Elon Musk WARNS: Remove TikTok NOW

Elon Musk WARNS: Remove TikTok NOW

It is no secret that Elon Musk does not like Tik-Tok, he has been vocal about his concerns with the apps many times and has even called for it to be banned in the United States, Elon has made it clear that they think Tik Tok is a security risk.

He is not alone in his belief that several government officials have also expressed their concern with the app, so it is no surprise that people are now calling for Elon to acquire and remove the Chinese social media platform, Elon. Recently attempted to acquire Twitter, another social media juggernaut.

Coupled with his long track record of achievements that have benefited everyone, it is a safe assumption that he might just go ahead and do that too, but is Tik-Tok worth all the hate, I mean That no social media platform even comes close to the amount of hate. Tik Tok has benefited since its inception in 2016.

Ok so a social media platform comes close you get the picture welcome to the musket war join us as we find out why everyone’s favorite CA priceless entrepreneur has Tiktok reason number one is what he thinks He’s destroying a civilization, according to a tweet by Elon that has garnered over 400,000 likes.

He believes that social media platforms will be the end of human civilization, how well Lilly did this is not specified, but he is referring to the overly encouraging environment of the platform, which apparently makes for the idiotic behavior he feels That is corrupting the minds of the people. Humanity, only hope future generations want some samples, of course you do.

Do you remember those silly dangerous fun challenges like the ice bucket challenge or back plank back in the day you know those fun innocent people who are completely harmless are on top of sleeping Siberian tigers or off a seven story roof lie on the tip, your friends and family used to share with you.

I didn’t think it was possible, but when it comes to human stupidity, the leading innovators at TikTok are taking these challenges to extremes with things like the Penny Challenge. Would you like to drop a penny between a wall socket and a plug? And the results are devastating when children inadvertently destroy their parents’ homes by starting fires. Other worthy examples are things like a slap a teacher or a skull-breaking post-challenge, which involves intentionally killing random people.

Which sometimes results in serious injuries, the former is self-explanatory, but if you are like me and then you are a visual learner, here is a video for you who enjoy this sick video by a 64 year old student The wheelchair-bound teacher was slapped and initially reported in connection with number two because of the slapping teacher challenge, according to Elon Tik Tok literally animating with Twitter employee Kasturi to make your mind spin.

Tik-tok is described as the next level 80D, referring to a neurological condition in which you are more easily distracted with a shorter-than-average attention span, and according to a recent study, tic -Talk does exactly that. Well, it looks like a constant fire of little eyes—getting caught up on video causes our attention spans to wane over time.

Which means we are not able to concentrate on other important things like studies or work. They also added pop-ups to take short breaks between videos to encourage viewers to stop scrolling. So every day you see an app that tells you to stop and go outside for a bit, is it for the third There is a breach of confidentiality.

Freedom of expression We’ve all downloaded an app or two only to have an app request access to personal stuff we have no business with, like our email address contact list or ot. Its stuff with our phone no wild ways adventure deluxe you cant access my camera so really why is Tik Tok the main culprit when it comes to other apps that have been doing the same exact thing for years.

Because Tik Tok is taking it a step further in its privacy policy, it is clear to you that Tik Tok has every right to monitor everything you do and by everything I really mean you Confessing your feelings for your special someone is typing a risky message for feelings but then ultimately decided not to be too bad.

Tik tok monitors all your messages and also store the messages you sent and now they know your secret it doesn’t just stop at your messages because tik tok has all kinds of your personal information contact list and From phone number to email. Address and password and not only that, as most of you already know that Tik Tok is notorious for censoring content in political messages.

Spectrum When it doesn’t align with certain ideologies, basically you can’t criticize certain world leaders and governments without serious backlash and the possibility of being banned from the platform. This does not sit well with Elon who expressed his desire to turn Twitter into a more censorship-free platform, where users are allowed to share their opinions and speak their mind on social media, as long as it is within the bounds of the law. does not infringe.

Underestimating TikTok’s viral potential also admitted to playing a favorite role among its creators. Videos created by people who are overweight or otherwise belong to certain minority groups, Elon’s position in his meeting with Twitter employees is not for one minute that he wants Twitter to do so, despite his clear hatred of the platform. Is.

Go ahead to use Tik Tok as an example of a social media platform that entertains its users more efficiently than Twitter, inspiring the Twitter amps of the future. Elon Musk’s issues with Tik Tok lead Lois to conclude from Tik Tok’s book the fact that it is a distraction from Violet’s user privacy and censors content.

While Tik-Tok can be entertaining, according to Elon, it is not worth the business – in terms of privacy and freedom of expression Do you think the Tesla CEO is right about Tik Tok or the cynical billionaire is overreacting.

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