NEWS: Beyoncé Gets Booed Off Loudly For Singing ‘Alternative National Anthem’ At NFL

NEWS: Beyoncé Gets Booed Off Loudly For Singing ‘Alternative National Anthem’ At NFL

A tremendous twist which has surprised everyone, there are many types of celebrities whom people like and some people do not like and most of their thinking is about their music, due to which they become the center of discussion here.

It always happens that when someone’s music uses words that hurt people, people don’t like them. Beyoncé has influence in both political and social spheres and isn’t afraid to say anything.

The NFL hosted a spectacular event in which Beyoncé lent her voice to what many considered the “alternative national anthem”. The crowd at the NFL stadium chanted “Beyoncé, Beyoncé, Beyoncé”.

NFL is the biggest American game which has kept everyone engaged and it keeps making its schedule from time to time and millions of viewers come to watch it, NFL has been a platform which has surprised everyone.

Actually, Colin Kaepernick took a knee after Beyonce sang the national anthem, which sparked a debate across America, which is also having a bad impact on political matters.

However, it also revealed that fans were waiting for her song, when Beyoncé sang “Lift Every Voice and Sing”, and it was introduced as the “Black National Anthem”, the reaction was evident, leading to social media. Attracted attention, after which there was a stir on social media.

Although the viewing audience applauded Beyoncé’s performance of the song, and while many were surprised a riot broke out, completely disrupting the show, others felt offended by the alternative national anthem, A regular situation emerged on this.

As the matter progressed, people started posting memes and funny videos on social media, due to which social media was filled with reactions and many people shared their views.

Despite all the noise, Beyonce remained fearless and was later praised. Beyoncé’s opponents believed that it was divisive for America and should be stopped immediately.

While Beyonce’s performance is fantastic, she has also had to face a lot of debate at some places.

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