Elon Musk's urgent warning people don't know what is coming?

Elon Musk’s urgent warning people don’t know what is coming?

Elon Musk 

Most of the people in the world are working under the misconception that there are too many people this is not true I think we need to see the decline in population What do you think about the human race at the moment What is the big threat to the world I would say that the biggest threat right now is the very low growth rate of the population.

Unfortunate that we live in a world where we are so affected by our daily lives that there are certainly some major risks humanity is facing. Population collapse is a really big deal about which I want more people to think because the birth rate is far below us.

Lack of fertility is one of the most underrated problems of our times, so most of the people in the world live with this misconception.

There are many people who can maintain the population at the current level both the time and the birth rate is unfortunately falling like crazy. We have ridiculous population estimates from the United Nations that need updating.

Why does nothing change with growth rate?

Children were born in previous years life expectancy and how many people will know in future and birth rate is positive or negative it is negative so it is best case when nothing changes with growth rate.

The population is about 110 million but last year if you take the number of life expectancy at birth which is 85 years it’s a pretty impressive life expectancy population it’s important allowed where you know a lot of old people a lot of young and are so unstable.

The reverse demographic permit is something you may have never heard of before but Musk is always trying to get more young people to have more children and eventually bring more people to earth. Multiple demographic reports suggest that we already have.

Only to blame the world’s richest man for the population decline As a scientist Elon takes his time to prove it The world’s richest man wants to see some human population decline.

Why aren’t natural meteorites in old rocket stages all the time?

This is somewhat an intuition for most people they think a lot of humans they live in a city would someone basically ever fall from space rune stuff natural meteorites are not in old rocket stages all the time but no one Doesn’t worry about.

There was a really cool website called wait but like Tim Urban and found out why he really just did the math and while all humans on earth can fit on one floor in New York City they never need upper floors so Cross-section of humans as actually seen from Earth.

Basically small disappearance is almost nothing so we need to see population decline low growth rate i think is a big risk and it’s not a secret at all you can see on wikipedia you find out the birth rate Musk is likely to have more children.

The richest man in the world has nothing that can stop him from having more and more children, he has all the money in the world which he can use to raise his children in the best way, Elon Musk explains that The United States and Japan are some of the countries that are once again facing population decline.

Why is population decline the biggest threat to human civilization?

Elon insists that population collapse is the biggest threat to human civilization, but you see what do you think is the biggest threat to mankind, now I see the biggest danger right now. Population really collapses super low growth rate like nuclear war.

We actually have an overpopulation problem, those are the most misunderstood conditions that certainly push us overboard.

There was a huge baby boom at the time like there were a lot of babies for people after World War II but back in the US the birth rate has actually been below 71 or 72 since the replacement rate is what we’re facing. There is a decline of population like people do not know how fast the population is falling.

Japan is far away like japan actually lost like 600 that went up to 600,000 people last year the america has been below the replacement rate for 50 years since the 70’s 71 since the 72 Why are you shouting with BS that you are overpopulating.

Why is population growth is not perfect ?

Population growth is not perfect it is aging people are living longer this is the only reason why the population of the earth is not decreasing but it is what you know one thing that works like a metric that is the ratio of adult diapers to baby diapers.

At what point in a country are there more adult diapers and baby diapers and like Japan went past that point 10 years ago what do you think the future will be like so we have at least a chance to change what you think about it There is a low replacement rate.

Not much on the baby front which are subjective you can literally look at both. It’s like an objective number like how many babies were born as they recorded this information how harmful it is if we like it Keeps trending.

A low growth rate for a civilization is like a slow death, it is not a fast one you can enlist as the average age just starts flowing and basically the civilization will die with a whisper and the adult an anticlimactic diaper Like sucks.

Easy points -
  • Civilization left with a loud whisper in adult diapers.
  • Musk has this to say about the population collapse that it is time to do some calculations and research to see.
  • Elon’s warning is understandably supportive of the tech billionaire when he says that population collapse is the greatest threat to human civilization.

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