Ticketmaster Apologizes To Taylor Swift & Her Fans Amid Ticket Fiasco

Ticketmaster Apologizes To Taylor Swift & Her Fans Amid Ticket Fiasco

Ticketmaster has apologized to Taylor Swift and her fans after a ticketing glitch this week. On Friday, the ticket sales company shared a statement in response to the controversy surrounding their Arrow tour.

From the outset we tried to make it as easy as possible for fans to buy tickets, but that hasn’t been the case with a lot of people trying to buy tickets for Taylor Swift’s Era Tour.

Especially for those who had a terrible experience trying to buy on Tuesday, many fans hoping to score tickets in the Verified Fan pre-sale were left empty-handed after waiting an hour for virtual signs went.

“We had a Ticketmaster site crash and tickets sold out, then on Thursday Ticketmaster canceled the normal sale scheduled for Friday, the exceptionally high demand on the ticketing system and to meet that demand,” the company said in a statement.

Over 3.5 million people are said to have registered for the Verified Fan pre-sale, of which 1.5 million were invited to participate on Ticketmaster.

They said they’ve been able to manage high volumes in the past, but this time around the staggering number of bot attacks, as well as fans who didn’t have codes, drove unprecedented traffic. The resulting total of 3.5 million system requests on our site is more than four times our previous peak.

They also stated that they would like to improve the ticket buying experience in the future, adding that they are working to enhance their technology for the new bar. Taylor Swift broke her silence on the furore following Ticketmaster’s statement demanding Taylor Swift The Arrow Tour, which she wrote on her Instagram Story on Friday.

There are many reasons why people are trying so hard to get tickets and I am trying to figure out how to rectify the situation going forward, I am not going to make excuses for anyone because we have asked them many times Can they handle this kind of demand.

We were assured that it’s really amazing that 2.4 million people got tickets, but it really bothers me that many of them feel like they’ve gone through several bear attacks to get them Han Taylor stresses his safety over his fans and partially writes off the situation as frustrating.

It’s really hard for me to trust an outside entity with these relationships and loyalties and it’s excruciating for me to see mistakes without recourse just added unmatched songs for those who didn’t get tickets that’s all I can say that I hope to provide.

There are many more opportunities for all of us to come together and sing these songs, thank you for being there. What you may not know is that Taylor has been very candid about her love for her longtime fans in a short film last year. He told Scott Evans of Access Hollywood about making the film for all the fans who love the longtime ballad.

This song is one of those that everyone cites as one of their favourites. A 10-minute short film written and directed by Oke, how did it feel to be on that set knowing that it was a story that you were going to tell primarily as a gift to all the people who made it something like this?

special oh that was really wonderful because when you have a secret like that I love planning things for them in secret because they are so rewarding they do it right and they pretend they do it And like being surprised is so rewarding I can’t believe they care that’s honestly still okay.

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