Elon Musk's NEW INSANE Partnership With Trump Changes Everything!

Elon Musk’s NEW INSANE Partnership With Trump Changes Everything!

Tesla billionaire Elon Musk has just launched a new partnership with former President Donald Trump that changes everything for America, Musk’s energy and innovation in the world has seen revolution of entire industries, imagine what If two business moguls decide to combine forces, what happens to the two business moguls and how it changes everything for America and the world.

Elon and Trump’s relationship has been something they haven’t been smooth and sunny all along in American history, but there are great parts of a good relationship between Elon Musk and Trump that we just can’t leave out from Elon Musk, He was banned when he went public about his support for Trump, for example.

Elon Musk from Twitter actually said in a tweet that suggested the former US President didn’t violate the rules, before he achieved the biggest cue to Twitter. The guess that remained the very Elon Musk was whether That would reinstate Trump on the platform, making it the perfect opportunity for Elon Musk to execute Justice for Trump, which he claimed was unfairly banned at the behest of activist workers.

Elon Musk is soon a man of his word as he took over Twitter saying the bird was freed, he made sure the former band was reinstated on stage, it featured former President Donald Trump and others Like yay included or as we know him Kanye West On the same note, President Donald Trump took revenge with a good twist on Elon Musk and tweeted that he was very happy that Elon Musk was the new owner of Twitter, he wrote I am very happy Twitter is not in safe hands.

No longer run by radical leftist lunatics and lunatics who really hate our country Twitter CEO replied if I had a dollar for every time someone asked me if Trump was coming on this platform Twitter is now money Must be earning that Twitter mad hand Trump has a big chance for TRAI Umph in the coming 2024 elections With the president running in the elections, this would be the perfect opportunity for him to get back on Twitter.

Reaching millions of Twitter users remember this is the same platform they used to gain influence with the public in the 2016 presidential elections and the same platform was used by foreign governments to influence the US presidential elections, The platform that preceded his famous ban on Donald Trump. Had a huge following of 88.9 million people, it included celebrities and elite in American politics whom he could easily reach as the platform proved a favorite for many politicians around the US, especially on other social media platforms than returned to the stage.

Will just renew the force of his now-launched presidential campaign As part of his advisory councils and relying on them to provide ideas on how to direct his government, the Tesla CEO had Trump’s two economic advisory councils.

This Elon Musk worked to influence better environment and immigration policies, which you can ensure that they have played an important role while talking about environmental matters, they feel that they feel that they and alone musk alone Businesses are known, designed to preserve and preserve.

Say the same for the Trump administration as they returned the funding for EPA and decided to get out of the Paris Agreement, for example, being an easy construction, in fact they are dominating American roads and soon the country The goal will help to feel your green, as soon as possible, Trump’s council has the strength to remember that they have such strength due to the strength that they must have made some great changes that American currently unknown to unknown Are enjoying

If you know the former US President for the American economy, you will feel that praising someone is not something that was ACC until he definitely praised him or gave a lot of money. , So he always crosses and often insults the eyes of wives of other political leaders with people, because he called Ted Cruise’s wife ugly, but he praised Elon Musk, but he praised Elon Musk But he praised Elon Musk and his achievements and intelligence and intelligence. Trump said that you would have to give credit for adding a series of things they were doing.

He is also doing a rocket that he likes the rocket and he is also doing well in the rocket. Elon Mask Mask proceeded to refer to Musk as one of the four great talents he knows to compare musk with Thomas Edison, it is not a common vision for Trump to praise a person so much. Is. , But in reality it is not mentioned that you have not been told. The previous support of the curtain for Donald Trump was giving the company the company’s spacex, Trump was emotional about the American space undertakings, but you should know that NASA is very dependent on SpaceX for most.

For example, TS’s achievements achieved NASA with the help of SpaceX only in NASA in the lower orbit, which if Trump wanted to help his space agency, he also had to consider SpaceX, which is to consider SpaceX Was, I have achieved big tricks. , The effect of Trump is that Elon Musk’s space venture began to work with the Pentagon, even any child named Pentagon, Pentagon is one of the largest buildings in the world.

The military power that receives a contract with such a powerful American company is a serious matter, yet Elon signed a $ 149 million contract for the construction of missile tracking satellites for Pentagon, which talks about satellites that talk about satellites What is talking about satellites. For two alone musk, which has now been sent more than 300. Preparations to make 300 innumerable innumerable and life multi-reviews in space. His set of constellations has helped millions of Americans unlimited access. As the Internet, this is a case that we are not surprised that Pentagon wanted Ellen Musk what was happening in his space company.

A piece of it had so far made some significant progress in the space industry, as you see Elon Musk helped NASA regulate. The cost of building and launching a rocket according to NASA’s projection makes SpaceX 10 times cheaper and 30 times less than NASA in the space industry, for example it cost SpaceX only $390 million to build its famous Falcon 9. was needed. 4 billion dollars to build the same spacecraft which is almost 10 times more than the spacecraft that SpaceX is using, plus the fact that SpaceX specializes in building reusable rockets.

has saved America tons of money that would otherwise have been wasted building rockets. Trump acknowledged that building the rocket required some people to dig into their pockets, though Musket significantly reduced costs and would only pave the way for a lot of technological advancements in the space industry, the former US president Having said that I don’t know did you see the last time you saw Elon with the rocket booster where they were coming at me that was more amazing than seeing the rocket go up.

use I’ve never seen before they’re saving the booster they came back without wings or without anything they landed so spectacularly clearly Elon Musk made serious strides in the industry when he developed an orbital rocket booster Vertical propulsion was done once before landing. Launched rockets that would be launched into space never successfully landed back, most of the time they just crashed on their way back to Earth orbit and that meant building high The cost was no wonder Trump was so impressed with Elon Musk’s achievement, we can’t blame him for being too overbearing.

He later said that it is really amazing what is happening with respect to space and that the President of our country is equally impressed with what is happening in the US EV industry, an EV manufacturer producing over 935 000 EVs a year It is not an easy feat to build. For a country that needs a lot of money to keep its economy afloat, no wonder the former US President supported Elon Musk during his tenure. Greed hit America in 2020 when the pandemic prompted California health officials to close a Tesla plant.

The US instituted different mitigation strategies to contain the spread of the virus, yet California took things too far, some would say, when they wanted Elon Musk to shut down his business as a result of the lockdown. The Alameda County Public Health Care Services Agency, in conjunction with the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office, stated that the Tesla factory in Fremont has opened beyond minimum basic operations, we have informed Tesla that they can only maintain minimum basic operations until Till we have this approved plan, it can be implemented accordingly. Tesla was restricted, along with local public health orders, from continuing normal operations.

This happened when the EV maker wanted to improve its car production as they were behind schedule. The CEO threatened to move Tesla’s headquarters out of California, which they unfortunately did. Thankfully Trump had good backup on social media. The Tesla CEO tweeted that California should allow Tesla and Elon Musk to open plants, now that it can be done faster and safer. Tesla was to be given priority on this date, but it could not happen due to the influence of celebrities like Trump.

If the sanctions on Elon Musk weren’t so onerous, we might see a huge difference between how Elon was treated and how it was under Trump. Elon Musk’s Tesla, currently under the administration of President Joe Biden, was unfairly excluded from an EV maker summit at the White House because it was not part of a consortium, despite the fact that Elon Musk is the largest EV maker in the world. Are. The country again the Biden government failed to recognize Tesla’s contribution to the EV industry, in fact it was too hard for them to pronounce the Tesla name, even though the public interjected with this unf.

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