On November 29, Elon Musk posted this ominous tweet, referring to Apple and at the time waging an online war against them, this is not the first time Apple is going to war with other tech companies.

But it was certainly the first time they faced a formidable foe like the world’s richest man, Elon Musk, so what are we really dealing with here, what is this war about and is there any chance that the world’s richest man will The rich man will bring the rich man with him Elon Musk For Apple, the world’s richest company Epic Games was on its knees before Twitter came.

An understanding of Facebook before Epic Games that these other two companies had and still feuds with Apple will help us understand how Apple created a jewel with Elon Musk and while Elon’s tweets were critical of the company. Be fruitful While the Predator 30 sets the pace for everything that’s wrong with the latter’s relationship with other tech companies regarding tax, it barely scratches the surface.

This feud goes deeper than you might imagine and as you can already guess it has everything to do with trolls. Facebook’s dispute with Apple started over privacy. While both companies are tech companies, their business models differ. And the revenue streams are certainly different, with Apple deriving practically all of its revenue from hardware itself. Meanwhile Facebook mainly relies on targeted advertising and this is where the trouble between Zuckerberg and Tim Cook started. Apple is very strict about the privacy of its software and its users.

This is one reason why they run a closed ecosystem and why they don’t have as many security issues as Google’s Android, a policy that has always been inconvenient for Facebook, who have partnered with HTC in the past to make Facebook phones. have worked together. The device died a miserable death The real trouble started in 2018 with the Cambridge Analytica scandal, which exposed the widespread collection and misuse of personal data by third-party app developers at Facebook Tim Cook, all data collected from consumers requested to be removed.

But Zuckerberg declined, so in the following years Apple made a number of changes to its operating system and App Store, which eventually made it much harder for app developers to access. users’ personal data without their explicit consent was interpreted as a direct attack on their business by Facebook for obvious reasons, and Mark Zuckerberg publicly issued a statement criticizing Apple’s changes, arguing that Said they would hurt small businesses and that Facebook’s business would actually hurt.

Recent years have seen them move from their original business model to the Metaverse, even going as far as rebranding from Facebook to Meta, and investing billions in virtual and augmented reality hardware, for which they are a Use the Internet as a platform. Estimated to be the new limit. You no longer need to worry about Apple and its restrictive policies if they control hardware in this new range. Against the backdrop of this feud, Apple is waging another bitter battle with an entirely different tech company. Enter Epic Games This video made by Epic Games was an insult to Apple’s 1984 revision.

The fraternal villains that were great fun before IBM weren’t always that way as Facebook had a healthy relationship with Apple in the beginning unlike Epic Games, in fact they worked together and introduced a new game later this year Did. It is truly remarkable to see this from Epic Games and it is my great pleasure to invite Mike Capps, President of Epic Games, on stage to present us with this wonderful experience of using Game Center until the dissolution of their relationship in 2017.

Many other Apple products were launched and frequently highlighted on the App Store. Apple even says they spent a million dollars marketing games for Epic, so you can imagine when Tim Sweeney, CEO and co-founder of Epic Games, publicly criticized Apple’s payment system. They were shocked when they started doing it. The 30% tax on sales was unfair, but it’s unclear what has changed since Epic Games accepted this policy for nearly a decade.

But it is clear that by 2020, after Apple resisted their demand, Epic introduced a direct payment system in its Fortnite app, which allowed players to make in-game purchases without going to Apple’s App Store and Apple responded by removing the Fortnite app. Its App Store, which in turn prompted Epic Games to file suit against Apple, alleging that its practices were anti-competitive, violating federal anti-trust laws.

Small businesses defended themselves by arguing that its payment system was necessary to maintain a safe and secure app ecosystem. At the end of it all Epic Games lost the case which was not shocking but the damage was done the legality of the 30 tax was now a question mark in the public court now every developer apart from Google started questioning why they had to do this pays Apple that much and it is at this point that Elon Musk enters the conversation Elon has never really been Steve Jobs Apple’s biggest fan.

He has been vocal and highly critical of the company’s guidelines, often citing a lack of innovation in its devices, and Twitter has been his primary platform for expressing his dissatisfaction, despite Elon never actually confronting Apple. Haven’t done or haven’t to be more precise. He didn’t really have a reason until he acquired Twitter in one of the worst and highly publicized corporate deals of the decade, aid that started as a joke that became a nearly year-long lawsuit between Elon Musk.

acquiring the latter for a ridiculous $44 billion. Everyone agreed that the company’s prices were too high, even Elon himself acknowledged it in this tweet from May, where he essentially claimed that the company was built on bots. Loaded was not as profitable as stated and even though Elon has been quoted as saying that he does not care about the economics of Twitter, he has since felt that the way he works for Twitter want to do, they work for the company.

Unfortunately Twitter was not and still is not in a position where it may well recoup Elon’s multi-billion investment. Bear in mind that we are in a recession and the advertising industry is hitting hit after hit but getting worse when trying to monetize Twitter and rid the platform of bots.

Changes that didn’t go down well with many users and businesses on the platform, such as the short-lived $8 blue check fiasco that led to an increase in impersonation and false tweets attributed to real companies that reportedly caused the downfall of many The share prices of these companies and around this time Elon Musk published this tweet on Nov 28, 2022.

Elon Musk publicly called out Apple to stop its advertising on the social media platform, implying that Apple hates free speech, hours later he published another tweet that implied that Apple was shutting down its App Store. Had done it. But Apple wasn’t the only one to turn up the heat on Elon’s Twitter.

Elon lost 50 of Twitter’s top 100 advertisers over unusual dogs, according to user, advertisers questioned. The platform reportedly spent more than US$2 billion since 2020 and more than US$750 million in advertising in 2022 alone, but advertising is the only focus of Elon’s online battle with Apple in this tweet.

Elon used a meme to make his point about the Apple tax on third-party apps in its ecosystem. In a separate tweet, he asked his audience below if you knew that according to Musk, Apple doesn’t allow third-party apps through its App Store. Secretly levies a 30% tax on everything you buy from Apple, that’s 10 times higher than normal, even he tagged Tim Cook in this tweet saying that Apple is also threatening to shut down Used to be. Twitter from its App Store but won’t tell us what’s going on here Tim Cook in Fortnite was removed from the App Store.

The same thing was going to happen with Twitter, that was the question everyone was asking. Soon there was talk about the Tesla phone. Through it all, Apple didn’t react or respond, but Musk rallied supporters of users. When a user asked whether Apple was threatening Twitter’s presence in the App Store, that didn’t stop me from putting in my two cents on the rant. Elon’s answer was yes, seeking moderation or otherwise, then Elon began asking everyone who had censored Apple.

It was a direct indictment that CEO Tim Cook was the guardian of censorship in America, while positioning himself as the leader of a revolution against the tech giant. It’s easy to forget now that Twitter wasn’t the only Elon Nest company. Caught in the middle of this one-sided war, most Tesla users were worried and many begged him to take a step back from public affairs, but when a Tesla user asked if this was really a fight, many of us Agree with people. Tesla wants to select customers who use iOS to access their cars.

If that app is removed it will have a significant impact on your ability to sell to Apple customers Cards are less convenient than BT entry Elon’s response was sarcastic Best Elon posted this video on Dec 1 with the caption Well done Thanks Tim Cook for taking me around Apple’s beautiful HQ. Tim Cook has apparently made peace with Aloe. Under the same tweet, Elon published another by inviting him for a tour in Cupertino.

Apple had a good conversation with Twitter, among other things, we resolve misunderstandings about Twitter potentially being removed from the App Store. Apple apparently hasn’t exempted Twitter from the tax and it’s unlikely they ever will, especially since Epic Games has appealed the same case. They lost. Is this a hoax, will Elon Musk in his craze back down from his tweet war against apple or is this the beginning of a cordial relationship between Blue Bird and the Apple company.

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