worked endless hours when Tesla was in its infancy. Twitter is in financial loss. At this point Elon Musk wants hardworking and passionate employees who want to work day and night for the company, if you are even remotely aware of Mr. Beast’s visit, you must know that he is away from office hours work. Beyond always available he has an insane work ethic that makes his videos top notch Elon Musk himself works 16 hours a day for 7 weeks it’s clear to us that Elon Musk and Mr. Beast work The personality traits and attitudes are quite similar.

When it comes to formulating the company’s vision, he always aims for the sky and strives to revolutionize industries, on the other hand Mr. Beast is known for his execution, he sees ideas in Mr. Beast and Elon Musk In short, let’s change. Make a great combo and he has already started working on those things, Mr. Beast has just revealed what changes he is going to make to the social media platform.

Mr. Beast has some big plans for Twitter, he plans on refurbishing it with some cool ideas for now. He has revealed that he will make changes when creators are able to make videos, no. that only for links to other platforms, they want to reduce the competition that twitter is facing from other platforms, they took this inspiration from other sites as none of these have unique features in social media today, instagram has added a stories option long ago, YouTube accepted the YouTube Shorts option when it saw the promotion of stories on Snapchat.

When it saw Instagram short video promotion so much that Instagram became real after long video promotion of Facebook then how can Twitter lag behind in this matter it will have to come up with some new features to attract audience also mr beast knows that That if he wants Twitter to be successful, he has to deal with fake Twitter accounts and spam bots. They have to check whether everyone joining is genuine, but it is not just about deleting accounts from Twitter. More users means more business which ultimately leads to more traffic.

The creators only want Twitter to have 400 million users. Except Twitter all other networking site platforms which haven’t evolved over the years have crossed one billion users by now so Mr. Beast wants to increase the number from 400 million to at least 1 billion. Do you really think making it from 400 million to 1 billion in less than a year sounds like an insane goal, but with Mr. Beast’s expertise, he can easily achieve it YouTube of his experience The unmatched assets will help them in achieving their goals.

Elon Musk also agreed to work on Mr. Beast’s idea of starting a video sharing platform. Currently YouTube is also planning to pay 20 percent more compensation, this will immediately attract creators to the new platform, the only problem will break the comfort zone for creators and viewers as it comes to sharing videos. Even can’t beat YouTube’s monopoly alone.

Elon Musk has proposed bringing back the idea of Vine, prompting creators to make a six-second video asking people on Twitter whether they should bring Vine back, with the majority voting in favor of me.

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