Elon Musk agrees to buy Twitter at original offer price of $44 billion

Elon Musk agrees to buy Twitter at original offer price of $44 billion


Elon Musk agrees to buy Twitter at original offer price of $44 billion. 54.20 per share for a total of $44 billion after months of legal battles and expressed displeasure.

Twitter lost about 100 employees three weeks later, according to two people familiar with the company’s operations and nurturing rates, and while the process isn’t slowing down, Twitter’s situation is worse than anyone expected. Which previously allowed all its users to log in to sessions on Android and iOS is still active after changing the password.

Mask has already decided to buy the platform so now they are facing big problems this is a very interesting story so let’s start from the beginning This pattern of maximum attrition only intensifies as Mask Gaya and Twitter got embroiled in a main fight when Musk said he no longer wanted to buy Twitter.

Who asked not to reveal his identity?

According to sources who asked not to be identified as they were discussing the issue, the company had a net loss of more than 700 full-time employees internationally as of the end of September, according to a Twitter spokesperson. Musk and the acquisition The instability around the event had left many employees saying that the firm had expected even more casualties.

Pre-deal and macroeconomic variables affect recruitment and retention. Twitter disclosed the chief in a February filing to about 7 500 people the firm continued to operate during the first half of the year and into June, according to people familiar with the situation.

8 has grown to over 200 employees it has already lost almost as many people as it had. They are now starting to feel it as a result of a net workforce reduction of nine percent this year. An existing employee worked on individual teams. Pointing to the impact of turnover, some groups have lost up to a third of their workforce.

Why did Twitter expose this in court?

It’s so serious that Twitter exposed it in court as one of the dire effects of efforts to move away from the mask agreement has been exacerbated since early August when many workers took stock units outright. which allowed them to redeem their shares as per the sources.

According to him, about 300 individuals familiar with the situation left the firm on a net basis between the end of July and the second week of August, and then Twitter implemented a hiring freeze in May and fired hundreds of employees in July, but LinkedIn did so from June has given employment to about 280 persons.

The business expects some individuals to leave voluntarily this year and has even revised how it is classified. People went on to show off Musk’s influence. Management didn’t expect so many people to go, according to an employee familiar with the position.

Why did Twitter shut down its users?

There is already internal discussion of a new emphasis on filling vacancies while the recruitment freeze is in effect. In addition to the dozens of unfinished posts Twitter has advertised recently on LinkedIn, from brand strategists and engineering managers to privacy experts, Twitter has finally closed its users.

The flaw that doesn’t prevent all its users from logging into the session on Android and iOS once they’ve changed the password. The vulnerability could have implications for users who reset their passwords because they feared their Twitter account was at risk.

Soon after Twitter’s former security chief accused him of cybersecurity. If anyone who has a smartphone is able to access its apps due to a loss or a stubborn device.

What was reported by Twitter?

They will have full access to those affected which enables some accounts to remain signed in on multiple devices. When a user voluntarily resets their password normally when no password is used.

Turns out the session token that keeps the user signed in to the app was removed in the same way but did not happen on mobile devices, Twitter web sessions on the other hand were unaffected and expired properly as reported by Twitter As a result the floor had arisen regarding the amendment made last year in the protocol.

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