Elon Musk's ALL NEW Phone Just Destroyed Apple (RIP iPhone)

Elon Musk’s ALL NEW Phone Just Destroyed Apple (RIP iPhone)

The mobile phone industry is expanding as new companies bring a unique element that is not contained at the moment, the most contentious area among brands is the use of artificial intelligence and ever-evolving technology.

Tesla phone will destroy apple iphone 14 from january tesla phone first announcement of iphone 2007 the phone industry has never been the same it was the first smartphone designed by apple company it became the company’s most successful product as soon as apple became the most Apple almost always introduces a new iPhone every year, making it a more profitable company until the new model comes along with better features.

Barring some occasional challenges from Samsung, especially in recent times it is almost unimaginable to say or think that the iPhone is the best phone since it was first launched. See better phone than iphone because of its unique features but is it possible recently a man ran a marathon in less than two hours to tell his mates that no man is limited to iPhone. US because it is a cut above its Android counterparts in almost every department.

The latest iPhone model is the iPhone 13. I will tell you it is a masterpiece, Apple is ready to release iPhone 14, possibly in September its successor according to iPhone custom iPhone 14 has a lot of promises in store Are you wondering how Apple’s iPhone What cool will it have to be to beat Tesla’s Python 14? Well you are at the right place PI phone is the new smartphone sensation that will take over the market Tesla is a huge tech company specializing in fully electric vehicles and energy generation and storage systems which is a far cry from mobile phone technology, But this may be its greatest asset.

Elon Musk is the CEO of Bose Company Elon Musk Runs Giant Tech Companies Tesla and SpaceX Now He Wants to Produce the World’s Coolest Phone As We Find Out How Tesla’s Python Is Actually Apple’s Sooner-Release Like, will destroy the iPhone 14. The killer shows you his face, later the captured soldiers have to kill you and the battles are tortured long enough to reveal the enemy’s plans or say what if you were playing chess with someone who who already knows all your moves, this is the situation Apple finds itself in the design of a phone and in general appearance is the key asset and Apple has long known this better than other phone companies that do the iPhone. With its unique shape and design, unfortunately this time Elon Musk has mischievously thrown away.

Antonio DeRosa is the man Elon Musk specifically tasked with designing the Pie phone, not only because of his exemplary talent for what makes design great, but also because he knows Apple’s moves are interesting. never happened Know about the outcome of this project The report says that the Pi Phone is going to be released about two months after the iPhone 14. The exact timing we don’t know yet is the first feature I would run into while buying the phone.

RAM and Processor If you’re a fan of video games, you’ll agree that good RAM is an essential feature. Most Android phones have a small amount of RAM that won’t last a year of use. You wouldn’t want a phone that doesn’t. Can launch your favorite game or even 2 of your favorite games No matter how much RAM a phone has, it is only as good as its working speed is determined by its usage . A phone with high processing speed must have a combination of a fast processor and a large amount of RAM. The Pi phone is set to run with 16 gigabytes of RAM capacity compared to the 6 gigabytes of the iPhone 14, why is it inexplicably a large amount of RAM, whereas It may seem like Elon Musk flexing his muscles at Apple is chilling.

The truth is quite the opposite. Python is ready to go beyond video games. Elon Musk wants his new phone to be used to mine cryptocurrencies, but Mr Musk has just hinted at some seriously mad love. If you are fortunate enough to have crypto knowledge then you know that it is currently only mined using large computers which consume a lot of electricity. Another amazing thing about Plan Tesla’s Python is its ability to work well without the need for one.

sim card you might wonder how this is possible with technology you can imagine is possible unlike the iphone 14 the python will have a built in network system we will see how this is a game changer the next barely any phone’s ram Checks the size, then they want to quickly check its storage capacity. In this age where technology is everything, you don’t need to fumble around with an external hard disk to find space for your existing files or other files. Terabytes, compared to the iPhone 14’s limited 512 gigabytes, would mean you could use your python for a computer. In other words, you won’t get that annoying low storage notification at the top of your phone’s screen to see which phone is right.

For a good camera, you want more than everyone wants or needs in this era. A picture-perfect camera is an entity that has eluded humans for far too long until 2020, much to the dismay of many camera technologists. target vision. It is argued that the camera cannot be better than the human eye. If we go by the findings we are now seeing, the human eye appears to be just one stop. If we want to see it for a camera, we’ll have to be here for a while. Specifications will be the first qualifiers of the new phone. The good news is that the Python is a phone that has four cameras as opposed to three cameras on the iPhone 14.

There will be a 108-megapixel sensor as compared to the 48-megapixel sensor of the iPhone 14. According to available reports, Tesla’s Python is looking beyond the earth to use its camera, which is ready for use by astronauts in their space. Exploration, so you have to understand Dane how good it should be. Also the python will have a 48 megapixel front camera over the iPhone’s 12 megapixel front camera.

With this camera you can also take well detailed pictures for night sky photography and what is special is that the camera of dragon will be able to take pictures even while recording video, before we see anything, how much Might be nice, you’ll have to hold on to it to find out more.

I’m sure you’re already expecting a big revolution here Tesla specializes in batteries and wouldn’t be surprised to see how much they invest in their new baby on the market the Pie phone, the biggest phone battery 6 000 And if you consider battery life dynamics this is again huge for video gamers, it is a feature that should be highly considered. Not only battery life is essential but its lifetime and depreciation rate is also an important aspect of battery series charge. Charging Speed You want a phone that only takes a few minutes to charge, waiting a whole hour for it to charge is disgusting If you’re an iPhone user, you know this is its weakest point.

If there’s one department where Apple hasn’t invested in their iPhones, it’s their batteries. The latest iPhone model, the iPhone 13, only has a 3200 mAh battery. The soon-to-be iPhone 14 will only have a 3600 mAh battery. Yes, I know this is where Tesla’s Python comes to your rescue with its staggering 7000 milliampere capacity, which is bigger than anything currently on the market, that’s not all that its Python Fixed enabled with powerful solar panels to help with charging This means you won’t need to carry your charger around.

Your dragon will get charged in the sun Just stick it in the window for a while and you are good to go Every phone user has one wish Super fast internet with the introduction of 5G network Full of great expectations for the upcoming phone models The world has become 5G holds big promises for tech companies I’ll probably look at them in another video if you haven’t Python will use SpaceX’s Starlink satellite network. SpaceX currently provides Internet access to 34 countries and has global coverage that aims to make Python’s Internet run so fast that it reaches download speeds of 200 megabits per second, allowing you to download large amounts of data with a single tap.

YouTube Netflix and other streaming apps won’t be a problem if that doesn’t impress you yet, the Python will have an inbuilt Wi-Fi as it won’t require cellular network unlike the iPhone 14, especially in remote areas Disadvantages it won’t, another cool feature to add to the list is the python photochromatic coating on its back which changes its color when exposed to the sun, this means you’ll be walking around with a beautiful glowing phone and more The astonishing fact that the color will camouflage itself with the background is an overwhelming piece of evidence. It would be fair to say that the iPhone 14 is no match for Tesla’s Pi Phone.

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