Just in: Elon Musk bought Google

Just in: Elon Musk bought Google

In what just turned out to be the biggest purchase in the history of mankind, Elon Musk shocked the world when he officially bought Google after buying Twitter, according to a video.

This billionaire’s spending spree knows no bounds as he goes on a shopping spree to see what Elon Musk has in store. Given his pace of buying tech companies, will Sundar Pichai survive or be replaced as CEO of Google after Musk’s takeover? Will be fired like former Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal.

How did Elon Musk officially buy Google? Ever imagined that Elon Musk could acquire the world’s largest search engine firm Google in your wildest imagination, but I’ll bet you never did, but let’s face it, Elon Musk often surprises us. We do So we should expect more from the tech guru.

According to Bloomberg LVMH Bernard Oh no has now overtaken Elon Musk to claim the title of world’s richest person, but net worth is just a number for this expert, he’s richer than we can imagine Although many were surprised by his performance. The most recent acquisition when they saw what he is capable of. Elon Musk recently succeeded in buying and releasing the bird in a deal that reportedly valued it at $44 billion.

Elon Musk has taken over 100% of the company and he’s been laying off a lot of people lately. Former CEO Parag Agarwal was also fired. We are all familiar with the Twitter saga and how Elon bought it, however with the purchase of the American microblogging social networking site one thing is now clear that people celebrate Elon Musk as a champion of free expression. Are. It stands that the Internet billionaire has dramatically re-entered the business by supporting free speech and reinstating previous site prohibitions.

It also appears that one of the main reasons he bought Twitter was because he personally loved the platform, with Elon Musk showcasing his humor while entertaining millions of people on each platform. Elon Musk owns Twitter. You can see musk is a hero in many different companies, Tesla Spacex Neuralink and boring business these are some of the ones that Elon musk actually used experts and financial analysts will tell you whenever you touch this Instantly it becomes gold.

One of the lucky firms to benefit from his charm would be Google if you ask him who would deny that Elon Musk is more than qualified to serve as the CEO of a respected organization like Google. With Tesla and SpaceX taking the toughest and most demanding businesses first it will be easy to use Google for your curious self who may be wondering if Elon Musk is even capable of buying a corporation as Google.

Although we must clarify everything. Be wise to start by addressing that query, Google is unique compared to other businesses, This information gathering giant has completely changed the way the world works, You can understand the global importance of Google in many ways Can see from, no need to understand, no justification, the business was established in 1998 or a little more than two years. Current net worth of over a trillion dollars decades ago, Elon Musk’s current net worth is around $164 billion, which is slightly higher than his pay grade Musk.

Although he does not use the word impossible, he is adept at overcoming difficult challenges. He doesn’t remember anything he achieved at SpaceX, his main aspiration was to one day live and die of old age on Mars, then enter a field he knew nothing about Class Lee, Tesla never participated, but he became the first successful business to build a reusable rocket, surpassing both the commercial and government space industries.

Hours a week but with the kind of determination and force that Elon Musk has he can do exceptionally well, on the other hand we should not underestimate the value that Elon Musk businesses are contributing, for example Tesla That alone makes a profit of nine thousand five hundred dollars on each vehicle sold, leading the EV maker to sell more than 900000 EVs in total in 2021.

However, we haven’t factored in the earnings of other businesses such as SpaceX. SpaceX is now managing bids from NASA. The US government space agency and we’re estimating that they’re doing pretty lucrative deals in addition to what they’re doing on their own and they’re getting another billion dollars of that from their other ventures.

Roaming in space and providing unrestricted internet access Elon Musk has plenty of ways to get the money he needs to buy Google, so you can be sure of that, but why would Elon Musk need to buy a new platform? Well, Twitter still hasn’t had enough of it to make it a relative term for the wealthy and Elon Musk hasn’t had enough of Google, which was founded by his lifelong friends Larry Page and Sergey Brin.

They still have work to do as we can remember there is a bromance in the group. Buying Google by Elon Musk could spice things up for him. You should keep in mind that Elon Musk is planning to sell his EV maker Tesla. In 2013, when the business was at its lowest point, it was revealed that the Tesla crew had put the CEO around until the breaking point. Kasturi left for her favorite business. He was in the dark about everything until Google was approached with an interesting proposition.

He offered six billion dollars, he again offered eight years of employment to Tesla as a condition of third generation vehicles. Contract Tesla had a bill that was due soon and was losing money to its CEO, who sacrificed all his money to keep his business afloat as Elon Musk’s shares in Tesla were declining and sales were stagnant. Although Elon Musk was on this and worse bug filled vehicles.

While previously on the brink of bankruptcy due to failed space ventures, talks dragged on as Tesla is today regarded as the world’s largest EV manufacturing firm, although it is somewhat notable that recently Elon Musk’s SpaceX and Google was a collaboration between. Google announced that the agreement would greatly benefit both companies. Google will have unrestricted Internet access via Elon Musk’s satellite Starlinks, while Google will provide its cloud services to Tesla, which will be used to connect multiple customers as part of the agreement.

Google has set up several ground stations at its headquarters. This is done to enable the connection to work well. It appears that a series of events led to Elon Musk’s decision to purchase this giant search engine firm and now we are looking at Elon Musk’s latest acquisition otherwise what was expected to be seen is Elon Musk’s social media campaign. But as much as he loves to please his fans, if you believe that isn’t true, all you have to do is open your Twitter to check out Elon’s most recent tweets.

The tech billionaire asked his fans on Twitter to vote on whether they thought it was best for him to remain CEO of Twitter, since then the polling has gone up to 57.7 percent Elon Musk should be CEO. After which the CEO of Twitter made another bold promise that he will follow whatever the poll says. Another tweet said, “Be careful reading what is being said.” What you wish for, because you can have it Elon Musk may appear to be voting in the dark, but a closer examination reveals that he already knew the voting results through social media networking, but Many people got caught in the fire.

Elon Musk should not be CEO of Twitter, according to 57.5 percent of people, if we can determine otherwise Elon Musk’s easy exit as CEO of Twitter is nothing new.

Until we know the identity of the new mystery CEO who claimed to have a name in mind, Elon Musk is probably looking elsewhere and there is only one possible explanation, which is the undeniable fact that Elon Musk is one such person. Those who enjoy having their fingers on the many different industrial pies he hasn’t retired yet, some even seem to be Google’s latest paradigm shifter, have Elon Musk fans anticipating his next significant movements.

Harris Faulkner, an ardent supporter of Elon Musk, wanted Elon Musk to acquire Google, although he may have joked about it. It is possible that sometimes the senses of the fans get up on something. Its impact will be more evident in the coming times. But it appears that Elon Musk was ultimately forced by outside factors to make this important purchase in order to salvage Twitter. The adoption of free speech filtering and advertisers, especially Google Twitter, has drawn criticism from elitist groups on several occasions.

Elon Musk has a pretty negative reputation on his platform, as a result of his blue check mark some people still have on him. While this doesn’t take away from the pressure the CEO is under to improve Twitter just as many sponsors left the platform, as Twitter depends on for its revenue, it may be time for Musk to improve the situation. . Very little is responsible for correcting the debt problem and financial hardship found on the site. This is not good news for a platform that was already losing up to three million dollars a day.

When the deal was done, however, the threat of Google losing more than 30 percent of its sponsors and Apple de-listing Twitter from their respective Play Stores made matters significantly worse than what Twitter was facing. gonna be the decisive blow. has fallen, but Elon Musk is the one he has chosen to take on Google and engage in a business venture with a firm that holds much promise, Apple may be slightly ahead of Google in the rankings, but we Most of them do fine without Apple.

A world without Google though essentially unimaginable would be beneficial to both Google and us, if it is still in our hands in case Apple decides to.

Twitter may be banned from the Apple App Store for now It may seem like Twitter is struggling with everything, it’s just because Elon Musk is juggling a number of other businesses too, with the goal of reaching Mars. With the tech tycoon owning SpaceX, he wants to be the number one EV manufacturer and seller through Tesla, he also wants to be number one in the smartphone industry through his Tesla Pi phone and many other things are easy to do.

While Twitter will face many hurdles similar to the difficulties Tesla faced in 2013 but will thereafter propel the microblogging platform to new heights, it’s one last question about whether Musk is open to acquiring larger tech companies. trying to. The answer to why this is being done is very simple. Musk wants to take control of the world he wants to show, moving away from his authority and spreading his good faith to inspire people across all of Elon Musk’s major platforms. But he would have control, not only that he could also give his opinion.

Rather he will earn a lot of money through them though he is the second richest man in the world. Everyone knows that he needs a lot of money to make his mission a success. A trip to Mars could cost billions if not billions of dollars, and Elon Musk needs to amass more wealth than you can imagine. How do you think Elon Musk will be able to smoothly run a trillion dollar company and not make any major changes, so I guess that’s something we can be sure of.

Everything we predict today for port futures will be wrong in 50 years, essentially when I was a kid I was wondering what is the meaning of life, like why are we here, what is this all about and um I have come to the conclusion that what really matters is trying to figure out the right questions to ask and there is much that we can do to increase the scope and scale of uh human consciousness the better we can answer these questions And so I think there are some things that need to be made sure the future is good and some of those things are long term.

The terms long-term sustainable transportation and sustainable energy production refer to a space-bearing civilization and for humanity to be a multi-planetary species living between the stars and for humanity to be a multi-planetary species outside the stars. are important to living long and that’s one of the reasons why life insurance or group living as we know it, but then the part that personally interests me the most is to create a sense of adventure and He gets excited about it.

Perhaps going beyond the Solar System, I think the second edition is incredibly exciting and inspiring and there are reasons to understand. Waking up in the morning you know that life cannot be just about solving problems or else what matters is that these are the things that inspire people and make life worth living.

Think especially when you look at the advancement of something like video games 40 years ago you had video games the most advanced video games would be like pong where you have two rectangles and a point you like and like We do.

The advantage of the other part is you need batteries to store the solar and wind power because the sun doesn’t shine all the time it doesn’t blow all the time so uh have a lot of stationary battery packs and then you get electric transportation meets need electric car electric plane boat and then uh I’ll put it it’s not really possible to make an electric rocket.

So eventually we can have a completely sustainable energy economy and um and it’s those three things that go back to solar wind stationary battery electric vehicles so then what are the limiting factors on progress really the limiting factor would be uh battery cell production So it’s really going to be the fundamental rate driver and then whatever is the slowest element uh lithium-ion battery cell uh the supply chain from mining and ultimately multiple stages of refining to make a battery cell uh and putting it in a pack In which stability and progress will be a limiting factor.

People should be optimistic about the future uh humanity will solve sustainable energy this will happen when we know keep working hard the future is bright and good in terms of energy and yet normal isolation will be possible to take that energy It takes a lot of energy out of the atmosphere for carbon to be used for. Just like that because now you’re putting it into the atmosphere to release energy, obviously you need to use a lot of energy to get it out, but if you’ve got a lot more sustainable than wind and solar power Got energy.

You can actually separate the carbon. so you per million CO2 plus the atmosphere and the oceans upside down and uh you can actually get as much fresh water as you want but the earth is mostly water we should say the earth’s water it’s water up to 70 of the surface area which is now Mostly seawater but it’s still like uh we just have to be able to. But it’s the right ground, and with energy you could turn sea water into yes irrigation water, or whatever at very low cost that would be nice.

It will be a world of abundance but the only thing lacking in the future is what we decide to make of ourselves as humans. So AI is allowing us to imagine a differently driven economy that creates this abundance. You are most concerned about running well, as I said you know AI and robotics will bring what could be called an era of abundance.

Others refute the word um and it is my prediction that i will be an era of abundance for everyone um um i think uh the danger will be artificial general intelligence or digital super intelligence uh the collective humans are well separated and uh going in that direction for some reason we don’t like that whatever progress that might be you know what kind of idea behind the pair neural links to digitize the uh collective human world super Intelligence as well for a lot of brain injuries and spinal cord injuries and things like that.

Even if it doesn’t succeed in the big call, I think it will succeed in uh goal of reducing uh brain and spinal cord damage [MUSIC] so we’re going to have a whole um under LA Trying to dig and starting with it’s going to be good, hopefully a 3D network of tunnels.

By decongesting I mean right now I think traffic is one of the most destructive things, it affects people in every part of the world, it takes away a lot of your life and it’s so horrible, This one is particularly terrifying, so I think you should bring with you the first visualization that’s shown of can we show it at all.

So this is the first time yeah we’re here just to show that we’re talking about some of the major things that are important in having a 3d channel network first of all you have tunnel entrances and exits in the city Should be able to integrate seamlessly so that an elevator is like a type of car skate that is on a lift, you can integrate the entrance and exit into the tunnel network using only two parking spaces and then the car skates Is.

There’s no speed limit here, so we’re designing it to be able to operate at 200 kilometers per hour, about 130 200 kilometers per hour or about 130 miles per hour [MUSIC] and so you’ll get these rich 3D tunnels are visible. future this vision will meet with the network here was a time with hyperloop can you implement these tunnels to use for this hyperloop idea that you released a few years back yeah so um you know we did a little Been toying with the hyperloop stuff we’ve made for a while.

Just for a student competition a hyperloop test track adjacent to spacex uh to encourage innovative ideas in transportation after the uh launch header and collider it actually becomes the world’s largest vacuum chamber. It was a lot of fun to do this, but it was kind of a hobby and then we think we can do this, so we developed a little pusher car for these students to push, but we’re going to try to see if How fast can we run the pusher?

If it’s not pushing anything I mean very optimistically optimistic we’ll be able to uh even 0.8 miles faster than the fastest bullet train in the world wow um it breaks down yeah I mean that it’s yeah it’s either it’s going to break into little pieces or but you can imagine you can imagine a hyperloop in the tunnel yeah running quite a long distance so looking at the selling technology it shows To make that eternal you have to uh.

You usually have to design a tunnel wall to be good for about five or six atmospheres so there’s only one atmosphere or near vacuum to go into vacuum so uh actually it automatically turns If you build a tunnel that is high enough to resist the water table that automatically is able to hold the backing, so based on what you’ve done recently, here’s the Interplanetary Transport System, which has The imagery is like this, and it’s a senior portrait of what I’d say.

30th time 20th time the right people are going to this rocket I mean I hope in the eight to ten year time frame that’s aspirational our goal our internal goals are more aggressive but I think um okay cool enough looks big and is bigger than other rocket i think future spaceship will make it like a boat i mean this future spaceship will be really big yeah i think future to be a message It is important that it is persuasive and attractive.

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