Elon Musk's crazy new highlight about Spotify

Elon Musk’s crazy new highlight about Spotify

Elon Musk

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has come out and criticized the system installed on Spotify saying that it is very unfair and something needs to be done about it but is Elon Musk going to do well Let’s start with the introduction of Spotify which was established in 2006.

Today it has 248 million active monthly users and is even publicly listed on the New York Stock Exchange but still there is a shadowy world of fraud and underground crime hidden behind the successful operation of the company and that’s exactly what Elon Musk said Is.

Soundtrack apps like the famous infamous Click Farm for years have been driven by fake viewers and streaming farms to steal money from advertisers without their knowledge. And how they work We must first fully understand the business strategy of Spotify and if you have ever used the popular music app.

How do they make profit?

So how do they also make profits you are probably asking yourself how do they make money while listening to us free music Spotify on the other hand has two major ways to make money which help it to make money and it to make a billion.

Help make dollars The premium subscription service is their primary and most obvious method we allow users to enjoy listening to exclusive songs using better quality bit rates and download songs to their mobile devices, with plans starting at $9.99 per month.

The company has 113 as of 2019 There are over a million paying customers, generating hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue every month.

Why do marketers get paid to show users?

Spotify plans when free users are listening to music, they are each time interrupted by ads that marketers have paid to show users. According to a variety of sources, they can be anything from short radio commercials to engaging and interactive videos.

Ad supported revenue comes from premium subscription plans for only 10 percent of total revenue, although the music platform doesn’t keep all the benefits taken by just premium accounts and AD revenue, they need to work on their own for their business model to be effective creators have to pay their own royalties to have access.

Actual rates per stream vary depending on the record label and the artist’s viewership, it is estimated that artists earn between $0.0045 and $0.0084 per play. Some of this has to be split off to management labels and so on, but not if the artist is independent and signed to a label.

How much an artist is expected to earn with an average monthly capacity of around $100,000 ?

So they keep most of the money with artists earning between $0.0045 and $5,000 are entitled to $0.0084 per stream is how much an artist is expected to earn with an average monthly capacity of around $100,000. Ames can make a pretty decent amount between $4,50 and $8 forty, it may not sound like a lot but the cash can add up quickly when you start to hit the big numbers.

Now that you understand this business model, let’s talk about how streaming farms work and why people build them. Streaming farms are comparatively fresh. The concept developed to reap the benefits of streaming platforms like Spotify is how farms naturally generate and follow streaming metrics like on social media.

The most amazing thing about farm streaming is that they’re relatively simple to build if you know what you’re doing, according to a Vice article, William Battle, one of his journalists who created his streaming file, which All fake listeners imitate. To the best of our knowledge William is not some elite underground hacker used to making stuff like this.

How easy is the streaming farm?

This only serves to prove how easy his streaming farm is, he used a variety of web servers and countless free Spotify accounts to fake William, earning his own music over and over again for each stream. Money by running, like every other artist on Spotify if you were in the ‘special’.

Not necessarily for the tech-savvy you might assume that streaming farms are only for the most powerful crime gangs and scam artists but you would be wrong.

A quick google search will offer up if you know where to search you can probably find a robot that is already programmed to fake as much as you want everyone pays for fake lessons but they affect many other factors as well.

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