Elon Musk has filed a $258 billion lawsuit against Tesla and SpaceX for allegedly

Elon Musk has filed a $258 billion lawsuit against Tesla and SpaceX for allegedly

Elon Musk

Elon Musk has filed a $258 billion lawsuit against Tesla and SpaceX for allegedly using cryptocurrency Deutsche Coin investor Keith Johnson to operate a pyramid scheme alleging that Musk was the founder of Tesla and SpaceX Deutsche.

Manipulate the price while still promoting it A reliable and respectable investment Elon Musk certainly has one of the best lawyers in the world but still this lawsuit could have disastrous consequences for Elon Musk. Interesting story so let’s explain this which would clearly be against the law as per the suit.

The defendant knew that the Deutsche coin had no value as of 2019, yet continued to advertise it to make money from his business as the world’s richest man.

How did Musk take advantage of his position to focus on money?

Musk reportedly took advantage of his position to get money and attention. The Deutsche Coin Pyramid Scheme ran and settled for one rupee but we all know he doesn’t really need it.

He’s Our Dear Rocket Man Who’s Already Super Rich And B Has All The Attention He’ll Ever Need To be treated as gambling by law, don’t you think it’s more than a legitimate lawsuit.

Seems like a personal vendetta because in addition to that huge $258 billion Johnson is seeking $86 billion in damages, Deutsche Coin’s value has plummeted since May 2021 when you think about it.

How much billion dollars is musk’s current net worth?

This is an Ember Heard type of affair and we all know how it turned out. Forbes estimates Musk’s current net worth to be around $213 billion, although Johnson’s case is still in its early stages.

Assuming it’s ready for testing, we think Musk is still out of it. It was falling below 64 cents in May. Deutsche Coinage was introduced in 2013 under 57 cents per coin, Keith.

Musk forwarded Deutsche Coin at a price of 0.0002, although he knew it was of no value. Deutsche coin price from 2021. In addition, he asked a federal judge to restrain Musk and businesses from sponsoring Deutsche Coinage.

Why should the Deutsche coin trade be treated as gambling under federal and New York law?

This man is clearly out for blood that the Deutsche coin trade should be treated as gambling under federal and New York law why lost his whole life but it is not Elon Musk’s fault.

It is 2020 Musk as Deutsche continues to promote the coin. Wait, I would normally pay a real one dollar to people who invalidated their Deutsche Coin accounts in early February 2021, fun fact is not new as the US Securities Exchange Commission announced Musk for his tweet in 2021 was.

Tesla has already admitted to accepting Deutsche Coin in exchange for goods, but there is nothing wrong with that as the crypto industry was booming when the pandemic paralyzed all the economies of the world, so Musk asked those . done as a way of providing relief.

What did Musk say on Twitter?

Those who wanted to buy Tesla merchandise decrypt claimed that Musk said on Twitter that he had no cryptocurrency worth more than 25 bitcoins, which a friend told him about Deutsche Coin, the original discovery of meme coins. Was. I posted the following tweet after the April 2019 hike.

The value of Deutsche Koi increased from US$0.057 at the end of April 2019 to US$0.37 Deutsche Koi; The value of N reached US$0.73 in May 2021.

When Musk appeared on Saturday Night Live at this high point, currency immediately began to drop in the Weekend Update comedy, which he played as one on May 8, 2021.

Easy points –

  • financial advisor Musk acknowledged and handed over a scam called Deutsche Coin to Deutsche Coin.
  • The price of Deutsche Coin fell more than 50 percent on Saturday Night Live in just two weeks, but Musk and Deutsche Coin are closely related. He worked for Deutsche Coin part-time.
  • In 2019 Coinage engineers reportedly offered Tesla CEOs to fund their work to enhance the functionality of their blockchain.
  • They continued to provide guidance even after their proposal was rejected, according to Ross Nichol, one of the developers who collaborated with Musk on it.

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