Celebrities who have changed a lot, and what do they look like today?

Celebrities who have changed a lot, and what do they look like today?


Let us elaborate, there are often many reasons why your appearance may change over time and most of this can often be attributed to cosmetic surgery including dietary and lifestyle changes.

There are a lot of things that can change the look of a celebrity but it’s certainly no secret that there’s a fine line between touching your face and going overboard with surgery that leaves celebrities almost completely unrecognizable.

The results can often be more shocking than effective, so being told what changed you the most. I’m Your Host Bridget Shields And Here Are The Top 10 Celebrities

Courtney Cox

If you look at pictures of the Friends star in the ’90s compared to now, it’s easy to see that he has passed away.

A whole range of different procedures but unlike most celebrities Courteney Cox is completely open about all the procedures that she has done.

The 58-year-old star admitted that he thought he ‘went too far at one point and said you have no idea because it’s slowly until you leave.

It’s worse in photos than in real life with what beauty magazines are telling you and the 2017 major slowly became addicted to surgeries and advice from all the wrong people.

well quote what will happen in the end do you go to a doctor who will say you look great but will it really help a little injection of filler here or there she said she doesn’t know how.

Lil kim

The rapper is undoubtedly one of the most talented and most influential women in hip-hop, yet her legacy remains controversial for one reason or another.

But little Kim now looks nothing like what we used to know and the rapper endured the rigorous cosmetic surgery procedures in the ’90s. As the years passed.

Lil Kim appeared on the red carpet and interviewed with light skinned high cheekbones with a small nose and extra drastic changes. His transformation was so drastic that it really horrified his loyal fans.

Unfortunately it has also taken a toll on his career, but there is a sad reason behind his decision to keep going at the knife, the rapper developed a complex about his appearance.

Thanks to a string of cruel boyfriends, she said all my men told me that ‘the men I was dating wouldn’t even be okay, what are you doing to me.

So she told Newsweek that when men were unfaithful to her who looked nothing like her, it made her want to change the way she wanted to.

Christina Aguilera

The singer has come a long way since her Disney days with Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears, establishing herself as the voice of such a generation.

tried her hand at acting and gave us movies like Burlesque starring Cher, but her recent comeback has fans talking about her changing face in 2017.

According to Whitney Houston’s experts, many people noticed that Christina’s lips were plump during her trippy performance at that year’s Amas.

Despite speculation about Botox lip and cheek fillers and jaw contour, she debated whether or not Christina refused to go to the knife.

Instead she revealed in a cryptic interview that she just loves that her perfect look can really be anything or just the fact that it’s completely natural to change one’s appearance.

Jojo siwa

One does not need to be a loyal fan of JoJo to know that ever since the teenage superstar first rose to fame, he has a signature look.

Known for oversized bows and her signature high ponytail, her sense of style is in fact so popular that she even sells her own line of bows that are often sold out in stores.

Fans were shocked when the 19-year-old revealed that she cut her hair too short and even gave herself a mullet in an interview for Instagram and Facebook’s Creators Week.

JoJo said that it was just my 18th birthday and it was around my birthday that I realized that I want to part my hair today.

The right time to try something different and a little more mature or a little advanced ’80s new look is also a pretty good indicator that the singer is looking to change her Disney fan image into something bigger and more age-appropriate.

Noah Cyrus

His older sister Miley is certainly the most famous member of the A-list family, but Noah has really started to make a name for himself in the music industry in recent years.

While there is no denying that a lot has changed since the arrival of Noah. Many fans at the scene have speculated that his changing appearance is the result of much more than just puberty.

Instead of thinking she might have gone under the knife, rumors of plastic surgery started spreading after photos of her plump lips and high brows surfaced.

If you look at old photos of the singer and compare her appearance this year, you can really tell that her cheekbones have increased in volume and not only the chin but her eyebrows are more visible.

The 22-year-old hasn’t said anything about it yet, but many people still believe that a dramatic facial change isn’t completely natural.

Kelly Osborne

The singer has made a big difference. She has given up shaved hair and a gothic makeup cup in recent years and has lost almost 40 kilos. Kelly has been quite open about her changing look.

She had undergone gastric sleeve weight loss surgery in 2018. She went on the Hollywood Raw podcast in 2020 and described it as the best surgery ever.

It is quite drastic as it removes 75 to 80 percent of the abdomen, while she has been very vocal about her decision, saying it is far from a quick fix.

It really requires a complete change in lifestyle but after she lost the weight Kelly said she realized she was offended by Hollywood’s bidding.

Now looking back, I know who I will work with and who will not because I know who called me fat I know who did’ is put in the memory bank.

Meg Ryan

Who stole the hearts of the audience with his scintillating rom-com roles. Meg Rhea When Meg attended the Tony Awards in the early 2000s, her face changed beyond recognition when she underwent several cosmetic procedures to attend the Tony Awards in 2016.

Maybe she exaggerated it a bit, with many cosmetic surgeons quick to offer their opinion on what procedures she might have done, saying the most obvious thing was on her cheeks.

It was some kind of filler or fat transfer and the general consensus is that the process was not done properly as a later amount of filler could have been added to give it a softer look.

There is also speculation that she has had rhinoplasty because the tip of her nose is narrower than before and looks a little more prickly but no one can really pinpoint the exact reason why she looks so unrecognizable these days.

Renee Zellweger

The actress walked the red carpet in 2014 with a new look and it hooked the rumour-mongers to the incident which went viral across the world in a matter of hours.

Which created a huge frenzy on social media for both fans and fans alike. Critics thought Renee looked completely different from Bridget Jones.

We all remember from the late ’90s and early 2000s that he faced an overwhelming backlash to Botox injections and a possible facelift.

Renee told People that many people noticed that she no longer had almond-shaped eyes. Magazine I’m glad people think I look different. I’m living a much different, happier and more fulfilled life and I’m thrilled that maybe it shows but a change in her appearance can also be completely natural.

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