What is the new master plan of Elon musk?

What is the new master plan of Elon musk?

Elon Musk

In today’s episode of Elon Musk we have a big update on the orbital starship launch Elon Musk teases his master plan part three The Boring Company is moving to Texas and Tesla’s insurance program has expanded to the United States again.

Elon Musk is teasing the release of Tesla’s Master Plan Part 3 and it is already shaping up to be his most ambitious but this time around Elon’s master plan not only on Tesla but his other business ventures such as SpaceX and The focus will also be on The Boring Company to create a grand vision.

What he’s saying on Twitter at least March 21 is what he said on Twitter, to quote Musk as the main theme of Elon’s new initiative to grow the electric vehicle and energy storage company into peak shape for Tesla.

What is the idea of Tesla becoming a company?

There are also mentions of the company’s AI projects in particular, including further hinting at Tesla’s idea of ​​becoming a company focused on artificial intelligence and if we recall the initial master plan it was very easy to build and sell a limited edition sports car. .

One that combined the design and mass production of a luxury car used to be connected and Tesla followed the road map to achieve that goal by releasing the Roadster in 2008.

Then the Model 3 in 2012 and then the Model 3 in 2017 which was at 35,000 at that time. About the equivalent of US$35,000, Elon said in 2016 that we started with the first phase because I could do everything I could with PayPal.

What is Elon Musk’s master plan?

This is our success the chances are so slim that i didn’t want to risk anyone’s money in the beginning but my own master plan part 2 or part der as Elon called it on the tesla website it was a bit more difficult and they really took part in.

The first point was to integrate energy generation and storage which is solar rooftop and solar energy storage and the Powerwall battery Tesla accomplished this although apparently not as smoothly or in the high volumes that might have been expected so far.

Expanding to cover the major forms of terrestrial transportation which means I have a vehicle in every segment that hasn’t happened yet Tesla Semi is a big part of it and it seems pretty close to rollout but it’s not a big deal yet. There isn’t even a reason Cybertruck is close to the same deal.

Why was the Tesla version specifically mentioned in Part der?

There’s more that we have yet to see this is the Tesla version of a higher passenger density urban transport that was specifically mentioned in Part Der and never had autonomy again since the third point of Part Two.

Again we’re very close but not yet and finally the robo-taxi network that Elon mentioned sharing in his second plan, the idea of ​​moving away from seeing cars as private property to private property. is in the form.

It’s a good idea to look at it as a service that we can access through our phones whenever we want. Not much but it’s not happening anytime soon so there’s a lot to live for, not just in the master plan part three D if you will do part three.

A postcard will also be needed to set a new direction for the future for Tesla. Deal with the shortcomings of Part 2 and how to fix these problems. Anyway I don’t want to speculate too much on that just to see. Looking forward to seeing what Elon has in mind in 2022’s  Home.

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  • Stuff like this was confirmed by Elon Musk via Twitter with a new mission deadline of March 21st, with some very interesting new details we have for the launch of the first Starship Orbital.
  • Elon announced that the first Starship orbital flight would be with The Raptor 2 engines because they are more capable and reliable, Elon said, with the Version 2 engine running at 230 tons. Or 500,000 pounds of thrust at sea level.

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