Meet the crazy iPhone 13 made from a molten Tesla Model 3

Meet the crazy iPhone 13 made from a molten Tesla Model 3

Meet the Crazy Molten Tesla Model 3 in the iPhone 13. Smartphones nowadays look pretty similar, and the uniqueness factor is somewhat missing. Granted, you can buy a nice case, or pick up a limited edition color, but that’s a lot. Well the folks over at Caviar have a promo. The Russian telephone makeover studio has been promoting telephones for several years now, and their latest additions include a connected Tesla Model 3 and a statue of Elon Musk.

The phone in question is an iPhone 13 Pro (you can also get the Pro Max version) built in the Electra Limited Edition. The Russians glued together a Tesla Model 3 (or parts of it) and inserted metal rods into the phone’s body. There is an aluminum panel with some catchy slogans including a picture of Elon Musk and Tesla’s logo. The rest of the phone’s body has also been tuned according to some premium guidelines spread across the body, and a shameless plate made from the cathodes of Tesla’s lithium-ion batteries.

The bust is made from fused parts of the car primarily the hood and tin from Model 3 doors. Caviar people believe that the owner of the bust and you will be most successful by swearing to yourself. However, you’ll have to shell out $3,220 for the privilege. Sergey Kitov, founder of Caviar: A new level for us from Tesla cars to smartphones and figurines. In my opinion, these new partners embody the spirit of Elon Musk and so they will bring with them the success and creativity of this extraordinary man.

Watch a promotional video featuring some of the innovations regarding the production process of this strange oyster-inspired iPhone. Oh, and by the way, the $2,700 price tag is for the bust only (27 will be made). If you want the actual phone, you’ll need to shell out $6,760 for the iPhone 13 Pro variant (128GB) and $7,300 for the Pro Max (128GB).

The iPhone 13 Pro “Electro” dedicated to Elon Musk is partially made from a Tesla car body. In addition to smartphones, the collection will also include a statue of the Tesla Motors founder made of metal melting down the electric car.

Russian luxury brand Caviar is known for embellishing iPhones with diamond attachments and selling them at exorbitant prices. However, this time Caviar went a different route and that too in a Tesla car. In other words, Caviar has melted it down to create a special edition Tesla Model 3. So not just caviar, caviar has also created a desktop statue of Elon Musk made from melted parts of a Tesla car.

Caviar says the new design is “dedicated to Elon Musk with 13 supporters.” Electro has said that the smartphone is made from the body of a Tesla car. Elon Musk, made from Tesla’s molten metal, will also be judged .Caviar says that the design outline is inspired by Tesla. Comes with reflections on three aluminum panels featuring Musk’s portrait, an outline of an electric car and the Tesla logo. There is also some copper alloy in the phone. According to Caviar, it is a key component of electric car batteries.

If you are wondering how much the phone costs, then it is priced at $5,600 (which is approximately Rs. 4.19 lakhs). Freeze only 99 of the Caviar Limited-Edition Smart Keys. As far as Musk’s answer is concerned, it is working with melted car parts like hood, doors. Only 27 of the sculptures have been made in Caviar and will cost approx.

Caviar founder Sergey Kitov praised the smartphone and the Tesla CEO statue. These new items embody the soul of Elon Musk and hence, they will take the creativity of this outstanding man to the zenith.

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