Just in: Elon Musk to appear in The View to confront Whoopi Goldberg

Just in: Elon Musk to appear in The View to confront Whoopi Goldberg

The billionaire entrepreneur meets the talk show host on “The View.”

It’s official: Billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk is set to appear on the popular talk show “The View” to face none other than Whoopi Goldberg.

Tensions between the two began after Whoopi expressed doubts about Musk’s recent announcement that he had successfully sent a dwarf to Mars. The Academy Award-winning actress called the entrepreneur’s claims “a load of space junk.”

Undeterred, Musk took to Twitter to challenge Whoopi to a live debate on the matter, with “The View” being the chosen venue. The show’s producers, eager for some pyrotechnics, immediately jumped at the opportunity.

When asked about the upcoming showdown, Whoopi was confident and unapologetic. “I’ve been around the block a few times, and I’ve seen some things that would give Elon Musk goosebumps,” she quipped.

Meanwhile, Kasturi is busy preparing for the debate. “I’m reviewing all the latest data and conducting simulations, and I believe I can prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that Gnome is on Mars,” he said.

Fans of both Musk and Whoopi are eagerly awaiting the highly anticipated clash, which promises to be one for the ages. Will Musk be able to convince Whoopi of his claims? Or will Whoopi shut down the billionaire with her trademark wit and sarcasm?

One thing is certain: This is the meeting of two giants of industry and entertainment, and the outcome will determine the future of space travel as we know it. Or not.

Tune into “The View” next week to find out!

Disclaimer: This is satire, not real news.

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  1. Whoopi is an entertainer. Her job is to entertain us, like a car full of clowns, or funny cat videos. If she thinks she can take on Musk, cuz she got a knot in her bloomers of the way he conducts himself, his businesses or what he says. Good luck with that one, he’s one smart cookie. It just might be popcorn worthy. 🤔 but then again,,I’d have to watch the View.🤢


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