Elon Musk's Tesla Phone Is FINALLY Hitting The Market!

Elon Musk’s Tesla Phone Is FINALLY Hitting The Market!

Billionaire mogul Elon Musk destroys apples with crazy new Tesla phone as the world’s biggest electric vehicle maker Tesla works on a futuristic smartphone known as the Model Pi, which will replace the Model Python with the iPhone.

Elon Musk’s new phone destroyed Apple as the master model P of the smartphone industry came up with insane features that are better than Apple’s iPhone, you guessed it right. Apple has been the king of the smartphone industry for many years. For example, last year alone the Cupertino-based corporation sold more than 200 million Apple iPhones out of millions of smartphones sold annually.

This means that Apple has been great in the smartphone industry for decades, yet a potential game-changer that could revitalize the entire smartphone industry has just arrived. Billionaire moguls of the world who seem to invest heavily in their products are endorsing the new Tesla model pie phone, model python has everything technology wise Billionaire Elon Musk is a man who believes what he Can do whatever he wants.

If that doesn’t surprise you then consider Tesla producing more electric vehicles and cars in the last year alone. Tesla delivered 184 800 electric vehicles and produced 180 338 cars according to Tesla Model 3 and Model Y vehicles. This includes 95 per cent deliveries in the first quarter. Not only this year Elon is getting more fruits in his basket through SpaceX which is putting more satellites into space at incredible speed and as a result wooing more customers.

Of course SpaceX sends NASA astronauts to space and back, so there’s a clear indication that Elon’s Model Python is about to outdo the monotonous Apple’s iPhone as it ventures into a deranged futuristic smartphone industry that necessitates the deranged Model Pi phone. Is. Triggers It’s probably because Tesla relies heavily on social media like Twitter to make announcements you’ll agree with me Tesla uses Twitter a lot to announce about its products after disbanding its public relations in October 2020 uses.

You can imagine that Tesla CEO Elon Reeve Musk has more than 100 million followers on Twitter while Tesla’s own account has 16.4 million followers on both accounts. The promising model is a series of announcements involving companies developing Python. You don’t have to go far before you understand this, perhaps to prove that Apple’s iPhone has been the best smartphone in the market for decades, take a look at Elon’s Twitter handle and you will see that each of his tweets has a Twitter handle.

Unfortunately, tech billionaire Musk is unhappy with Apple’s iPhone. What could be the reason? Maybe it’s the trouble typing frustration you encounter with Apple’s autocorrect feature. According to him, Apple needs to fix the autocorrect feature. Due to these frustrations, Kasturi has made three tweets. One of the tweets included a meme denouncing Apple, please correct the autocorrect misspelling, in addition to a recent interview with Musk about software updates for Apple’s iPhones. He was frustrated with Apple’s iPhone, which broke his email system while speaking at an event in Washington.

Elon Musk said people use phones to get better every year I’m an iPhone user but I feel like some of the recent software updates definitely aren’t getting to the point it’s messing up my email system Which is quite fundamental given the shortcomings of the iPhone such as the obscure software update issues pesky autocorrect feature Tesla has now started production of the Model Pi phone which will address the challenges caused by the iPhone Tesla Python comes with futuristic features is what makes it unique.

Millions of Elon Musk enthusiasts would certainly like to use a phone designed by Musk, because of this reason Tesla has assembled it to make a wonderful model python to complement its other Tesla products like electric vehicles and cars. factory, as the company has a legacy of manufacturing its own products, unlike Apple, which is famous for it. Apple is not making its own phone, rather Apple is designing and developing it.

Camera lenses, CPU displays and other components are built by partners around the world before contracting with smartphone manufacturing companies in the United States, an idea that unlike Elon’s Tesla models an independent manufacturing process with Python. installs. The key that is the heart of the world. The richest billionaire mogul Elon Musk comes up with attractive features, for example to dare to kick the dominance of Apple have you ever thought of a truly wireless charging system for phones.

Perhaps the Tesla Model Python is just what you’ve been waiting for. The Tesla Model Python features brilliant inbuilt solar panels that allow users to harness solar power instead of relying on a connector, this ecologically minded Tesla brand. Also it uses solar technology already developed by Tesla, on the other hand you can’t imagine the sluggish charging system used by Apple’s iPhone which relies only on a single cable for charging and even though You use wireless charging.

Still you have to connect wireless charger with cable which is available in market till game changer tesla model python wireless charging smartphone. When I first heard about this phone that only charges with sunlight, I was incredibly excited and scared at the same time. The Tesla Model Pi phone doesn’t require a SIM card, unlike Apple’s iPhone, which undoubtedly has one. Tesla’s Model Python is the first smartphone on Earth to mine the cryptocurrency that is currently reserved for many computers.

Connect to the Internet at high speeds Its highest Internet download speed is up to 210 megabits per second which is a huge insult to Apple’s iPhone cellular internet connection which is less than 19 megabits per second Tesla’s model Python chipset is formidable It’s downright powerful This is because the model python will be used to mine cryptocurrency on the Red Planet, the mere fact that the Pi phone processor will be used in Mars is a true testament to its powerful and quality processor.

The Pi phone is the phone of choice because it doesn’t hang unlike Apple’s iPhone which often hangs after constant use whether people are on Earth or Mars the phone itself will act as a personal wallet as the customer purchases groceries Pay for groceries, vegetables and other purchases without using a credit card. Maybe you know that with Tesla’s model python alone you can enjoy your life on Mars. The beauty of the Tesla Model Pi phone is that it supports Neuralink, a crazy technology from the future.

That billionaire tech Elon Musk started using brain chips in 2016, when Musk founded Neuralink, which promised the technology would allow someone with paralysis to use a thumb. Degi It sounds magical but if you are interested in lots of brain ships don’t hesitate to send applications to the Silicon Valley company that has already developed a monkey named Pig. and successfully implanted artificial intelligence microchips into the brain of a pig named Gertrude.

Is Now Hiring Mass For Clinical Trial Directors To Run Tests Of The Technology In Humans and phones are the technology of tomorrow Musk is the richest person in the world with a net worth of $256 billion.

“I think we have an opportunity with Neuralink to restore whole-body functionality to someone with a spinal cord injury,” Musk said. It’s working well in monkeys and we’re actually doing a lot of testing. And confirm it is very safe and reliable and Neuralink device can be safely removed which means Tesla Model Python Perfect Tesla Smartphone 108 Megapixel Main Camera 6.5 Inch 4K Level Screen Snapdragon 898 Processor and 2 Terabyte Storage.

For example, one can point at a dragon in a clear night sky and shoot a high resolution photo without very long exposures. Amazingly users can shoot pictures with one lens while filming with current generation, people will have more fun with tesla model by phone, its pictures and videos are more wonderful than tesla model of iphone, in python Integrated a front-facing camera will not be included only make its performance more attractive.

But it also has improved long-term durability and better performance than the iPhone 14 Pro, which has a different textured glass on the back of the phone. Tesla’s electric vehicle users will be able to link to a weird one. Through software applications available on both the Apple Store and Google’s Play Store, its EVS smartphone is also tightly integrated with other Tesla products such as the Solar Panel House Battery and Energy Solutions’ Model Pi phone.

Although the Tesla Model Pie phone has crazy features. Coming in at a relatively affordable price relative to the price of the iPhone, the PI phone only goes for $690, while it’s on par with the iPhone 14 Pro Max with 256GB, which retails for $1,200,199, assuming the new The link enables a full type recording. memories and likes and all your feelings and um feelings the biggest thing is you’re like everything or someone’s got severe depression to such an extent that they commit suicide, like, they can fix it so Overall, Neuralink has a broad goal.

To eventually build a whole brain interface so that uh a generalized input output device you know in the long term can actually interface with every aspect of your brain and in the short term ask for any part of your block brain Can interface with and solve many other things that create debilitating problems for people.

So you know our long term is like I mean I’ll talk a little bit about a long term goal it’s going to sound a little cryptic but that was really my main motivation you know I don’t know what do we do AI like what do we do about Artificial General Intelligence if we have digital super intelligence they are smarter than any human we are at the species level how do we mitigate that risk we How do we mitigate that risk and still in a benign scenario where the AI is uh very lenient so how do we go along for the ride how do we participate and in conclusion the biggest limitation is going along for the ride.

In aligning AI I think bandwidth is how quickly you can interact with a computer, so we’re all already cyborgs in a way that your phone and your computer are an extension of yourself, a lot of times people think you know they can’t really work on Neuralink because they don’t know anything about biology or how the brain works and we really want to emphasize that you don’t need to because When you break down the skills needed to make uh Neuralink work, it’s really the same skills that are needed to make a smart watch or uh modern phone work.

So this you know software battery radio inductive charging um and uh you as well as things that are specific to us like animal care and clinical and regulatory matters um obviously machine learning that elevates you a lot but our brain which is a biological neural net and the best thing is to explain a biological neural net a digital neural net if the government gets involved well like Neuralink i think first of all like i said It won’t take long for neural links like neural links to advance.

So it’s not like ‘all of a sudden be able to do super advanced things like slowly you know you know people like quadruplets being able to control their phones and you know uh try to stay normal as much as you possible know normal life so you’re going to start with those who need it yeah it’ll be like uh because there’s always some risk in the beginning you know new technology so it should be like risk reward so it’s Makes sense if you know something has risk in it so the reward gets bigger.

Like if you’re quadriplegic and but with neural links you can operate a phone faster than someone who’s working in movies, that’s going to be a huge life changer, you know the reward vs. the risk will be worth it and like I said I think we actually have a way of taking motor signals from the motor cortex of the brain and another neural link that’s beyond the point where the neurons in your spine are broken off and then they signals are transmitted so you make your body crazy again so you do I think you guys will be able to run a game that’s going to be next level great like you see the Neuralink every day would anyone have one or It will be only for people with disabilities.

No I think we’re just starting like I said long term vision yeah very yeah so we’re starting with things where it’s like um because there are some risks you know about so we don’t We’re not sure things will be perfect so new technology will sum up the risk so the reward has to be really high because you know being able to use our phone that phone can’t be used that You have someone you know is capable of walking.

Not walking it’s a great big reward so we’ll start with that and then um you know I think there are a lot of things that can be cured like extreme depression or transient obesity like 35 year olds like this We can really like change the setting in your brain and change the internal hunger uh that was great um you know if someone likes severe depression that got to the point.

Where they like suicide so they can fix yeah the financial gain is huge same things I think about your link which is kind of a real mind trap let’s say neural link a Memory enables full recording and all your feelings and everything um feelings. It’s the biggest thing where you’re like everything but our feelings are like chemicals but I think it’s your mind that used to do it right.

like she was making everything you’ve ever felt your remote well this whole electrical signal okay so it’ll come into the neurons in the clay firing so it makes some sense so I emphasize the purpose of Neuralink like uh do what we want our goal one goal is to solve serious problems of the spine and brain with a seamless implantable device so you want a device that you basically than you can put in your head and feel and look completely normal but it’s some significant problem with uh your brain or spine and the reality is that over time almost everyone will have brain and spine problems.

And these range from mild to very severe but if you live long enough basically all of you will have some sort of neurological disorder and these range you know from memory loss to brain damage but um’s It’s important to appreciate that uh there’s an implantable um device can really solve these problems um and I think a lot of people don’t realize that um but always all your senses your vision, hearing, feeling, pain, These are all electrical signals sent by neurons in your brain, and if you can fix these signals, you can solve everything.

Memory loss memory loss hearing loss blindness paralysis depression insomnia extreme pain seizures anxiety addiction stroke brain damage these can be insults these can all be sold with a disjointed uh neural link this is a very fundamental thing and I think many people don’t understand um neurons are like wiring um and you need an electronic thing to solve an electronic problem yeah neuralink with neural link yeah part um well actually the way I did your link mutated was long term.

A risk mitigation for digital super intelligence if we are able to effectively achieve some meiosis with digital intelligence uh than we are able to move the collective human will in the direction we want or even Gentle AI at least goes along for the ride because even with a gentle superintendence if it’s a lot smarter than us it can’t even really communicate effectively because it’s so fast and Then talking to us is like talking to a tree you know because if you look if you stop like a tree the tree is communicating with this environment very slowly.

It looks right now it’s looking for water the tree we see in the field it’s looking at the sun um and the motion is too slow for the tree um and so um and we’re already at this point uh partial Visually a cyborg uh actually uh like a sidewalk in which our phones and computers and applications are a digital extension of ourselves like if someone leaves the phone behind it’s like missing limb syndrome you know.

Like the phone is almost like part of your um and uh but the problem with that symbology is the data rate is extremely slow like how fast you can communicate with your phone using uh two thumbs up you know 10 bits per second is a low data rate and if computers I can wish they could communicate at a billion bits per second or more and we’re communicating with them at 10 bits per second then uh it’s just a There’s an extremely slow communication link and it prevents um symbiosis without tertiary digital air, so we’ve basically got like an initial layer that’s like an organ system.

Basically it’s our instincts and we have a lot of emotions and it’s like the reptilian brain state and then you’ve got the cortex which is like the thinking part of the plan of the brain and what not I and um so it’s the second layer and then our phone and computer are our tertiary layer, but there’s only a bandwidth limit, I’ll be very slow to communicate, but with a neural link you can increase the communication bandwidth by several orders of magnitude, the way There are a thousand or more with neural links.

I can solve a lot of brain problems like you’ve got uh and you know if your uh like a broken spine or something like that so that’s the first application we want to solve, uh Implantation of Neuralink in someone who has a quadriplegic or tetraplegic Um. like they don’t have they can’t move their arms and legs or maybe uh actually can’t even move their face like maybe blinking or something you know like stephen hawking or even many vertebrates miscellaneous and are mechanical.

Other mechanical malfunctions or diseases that break the link between your brain and body and Neurolink I can solve that it’s certainly which can work faster than a person working by hand. replaced by humans with artificial intelligence by hands or step by step but neurolinkists are well empowered yeah I mean your link in the short term your link is just about solving um you know uh brain injuries and spinal cord injuries and things like that. Obviously for many years the Neural Link product was only helpful to someone who had lost the use of an arm or an arm and a leg or who had any type of traumatic brain injury.

This is what your leg will be useful for many years but in the last conversation you said neurolink is one of your projects for you uh most important that’s still true um I know I said I would definitely But it may be most important in that there is one long-term mitigation for artificial intelligence, which is that we can improve the speed of interaction between our cortex and our tertiary layer. By doing so we can effectively merge with Artificial Intelligence.

Which is already silicon, we are basically we are already a three-level intelligent being, the base level is the limbic system, the type of animal brain or reptile brain is essentially the fundamental one that you see in other animals or reptile brain can and know so there’s cortex that’s cortex well it’s largely in service of the reptilian brain can you imagine one day we’ll be able to download our human brain capacity into an optimus yeah me Guess I’m not saying do I think it’s possible to do Do you see the value of using machine learning to understand the language of two-way communication with the brain.

Absolutely I mean we are a neural net and you know AI is basically neural net so it’s like digital neural net that will interface with biological neural net and hopefully bring us along for the ride, yeah the vast majority of our intelligence will be digital [music] its like the difference in intelligence between the cortex and your olympic system is huge your borderline system really has no understanding what the cortex is doing um you know it is actually hungry you know or tired or angry or taxi or whatever else you know and the bus and then transmits that impulse to the cortex.

A lot of love to satisfy the cortex like a huge amount of thinking like a really huge amount of thinking went into sex without any purpose which is actually quite silly in the absence of action it’s a little silly why would you doing it’s because it pleases the limbic system but it’s so absurd you’ve actually got a third failure in a row do you think I need to pack it in never why I never give up my Means I want to die.

Totally incompetent like we should answer to sleep in the factory seven days a week I worked in paint shop general assembly body shop you ever worry about yourself like it’s too much anyone has to work that many hours [MUSIC] It’s not cool These people shouldn’t work so hard I don’t they shouldn’t do it It’s too painful ’cause it hurts ’cause it hurts my brain and it hurts my heart Not recommended to anyone I just did this because if I didn’t do it there is a good chance Tesla would die in the first place I really need some ideas how can I give advice that would be most helpful?

And I’m not sure I’ve thought enough to give you the best possible answer, but I think um I think definitely uh focus on something that you think someone else is of high value And it will be difficult to actually make that assessment because people are prone to wishful thinking, a natural human tendency. So one challenge for entrepreneurs is to really believe in their ideals and stick to them. What is the difference between living and chasing an unrealistic dream that doesn’t really have merit.

And what’s the difference this is one that’s really hard to tell can you tell the difference between those two things I know so you need to be very rigorous in introspection I think it’s definitely extremely hard and um and then work like hell I mean you have 80 to 100 hour weeks to work 80 hours every week all these things improve the odds of success okay um I mean if other people week work 40 hours and you’re working 100 hours even if you’re doing what you know in a year you’ll achieve what they achieve in four months it takes them time it takes years.

I guess the way I usually describe myself is an engineer because basically everything I do is engineering um so I’m working with my engineering and design team to get you the current car One can see and know about future cars and rockets and spaceships. this kind of thing uh i mean i should tell you i didn’t really have any grand design when i was a kid i mean i started computer programming because i like computer games and i used to do a lot of computer I used to play games and I learned that if I wrote software and sold it I could make more money and buy better computers, so when I was growing up it was really like you had a grand vision or something Was and I read a lot of books and uh they were set in the United States a lot of times.

It seemed like a lot of new technology was being developed in the United States, so I thought okay, I really want to work on new technology, so I just want to move to Silicon Valley, other things that really I’m pushing me on AI in a big way it’s always been like this and uh and uh Tesla is working really hard on Model 3 production and uh we’re making some good progress but it’s going to be a tough job But right now these are the two most stressful things in my life and no one is going to cheat on rivals. I originally started by giving both SpaceX and Tesla less than a 10 percent chance of their success. And in the beginning I didn’t really allow my friends to invest as well.

I didn’t want to lose their money I figured it’s like you know I’ll lose my own money so um and then um we actually almost dieted SpaceX so I budgeted for three flights my I mean technically I didn’t have a plan where I had money from PayPal I had like about 180 million from PayPal I thought you know yeah I’ll allocate half of it to SpaceX and Tesla and Silver City and um which should be fine i will have 90 million likes just you know a lot but then what happened things cost more and took longer than i thought so i had a choice either put the rest of the money or Companies are going to die.

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