Elon Musk's & Tim Cook's Deal Changes Everything

Elon Musk’s & Tim Cook’s Deal Changes Everything

The Launch of a Partnership That Will Change Everything About Phone Use What is it that changes everything.

Apple has been secretly working on a project since the beginning of the year that is setting up a pleasant surprise for its users. It would interest you to know that Apple hired a team of aerospace and communication experts for a satellite project with it.

But the way they plan to make it work is to transmit data directly to their devices without the need for third-party carriers. At the same time they want something that can penetrate even the most remote areas on the planet with some good connectivity, although we know there is someone around the corner who specializes in such areas, certainly this tech guru is available to almost everyone.

Anything it can do and everything it touches seems to have a revolutionary overtone to its SpaceX subsidiary Starlink, which is key to Apple’s success if the phone company wants something of a quality that matches its position in the phone industry. Well, you probably know Elon Musk’s Tesla and SpaceX, but Starlink has also been in existence for a while.

Now this would be the answer to Apple’s needs because satellite would offer more than Apple needed. Starlink is one such satellite that comes with a lot of promises to connect you to any part of the world. Mars So far Starlink’s connectivity extends to six of the world’s continents, yet Elon Musk still plans to increase map coverage for his satellites, successfully launching more than 1,000 satellites into space in three solid years.

We can be sure that Elon Musk is the right person for the job, just as we’ve already qualified Elon Musk for Apple’s flagship project. Experts Agree There’s Potential For A Partnership That Could Change Connectivity Apple Forever Seems, we can say they are rare to hear Elon Musk praising an acquaintance.

But he applauded Tim Cook’s recent efforts to build an ATT tool for iOS. 14 update update ensures that Facebook will no longer mine users’ data something that Elon is wishing to happen Similarly, Tim Cook recognizes Elon Musk’s successful efforts in the space industry A good partnership is all it takes to believe That the two Muggles will seal what they see in each other.

This is the feature that Apple is trying to put in their phones that will enable connectivity even in remote areas, this is actually what Apple calls Emergency SOS, Emergency SOS is a feature that helps Apple users when they are out of emergency services. helps. Enables you to text. Access to cellular networks or Wi-Fi Unfortunately they will only be available for the iPhone 14 models, so users of the previous version will not be able to enjoy this exciting feature.

Even some iPhone 14 will not use this feature depending on where you bought them from, for example if you bought your iPhone in Mainland China Hong Kong or Macau, this feature will not work on iPhone won’t work We are not sure why Apple put such a restriction but on the other hand, you should be excited for the upcoming update of Apple’s iOS 16 which is coming in November of 2022, which will also be Emergency SOS enabled.

Emergency OSOS will allow the user to connect to emergency services in exceptional circumstances, such as when you have no other means of connecting to available services. In short, the service is limited to the time you have no other means of connection. Which is a good idea for Apple which thinks comprehensively about emergencies Sometimes it’s even worse to be lost in the middle of nowhere without help going out.

If you have a phone but can’t use it, Apple will solve the problem of many people who are lost at sea or on land or left with no way out when trying to call or message emergency services Is. Because you are out of range or Wi-Fi coverage, this is how it works, Emergency SOS will connect you to the service you need, however there are some differences in the means of sending or receiving messages from this service which you can use in extreme situations I will see that you are subject to the view of the sky and the horizon.

It will typically take about 15 seconds to send a message, although it can take up to a minute when under trees with light or medium foliage, when speeds are poor when under heavy foliage or on mountains, hills around The speed of sending a message can also be affected by the length of your message or by your position in various obstacles such as canyons and tall buildings. Satellite network speaking about the length of your message, this feature is limited to message size for now.

But with future updates we should see some tremendous improvements, if Apple partners with Elon Musk we can be sure we will see a lot of pleasant changes Let’s say you are lost in the woods. You have an iPhone 14. How you can access Emergency SOS is easy. You won’t even need to raise your hand to watch the satellite network. Phone naturally though You can always turn right or left as your phone dictates using on-screen directions when you’re doing it correctly, even if your screen is locked after a connection is set up , the satellite connection will remain, the iPhone will turn on your medical identification and your emergency contact information and your location. Sometimes you may be asked to respond with additional information.

It allows only Latin characters, adding that English and French are highly supported. At the launch of Emergency SOS, Apple outlined that it supported American English, Canadian French, and American Spanish, but would consider more languages in the future. Sending messages using these services will ensure your privacy. We all know how particular Apple is about its user’s privacy, so if you are using Emergency SOS then you should be aware that someone is reading your messages. There is no need to worry about this as the message sent is encrypted and then Apple decrypts it and sends it to the relevant Emergency Services Relay Center.

From there your messages may be retained by your emergency dispatcher in order to improve their service in compliance with applicable laws. Apple is planning to make some more changes to its SOS feature as it tests whether users can use the feature. While this is happening Huawei is also planning to launch its own satellite communications network, they are currently working on a project using satellites that will enable connectivity beyond the reach of terrestrial cell towers. Can we say they also bring some useful competition to Apple but like Apple they are not there yet as you have seen even with Apple SOS it is pr to use a satellite.

Limiting a normal phone’s connection is via radio waves that use the bands that are already connected to terrestrial networks although this works differently than using a satellite. The bandwidth is narrower. This kind of limits what you can do because even when you communicate the transmission process is quite different. This information travels to the satellite before being relayed to a ground station that relays it to the destination like an emergency dispatcher. Apple’s Emergency SOS is still in its early stages, so its coverage will be limited to the US and Canada regions.

The islands and Puerto Rico are not left out, although American Samoa and Guam will not benefit from Apple’s feature, with the company determining the level of coverage based on its agreement with the satellite provider, although now the service will improve if Tim Cook Will partner with to build Starlink. Connection with a Starlink satellite especially for those who are in a remote or rural area is a simple process all you need to do is set up a small dish at your home to receive the signal and transmit bandwidth to the router.

Phone service provider Starlink offers several mounting options for satellite fish to the exterior of the house and the roof are some of the most common preferences, but they can be adapted to the needs of your area. Starlink network service with good Thing is, it has an Android and iOS application that uses augmented reality to help you choose an ideal position for the receiver. Right now Starlink is limited to a few areas but over time the company plans to get even more into the space.

By sending more satellites to increase his coverage, Elon Musk hopes to cover the planet with a usable high-speed Wi-Fi signal that can download at speeds of up to 100 megabits per second. The best downloading speed ever is just about. 25 megabits per second so the partnership with Starlink will enable Apple to implement a lot of this tech, for example Apple could use this opportunity to improve its map service, phone tracking capability, internet coverage and boost its mobile reception And while the Apple and Starlink partnership is something that hasn’t been confirmed yet, Elon Musk has suggested they’re already talking.

He tweeted that we’ve had some promising talks with Apple about Starlink connectivity. And later said that the iPhone team is obviously super smart. He later said that Apple would have to adapt its phone if it wanted to use Starlink’s help. Although Apple hasn’t confirmed their side of the deal, we do know that if they eventually agree to this Apple will Might start a new lease of connectivity they never thought possible What do you think about the partnership between Apple and Elon Musk.

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