Inside The Lives of Elon Musk’s Billionaire Rich Kids

Inside The Lives of Elon Musk’s Billionaire Rich Kids

Did you know that Elon Musk is the proud father of six amazing sons Yes, the revolutionary mind behind companies like SpaceX and Tesla is as much a father as any father which makes you wonder how privileged his kids sure are.

Enriched with all kinds of lavish gifts and luxuries, Elon Musk is because it turns out that he has a very unorthodox style of parenting and it is very unusual even for a billionaire, Elon’s large family is one of the largest in the world. became the richest man.

would certainly put all of Elon’s sons on the Forbes Top 100 list, even if they split the fortune twice between themselves, producing six sons, but that’s because Elon Musk isn’t your average rich guy, he acts like he’s still living paycheck to paycheck and works 70-plus hour shifts every week, so raising six sons isn’t particularly easy for someone who has so many There are duties and responsibilities that he has to run multiple companies.

Hold meetings with influential people around the world and ensure that the existential crisis of humanity as well as its possible extinction is averted, which is too much of a burden for one person. So how does he strike a balance between fatherhood and being the savior of humanity? First of all he is not the only one of his six sons to be a teenager, so Elon is far from spending time with children like most teenage boys his age. They might not want to spend every waking second of the day with their father.

But then not everyone’s dad rockets into space, his first sons Griffin and Xavier are twins born via in vitro fertilization in 2004, his second sons Kai Saxon and Damien are triplets born via in vitro fertilization in 2006 And finally we have the newest addition to the family Ash A12 who was born on 4th May 2020 to Musk’s current girlfriend and Canadian singer, sadly Elon’s first son is Nevada Alexander Musk sadly passed away.

Sid’s boy was only 7 months old in 2002 and the tragedy was so devastating to Elon that he preferred not to talk about it, in fact on several occasions Elon joked that he would be better off sticking a fork in his hand. Elon tells Elon about all matters concerning him and the children, instead Elon talks openly about his personal life with his first wife, Justine Wilson, After a messy divorce, they have five sons together. Let’s share. Operated through a personal assistant. Elon rarely communicates with Justin in person, but over the years the two have managed to share custody for the sake of their children.

Due to his busy schedule to spend time with his sons’ surnames and of course to pass on his vast fortune to his sons he rarely has time to do what most fathers do with their sons on weekends We’re talking about cookouts, picnics, or even watching sports, with the boys. But that doesn’t make Elon a bad dad.

If he has admitted on several occasions that his one true love is his kids and he actually names them his true loves, then in reality Elon spends every non-working minute of his hours bonding with his boys. spends. The kids are also lucky to have a wealthy dad who can afford to fly them around the world, which means they get to travel to some of the most exotic places.

While their father has important discussions about power and renewable energy with major influencers on the planet whenever he stops by work, Elon makes sure to take his sons to the Tesla factory in Fremont California to do something with him. Can And every year the family also goes on a camping trip to spend some quality time together away from the media and give Elon a much needed break when he recharges after a tiring day at work.

Education Schedule Education like most children from a wealthy family is what Elon Musk’s son looks forward to. Homeschooling But it’s not your average kind of homeschooling, from an early age he is enrolled in his father’s own school, Ed Astra, which he built especially for him, as he felt that his son would be too busy with the current and mediocre school There was no reason to highlight in the curriculum all the shoddy education being provided especially in the many public and even private schools around Kasturi, even the students at different times With different abilities, but different abilities.

Finding it more sensible to tailor an education to match their aptitude and abilities, they felt that public schools were too out of date. In their educational approach they adopt a curriculum that is repeated over the years and then A’s and so-called new ones, but with some minor changes made in the previous curriculum at Elon School, not only keeping their children in grades , But hiring some.

Best teacher in the world To educate sons based on their interest, aptitude and abilities If they are good in a particular subject then teacher aims at nurturing and developing them. In order to find a solution to the problem people’s devices and inventions their sons were often given a series of electrical components to take apart one at a time.

So that they are given each component to study and find out how it plays a vital role in the running of the whole device. It is very clear that Elon is teaching his sons to be the leaders he wants them to be, not the followers. Grow up in an environment where they can flourish and become the best versions of themselves rather than being slaves to a life of orderliness and discipline.

Admits that what really bothers him about his sons is that they didn’t suffer as much at a young age as he did, which in retrospect he believes may have made him the man he was. helped mold and shape who he is. Millie, who today feels that suffering gave her an extra gear of strength and will to excel in schooling in South Africa, was a victim of systemic bullying, where she was sometimes punched in the face.

If there was no blood, he would wake her up and pretend that everything was fine because her sons were growing up with a whole set of experiences that are quite amazing and unusual for most kids their age. , but he probably wouldn’t realize until they were well into their 20s, for example he remembers taking her to the Monaco Grand Prix where they were hanging out together.

What really surprised them about the Prince and Princess of Monaco was that they seemed quite nonchalant about it as if it was all normal but it really isn’t because to be honest most of the kids are from Europe’s elite But as a loving father, Elon is as strict as he is, he has stamped a rule in his house that the more video games his sons play, the more they play. Should read more books. And even when they’re playing video games.

For example not being allowed to play dumb, once Elon found them playing a video game where the only objective of the game was to tap on a cookie, he was so angry about it that he told them to play the cookie game. From there they were asked to download another game, where the object of the game was to measure the flight path of the bird Elon, even as the joke involved at least some physics. How will his son shape up? How will her son shape up, unlike most children who come from a privileged background?

Sons seem to be well established as an ever present father who is molding them into the best version of themselves, Elon is gentle, yet assertive, making sure they get the best the world has to offer, especially when Since they will amass a fortune well into the billions of dollars, we have yet to see one of Elon’s sons misbehave or act risky at a house party. Indulging in the behavior is unheard of, but then they are young and just starting to experience the freedom that comes with pre-adulthood. Elon leads them on the path of succession.

Where he hopes to lead his guidance and the bright future of Elon’s sons, we could potentially see the next billionaire CEO of Tesla SpaceX and the Boring Tunnel, but we tell you if you think Elon’s All sons will transition. The world of technology or maybe one of those who’s got an artistic gift? After all, Elon’s sister Tosca Musk is a filmmaker, which she will slowly develop.

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