Elon Musk’s NEW Insane Deal With Amazon Changes Everything

Elon Musk’s NEW Insane Deal With Amazon Changes Everything

Tesla CEO and tech billionaire Elon Musk recently claimed that he bought Twitter before Amazon and now Amazon is setting Musk on fire and this news has taken the internet by storm. Does this mean world domination of musk? Why is Elon Musk buying Amazon Elon Musk trying his hand at Amazon Tech giant and Twitter’s new CEO Elon Musk are competing.

That is not stopping him from buying everything Elon Musk recently shocked the whole world as he bought Twitter after paying a whopping amount of US$ 44 billion and he went inside Twitter and took over the company in his own right. Became CEO. The first day holding a sink he wanted people to know Elon Musk wanted everyone to let go of that sentence, intended to sink in for everyone who was criticizing Elon Musk for buying anything.

Whatever came his way he was unstoppable. Although Elon Musk just paid $44 billion lars, you and I can only imagine that amount made only a small dent in his wallet, considering he is the second richest person in the world. Which means they have more money than almost everyone else. When Elon Musk started funding SpaceX and Tesla, the lonely one of us in the world started making a fortune. First decided to sell his first company, for which Musk is widely known.

Elon was the founder of PayPal, it was only until eBay bought the company for $1.5 billion, that’s right, $1.5 billion. Elon Musk was lucky that happened. A big deal and since he had a 17% stake in PayPal at that time, he got $306 million, after that he founded SpaceX, the world’s largest satellite company, and Tesla, the world’s largest electric automobile company. Since then Elon Musk is on fire again and there is no stopping it, Elon Musk recently stunned the whole world.

When he bought all the shares of Twitter and became the new CEO of Twitter. The purchase was made possible by selling some of his Tesla shares, has been recorded as the biggest deal in history and even as Kasturi claimed the purchase was a huge one to help humanity, the HEC was worried. As part of which freedom of speech has to be brought back. Improve the platform and user experience that the microblogging site lacked earlier and now after conquering the microblogging site Musk is ready to take over the world’s largest e-commerce industry, but as we go deeper, As well, more questions arise as Elon is taking Musk.

Amazon means world domination First we should develop a basic understanding of the whole scenario Amazon founders Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos and Blue Origin have been battling for more than 15 years Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk are famous for their disputes and a Ill against the other It is sure that the race to become the world’s richest man is not an easy one as Bezos was at the position of the world’s richest person around 2017, but in January 2021 Musk will overtake Bezos when Tesla stock reaches Took the top spot.

The two billionaires traded barbs several times during the year before Bezos overtook Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg to propel Elon Musk’s fortune to an all-time high, but right now Elon Musk is undisputedly ahead of Bezos by $190 billion. . Number one with total assets. Just $109 billion Musk also plans to send a souvenir shaped like a skull mocking Jeff Bezos for being the second richest person in the world and the reason why the world considers the two as arch enemies.

They have also argued over their objectives for space travel, publicly insulting each other, and both CEOs often meet people’s perceptions in various hues and derision on the Internet, thus creating a legacy of art slavery. how their rivalry started and then how the musket Bezos fight started in 2004 19 years when it all started jeff founded genesis while musk founded Spacex but neither of them launched they both in their early stages The two founders met each other over dinner to discuss reusable rocket targets.

Let’s say things didn’t go the way they should have. I tried my best to offer good advice, which he largely ignored. This meeting with Bezos attracted media attention, with Elon Musk spreading the Jeff Lee and Elon Musk statements like wildfire everywhere, and thus began the legacy of the Jeff Bezos rivalry. Musk and Bezos both dreamed of colonizing space and aiming for the stars, but everyone expected a rivalry with their likes and that’s what the two founders and CEOs delivered.

From trolling each other on the microblogging site to teasing each other in interviews, there are many such examples of the two business tycoons. Asked by a Twitter user whether Bezos would be a good person if he wanted to party less in class and do more work in an interview, the Tesla CEO said he’s fine, I guess. These days, Musk wrote on the microblogging site that if he wants to party less and work more in orbit, Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos should be able to do it whenever and wherever.

They used every opportunity to pull each other’s legs. Those using the launch pad Bezos suggested turning it into a commercial spaceport, accessible to larger business muscle, termed Bezos’ move as a counter-control strategy and made it their part in the strike. . took. Elon Musk said that Blue Origin has not yet been able to build a reliable sub-orbital spacecraft despite spending more than 10 years in development, if they are to somehow meet NASA’s human rating standards within the next five years. appear together. Let’s dock with the space station, that’s to pad 39A.

Clearly we’ll happily accommodate their needs, I think given the many lawsuits both Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos have dismissed, we’re more likely to find unicorns dancing in flames. In response, when Musk or Bezos poke fun at each other on the Internet, viewers enjoy the online feud. The Blue Origin prototype lunar lander was shown in a shot that showed Musk with the core section. was posted which looked somehow unholy, as we all know that as of now Elon Musk holds the position of second richest person in the whole world according to Bernard Al-No Bloomberg’s Billionaire Index, Musk’s total net worth by 2023 The assets stood at $130 billion, while e-commerce giant Amazon, on the other hand, has a valuation of a little over US$890 billion.

Numbers don’t mean anything in front of Elon Musk, do you think it will be difficult for Elon Musk to generate a few hundred billion if tech enthusiasts want Elon Musk to have an incomparable impact in the world, one of his tweets The problem is not musk and it never will be. Elon Musk recently hit headlines once again when he claimed the timing of the Amazon breakup quickly swept the internet and everyone had a different take on the story.

Some thought of it as another damages lawsuit, while others believed a hostile takeover was coming, but no one knew what the other side of the coin was. Elon Musk responded on Twitter after an author complained about how certain rules prevented him from using Amazon to self-publish his book in his tweet. After Elon Musk’s comment, Musk also included the name of Jeff Bezos. Amazon worked with the author to resume sales, noting that the issue was caused by some errors and was finally available for sale.

Amazon also believes that it was Elon Musk’s tweet that brought the matter to the attention of the authorities otherwise this problem would not have been solved. Elon Musk believes that Jeff Bezos is responsible for working on projects like Blue Origin as well as Amazon Humble. Marketers like Musk believe that Bezos is trying to accomplish more than he actually has time for, so what do you think will happen when Elon Musk acquires Amazon outright? What will happen if you do? Will the company fire people at will like they did with Twitter employees?

After extensive research it became clear that this was only the beginning when it was discovered that the true scope of the condition was much greater than anyone had previously thought. Let me explain a little more all his plans regarding space and his other companies with the help of Amazon. Musk’s arch nemesis who is hindering the achievement of his goals is Blue Origin which is owned by Jeff Bezos. His company SpaceX Elon Musk will have more resources to fund and work on Neuralink with The Boring Company and his other pending projects with Tesla and other companies as he will have the opportunity to milk Amazon as his cash cow and they will be able to fund projects Will contribute to the benefit that he likes.

This way Elon Musk will have different doors open for different opportunities, with so many resources at his fingertips Musk will finally be able to eliminate his competition with SpaceX once and for all and easily. Pursue your goals as he will dominate the whole world as well as this Kasturi will have opportunities to gain his throne as the richest man in the whole world. With resources like Amazon Tesla Twitter and many other multi-million dollar companies and a business mind like Elon Musk in my pocket, it wouldn’t be a big deal to dethrone Bernard.

I don’t know and regain my position as the richest man in the entire world once again. Also Elon Musk will be able to focus and spend on his unfinished projects like GPS satellites are starlink unlike satellite signal l. While having more channels makes it more difficult for attackers to intercept, as there are more frequencies to cover in Europe, Russia and China, these will provide a reliable backup for GPS and other navigation systems, in addition to the musket boring company will also work.

Elon Musk also reach new heights as he dominates the market with unlimited resources his projects will get better quality at a faster rate which is all Elon Musk wants but by the end of the video it is very unlikely to happen but A question arises whether Elon Musk will end Amazon due to his feud with Bezos or will he go for world domination and acquire more companies.

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