Elon Musk Threatens Legal Action Against Sunny Hostin of The View: "I Won't Back Down!"

Elon Musk Threatens Legal Action Against Sunny Hostin of The View: “I Won’t Back Down!”

As a result of his recent on-air outburst against Elon Musk’s company SpaceX, ABC’s The View co-host Sunny Hostin has unexpectedly found herself in Elon Musk’s crosshairs.

Elon Musk, who is famous for his brash online persona, used Twitter to condemn Hostin’s comments and even made legal threats.

In response to Hostin’s criticism of SpaceX’s most recent successful mission to launch humans into space, Musk tweeted, “It was clearly defamatory.” Unfounded criticisms of my business and our achievements will not be accepted.

Hostin was surprised by Musk’s statement after accusing SpaceX of “putting profit over safety” during the trip.

She issued a statement saying, “I was only expressing my opinion on a matter of public safety.” “I stand by my comments and think that businesses like SpaceX have a duty to put safety before profit.”

But Musk was having none of it. He fired off a flurry of tweets accusing Hostin of disseminating false information and threatening to sue both The View and him.

According to Musk, opinion is one thing, but spreading lies and damaging a company’s reputation is quite another. “I will not put up with it.”

The controversy has roiled the media and technology sectors, and some have speculated that it could result in a protracted judicial dispute. Legal experts disagree on whether Musk has a solid defamation case.

One expert said that “defamation is always difficult to prove, especially when it involves public figures and opinions.” “But Elon Musk is a very strong man, and he is well equipped with resources. He may be able to provide a case, after all.

The conditions are by no means perfect for Hostin. She commented, “I never thought it would blow up like this. But I stand by my statements, and I will not be deterred by legal or other threats.”

It’s unclear how the Hostin-Musk feud will play out, but one thing is certain: Two powerful personalities are at loggerheads, and neither one is inclined to back down.

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