Elon Musk: "Tesla Phone Pi will be available for sale soon"

Elon Musk: “Tesla Phone Pi will be available for sale soon”

The Tesla Model Pi phone has finally been released and word on the street is that this phone will upgrade every smartphone that Apple and Samsung have ever made, which is a big statement considering Samsung and Apple are the two biggest players currently. . phone industry But if there is anyone who can play with the big boys it is Elon Musk sophisticated innovative and incredibly rich.

Elon Musk has built a reputation over the last two decades as a guy who knows what he’s doing when it comes to anything tech related and his new phone has been sending the entire phone industry into a frenzy for years now. Well, people have thought and imagined what a Tesla phone would look like as well as the many features it would feature, resulting in thousands of blog posts.

And a YouTube video dedicated to a phone that didn’t even exist in the beginning but appears to be on the way out as the EV company has finally surprised its loyal fans by announcing it. Before the birth of the Tesla Model Pi a phone that is set to revolutionize the entire smartphone industry, we dive into all the details about this incredible phone.

Let’s quickly talk about how the automobile company suddenly found itself in the smartphone market. Interestingly, Tesla added a new one to its list of technological creations. The innovative phone isn’t that big of a deal for the American company, especially when you look at all those things. Consider what the American company has achieved over the past decade, some of which include the creation of autonomous electric vehicles.

Open AI and a robotics computer company. It’s technical background and impressive achievements are precisely the reason why many analysts believe that the EV company has enough experience and expertise to build a phone that can compete in the current and fiercely competitive smartphone market. Refined enough for Despite all the talk of Tesla’s achievements in the automobile industry, it is also important to note that the smartphone industry is a completely different ball game.

It takes considering the fact that smartphones have become one of the most iconic monuments of the 21st century to show you how smartphones have become a very important part of our lives. live has recently revealed that a total of 6.4 billion people which is almost 80 percent of the entire world population have at least one smartphone, in other words owning a smartphone is a basic necessity in today’s world. The smartphone industry has grown significantly over the past decade due to the fact that Apple makes most of its profit-selling iPhones and iPhone accessories.

Apple has become only the second company in the world to hit the two trillion dollar valuation mark in August of 2020 and while many companies around the world were still trying their best to recover from the Covid pandemic, Apple alone posted a revenue of $90.15 billion. Surprisingly this was the company’s earnings in just the fourth quarter of 2022. Apple makes as much money from smartphone sales as you would need to add up the total assets of the top 24 in the world to reach the company’s market cap.

Billionaires including Elon Musk But despite all the successes of the smartphone industry as well as the Korean tech giant Samsung, one of the major reasons why the industry is going downhill has been complacency and greed in the past. Over the years we have seen the big players of the industry including Apple and Samsung continue to release new phones with little or minimal upgrades, gone are the days when smartphone makers kept us on the edge of our seats wondering what the next Waiting or waiting for design.

Line up at stores because their phones had better cameras, sharper screens and other exciting features to make matters worse, the likes of Apple and Samsung continue to set ridiculous price tags for the same phones that they’ve only released with a new camera back or added in the fingerprint reader that hides under the screen and while some of these new phones like the iPhone 14 or the Samsung s22 ultra are full of d latest technology wow in fact the director of these new innovations completely disappeared Are.

But all this is precisely why Tesla CEO Elon Musk has decided to go toe-to-toe with Apple and Samsung with his tempting Tesla Model Pie. Interestingly it appears there is a lot going on between the Tesla boss and American tech company Apple. A dispute ensued and although it is a bit difficult to tell how exactly the beef started between the two, there are many who believe that it all started when Elon Musk criticized Apple’s software saying that I am a iPhone users but I think some of the recent software upgrades are definitely not feeding to the point that I like I broke my email system which is quite a fundamental user error.

Apple was reportedly so upset by Musk’s comment that the company immediately began reducing advertising on anything Apple-related after the Tesla CEO bought back Twitter in 2022 or was it a result of his Tw was the result of making hate speech free for everyone to take note of and quickly pointed out on their Twitter page with another tweet that Apple has stopped advertising on most Twitter, are they free in the US? Apart from hate speech, the CEO of Twitter claimed that Apple threatened to completely remove the Bluebird app from its App Store.

Without him giving any reason for his decision, although the reason should be obvious, now you might think that there is not much in common between the two, but this recent development raises two questions, Apple’s beef with oysters over their software. The result of the criticism or does the US company know something we don’t know about a new phone that could be working behind the scenes at Tesla or is it simply because Musk is trying to ramp up hate speech on Twitter. Rumors of the Tesla phone that was allowing it first started circulating in 2021.

When a YouTuber released a design that looks like a Tesla phone after Elon Musk’s video was released, news broke. The Tesla phone spread like wildfire on the internet, it’s also important to note that in that video the designer clearly stated that his fun features were purely his idea and not actual leaks or 3D details from the manufacturer , yet this had people dreaming about a Tesla phone that would save them from the annual repeat phone calls from Samsung and Apple, but little did they know that that fateful day, December 1st, 2022, was about to take a dramatic turn.

Elon Musk added fuel to the current rumors about a Tesla phone when he tweeted this I certainly hope it doesn’t come to that but yes if there is no other option I will make an alternative phone, this is what those speculations was in response to reports that Apple was considering removing Twitter from its App Store and although Musk ultimately dismissed talks of making a Tesla phone, there is no concrete evidence to say that the Tesla CEO was already a Now the question is whether Musk is really working on a Tesla phone.

People are queuing up in stores again and if so what features will the phone have to beat the competition from Samsung and Apple, for many the joy of buying a new phone has been completely wiped out, because There is really no difference between your old phone and the old phone you have. Your new phone may initially get you excited because you’re getting a slightly better camera or bigger space, but once you start using the phone all that excitement will eventually fizzle out because you haven’t noticed any new amazing features.

That way your new phone phone won’t look that different from your old phone, but the Tesla Model Pi will make you feel like a kid giving Christmas presents again because with exciting new features you can’t find anywhere else, the Tesla phone just A new phone will be called. The smartphone is expected to share some design principles with other Tesla products in terms of the Model P and its design. Tesla electric vehicles are some of the best looking cars on the planet.

American EV’s use to combine great looks with great performance, all of which has made EVs one of the most sought after cars in the world, this philosophy will continue with most Tesla Model Pie’s and the phone features a sleek minimalist The design is expected to grab your attention immediately at the back of the phone is a quad camera setup with 100-megapixel primary sensor. 50 megapixel ultra wide sensor and 50 megapixel telephoto lens to make sure you deserve every moment captured on your phone.

For example you can take your Model Pi out pointing it at the sky at night and you’ll be able to take a clear picture of the moon in a way other phones can’t, especially for your Instagram selfies or live streams. Yes, you will have a 40 megapixel front camera hidden under the screen of your phone. Talking about the screen, the Tesla Model Pi will feature a 6.7-inch OLED panel, 120Hz refresh rate, and 458 PPI pixel density, which should be perfect for any video gaming or gaming experience.

In addition Tesla has built a reputation for itself due to the radical features it often provides with its new products, for example some Tesla cars come with Defense Mode which protects the car from biological weapon attacks, a Another good example is the Tesla Cyber Truck. Which comes with a nearly indestructible exoskeleton and the radical feature the Tesla company decided to add to give the Tesla Model Pie a compelling look is the phone’s ability to change color when you turn it towards the sunlight.

Tesla has added a photochromic material on the surface of the back of the phone. Also, the Tesla Model Pie will have an inbuilt solar panel on the back of the phone, which will ensure that users can charge their phone wherever the sun shines, which means That you will not have a phone. Worrying constantly about charging your phone unless there’s no sun Of course Elon Musk’s satellite-based Internet service Starlink is also expected to be included.

Phone basically means that you can say goodbye to your internet provider as you will be able to access the internet no matter where in the world you are, even if you lost yourself in the middle of Sahara Saur You have found it. Charging is something that no one in the industry has fully mastered and if Tesla can get it right they will immediately go head and shoulders above the likes of Apple and Samsung There will also be capacity.

In terms of the operating system of the model Pi, the 5000mm phone is expected to run on an operating system called Tesla OS with support for fast charging and wireless charging which is currently non-existent, there were multiple reports of the phone running on custom Linux. The version that currently runs on the internal computers of Tesla cars resulted in what many were expecting to be a continuation of the partnership between the EV company and the software company with the Tesla Model Pie.

Especially since phones like the Vodafone and Pine phones are great examples of phones that use Linux as their operating system, but Linux phones have been unable to take much of a hold in the market like Android, and that’s why Tesla made its own Having decided to build their own iOS and continue to evolve over the years, it’s possible that this could be a long term plan for their EV as well.

Additionally the phone will be powered by the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 and will ensure smooth performance and quick response times especially for mobile video games, the phone will come with an in-display fingerprint sensor for facial recognition and IP68 for dust and water resistance . There may also be additional features such as ratings, although the key feature of a Tesla phone is its Neuralink capabilities. One of Musk’s many companies that aims to develop a computer interface capable of accurately receiving and transmitting neural signals through the use of Neuralink.

What else can a human do to make the computer think about certain tasks. This means the Tesla Model Pi will do things that don’t even require you to press your phone, like on your playlist. The next song is enough to call your favorite person in the world or even just to switch off your phone. To get everyone to drop their iPhones and scramble for the Pie model, it’s finally important to note that Apple is the leading smartphone maker in the world, a major reason for this being their iOS combined with the fact that Apple phones are ridiculously expensive. are better than ,

However the Tesla Model Pie is all that Apple has in store for quite a long distance and could possibly end Apple’s dominance. In the smartphone market it’s no wonder why Apple might be worried about these Tesla phone rumors. To make things even more interesting, Musk promises that this phone will not be more expensive than the best phones on the market. iPhone 14 is between 800 to 1200 and there are reports that Tesla Model Pie is going to be around.

This means Tesla fans will get a phone that is almost five times better for the same price, unfortunately there is no firm release date for the Tesla Model Pie and since it is Tesla’s first ever smartphone, its It is difficult to draw any conclusions about it. Depending on the model, so what do you think of the Tesla Model Pi?

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