The Real Reason OpenAI Created ChatGPT

The Real Reason OpenAI Created ChatGPT

Artificial general intelligence will be one of the most dangerous creations in human history, a sentiment almost universally accepted among anyone who really knows what they’re talking about when it comes to AI. So the only change is when we do it or not.

There is always the possibility that AGI is impossible to achieve, but the likelihood of that outcome is rapidly diminishing toward zero as the time of our first contact with digital brains is rapidly diminishing, until it is Can. We have 10 years 5 years left in this current era of humanity, there is no better demonstration of AI’s capability than Chat GBT.

This relatively simple narrow AI language came into our world like a flaming meteor and left an irreversible mark on our society, we all know what Chad GBT can do, but it is much less clear who made this thing and what they Trying to achieve, I mean the most revolutionary software in decades and it is completely free for anyone to use and benefit from.

Do whatever they want without watching an ad or signing up for a newsletter, there are always strings attached and it’s more important than ever to know where ChatGPT’s wires go to overseas, ChatGPT is pretty self-explanatory, it A chat bot is nothing new. These things are as old as the Microsoft Office paper clip and have become so prevalent that almost every major company in the world has an automated chatbot on the home page of their website.

GBT is where most people’s common sense vanishes so it stands for Generator Pre-Trend Transformer Generator it means it’s an AI that can create stuff if you give it inputs the model will give you a relevant We’ve all seen this type of thing that AI can generate poop in a puffy jacket. A podcast between Socrates and Steve Jobs. If that’s an important part of the equation, insert the name of the movie Pre-Trends, directed by Wes Anderson.

The AI doesn’t know who Wes Anderson is or what his movies look like until you feed it a reference library chat GBT. Pre-trained with massive amounts of text from all corners of the internet, Wikipedia, Reddit, Twitter, books, articles, scientific research papers, blog posts, it’s a huge data set, but it’s limited and Chachibiki can’t handle it Knows nothing except the information given to him. Trained on this, if you ask Chat GPT to summarize the current relations between Russia and Ukraine it would say that as per my last knowledge update in September 2021 there was tension and conflict in relations between Russia and Ukraine.

There is an active war going on between the two countries because no one has yet explained that Transformers is where things get very technical, it’s not like Optimus Prime, it’s a kind of deep learning model that the first BAR was introduced by Google Brain in 2017. And it is a technology specialized for machine learning which is very suitable for natural language processing and computer vision. Transformers have a unique ability to learn context by identifying elements in data that influence and depend on others, so all of these text and image generators are available like ChatGPT.

What you really need to know about Dolly Mid-Journey is based on the Transformers model, we’d be missing an opportunity here if we didn’t go straight to the source and ask Chat GBT the real reason. Evolved So Here Open AI Evolved Chat GBT is an advanced conversational AI model to push the boundaries of natural language understanding and human-like interaction. The development of Chat GPT stems from OpenAI’s broader objective of developing artificial general intelligence.

Can understand and perform any intellectual task that a human can, so OpenAI we know they have a goal beyond doing your homework for you, but what or who is pushing them towards that goal. The company behind Open AI was founded in late 2015 by a group of top-tier investors and entrepreneurs from Silicon Valley, most notably Elon Musk and Sam. With a startup capital of $100 million some of the money was invested in promoting Open AI, the mission statement was to make a non-entity.

For profit open source fully transparent and accountable research lab solely focused on achieving artificial general intelligence as quickly as possible, but they are going to do it as safely as possible and with the best interest of humanity at the forefront Well, it was like Google based on the idea of don’t be evil. AI has a charter that they basically treat as holy scripture that says when we deploy AGI we should use whatever effect we get.

Our primary fiduciary duty to humanity is our primary fiduciary duty to humanity, for the benefit of all and to avoid competent uses of AI or AGI that harm humanity or unnecessarily concentrate power, we We anticipate the need for substantial resources to accomplish the mission, but we will always work diligently to minimize conflicts of interest among our employees.

Now the problem here is that AGI has always been nebulous, no one can really describe what it might look like or what it should do, that’s really how we’ll know it when we see it but until then point It only existed in abstraction, a story that a Google head researcher went to visit openai in 2016 and told the founders that no one really understood what they were doing and in response the openai leadership gave them their own Told to aim for the best thing we can do is to look and feel good all right now, but you know what they say about the best of intentions for 2018.

Elon Musk was out which came as a surprise as he has been the most outspoken about the dangers of AI and the need to ensure it never falls into the wrong hands, Musk’s personal philosophy being at the heart of most of the Open AI Charter. Looks close. Almost as if he had written the conversation in the beginning, Elon would actually cite a conflict of interest as his reason. Leaving because Tesla has decided to move towards its own AI development to achieve fully self-driving vehicles.

So he could easily be seen as poaching Open AI research for his own profit and financial gain, which is understandable, but it takes some to make Elon one of the most prominent critics of OpenAI in recent times. They say that the company abandoned the principles on which it was founded to become a profit-making capitalist entity that locked down its research and development to protect secrets. And in many ways suppressed the competition, Elon is right in at least one way, it’s his fault.

There are only a few people who know for sure why Elon Musk left AI open, it is said that after working on the project for two years, Musk was already unhappy. The direction he was going and wanted to maintain his exclusive vision by taking full control of the company, but his co-founders scolded him that money would soon become a major issue for Open AI, the original idea being that it would The wealthy co-founders were expected to continue investing in the project and provide them with enough capital that there would be no need for outside funding, but Elon Musk, the richest man, has just gone home with his ball.

It is reported that Allen has promised to invest one billion dollars. This is out of the discussion now, the thing about developing AI is that it requires massive computational resources, to make progress you need the world’s most powerful computers running at full tilt and Then the bigger your model the more computing power you need. And it has to increase rapidly. OpenAI looked at others in the field and saw that they were doubling their computational resources every three and a half months, so to stay relevant OpenAI needed to match or surpass its competition.

A new organizational model is needed that can generate wealth rapidly, can it be done somehow while staying true to the mission, in fact Microsoft will emerge as the savior of OpenEE in 2018, they will fill Musk’s void raised $1 billion for left behind But Microsoft had much more than money, in fact they had something even more valuable, so Open AI only took half of the billion in cash and Microsoft distributed the rest to Azure for $500 million. Upon its release in 2020, Azure was ranked among the top five publicly disclosed.

The supercomputer in the world that was built in collaboration with OpenAI specifically to train large artificial intelligence models, while Azure would prove to be exactly the Open AI that was needed at the time, it would come with a huge price tag that the company would have to sell. Abandoning one of the core tenets of Spirit and his Foundation, the Microsoft deal will hasten the end of OpenEE as a non-profit business model.

After Elon Musk left OpenAI to reshuffle its leadership deck and install co-founder Sam Altman as CEO as part of a new profit-driven strategy, Altman has a clear vision for his team. One has to earn money to do research, nothing else. There was a lot of buzz about the four year old bear around Valentine’s Day in February and since then my fiancee can’t stop talking about it and now some of her friends have one too so if you have trouble finding it Getting going then you can find the perfect gift. You are having trouble reaching your loved one or if you have a daughter who is interested in skin care.

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We like each other very much today or at least Sam doesn’t, it’s complicated but there was a time when the two were much more friendly, this is a 2016 video where Sam Allen and he have a very engaging discussion Is. Altman is an exceptionally intelligent, socially awkward, hardworking and ruthless business leader. Altman learned to take apart, reassemble, and program his Macintosh computer at the age of eight.

He grew up as a gay kid in the American Midwest which wasn’t easy but he learned quickly. How to fight adversity He studied computer science at Stanford for two years before dropping out and inventing a mobile phone app called Loopd, you might not remember that app because it was 2005 and the App Store didn’t exist yet , but Altman eventually managed to do so. Do this The US assured that every major mobile phone carrier in the US must have its apps pre-installed on those devices.

It became a popular app for iPhone and Android by the time of the advent of smartphones and looping, it is said that Altman worked so continuously during this time period that he suffered from scurvy. Malnutrition Looped was a very simple idea, it allowed you to share your GPS location on a map so your friends could see where you were and you could see them, at the time it seemed cool because it was new but obvious As usual it was out of fashion very fast. Altman was so smart that he sold his business for $43 million and went to work for Y Combinator as his next step.

Now if you’re not in the Silicon Valley tech startup world, you’ve probably never heard of why Combinators are often referred to as startup accelerators, basically they select a small group of exceptional start up companies. Companies that he believes have the potential to succeed, he gives these companies enough capital to cover expenses and move forward with guidance. and guidance from top business leaders in the industry, then at the end of this three-month incubation period the founders of these new accelerated startups are inducted into some of the wealthiest venture capital firms in the country.

They are given the opportunity to further their business. Combinator became famous for picking the best startups and unlocking their potential, airbnb instacart, doordash, dropbox stripe, reddit coinbase, all these companies were born at Y Combinator, it’s a huge thing to say and within a few years Altman Became President. After taking over the reins from Y Combinator founder Paul Graham as it became his job to shape the next generation of world-changing tech companies under Altman’s leadership, Y Combinator introduced an AI bot to help.

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