Elon Musk's dire forsee for 2023

Elon Musk’s dire forsee for 2023


There’s two futurists and one futurist who reads about stars and things and sees in science fiction movies that’s good and true. We have these stars and we’re going to see what other planets are and we’re a multi-species , are species and the scope and scale of consciousness is spread over many civilizations and many planets and many star systems.

Which has a great future it’s a wonderful thing for me and that’s what we should try and we can definitely go to the moon and mars we think we’ll go to the asteroid belt and we can go to the moons of jupiter saturn Pluto may reach such a future.

Where we are a space-borne civilization and among the stars it’s so exciting I look forward to the future And there is a civilization among the stars.

What is Elon Musk’s idea for spaceship civilization?

Elon Musk said that I think it is very exciting to do what we want, whereas if you know that we will not be a spaceship civilization, but will be confined to Earth forever, then it will not have a good future. So sad that I think it’s one of those things.

Which is hard enough to predict when you think I mean the first controlled powered flight was in 1903 with the Wright brothers and then 66 years later when we first went to the moon I mean if you ask people how 1900 The chances that they will climb the moon, they will say are ridiculous.

Elon Musk said that if you try to talk to him about the Internet, then he will not even know what you are talking about, even what you are talking about. It sounds strange, but today with a hundred dollar equipment you can video conference with anyone in the world on the other side of the world.

How can you communicate with millions of people at once with social media?

Feel free to have instant visual communication with the millions of people you know. With social media you can communicate with millions of people at once and you are on Google.

It is like an article of wisdom that you can answer almost any question very quickly. In the past, even in the relatively recent past, these things would have been incredibly difficult to predict, so I think the one thing we can do for sure is look at what we do today for the future.

She will be in 50 years this is definitely wrong i mean direct i think i can tell you what i expect to happen in the future maybe it’s because it may just be wishful thinking i mean that I hope we are uh mars and maybe beyond mars moon of jupiter.

Why autonomy and artificial intelligence which is so advanced?

The hope is that we are traveling to the solar system again and again, perhaps preparing missions to a nearby star system, I think it’s all 50 it’s possible within years and I think it’s too much to do Would be exciting, I think we’ll see autonomy and artificial intelligence, which I think is quite advanced.

It’s really very near term I think maybe 10 years it would be very unusual to build cars in America that aren’t fully autonomous 10 years from now almost all cars manufactured will be capable of full autonomy in about 10 years as I am building Tesla cars today.

They have the necessary sensor systems for full autonomy and we think that’s probably enough calculation. To be safer than a person it is mostly a question of developing the software and uploading the software and if it is found that the computing power needs more computing power.

Why would Tesla follow the last October of the year and other manufacturers?

We can easily upgrade the computer and so it’s made by tesla last october of year and other manufacturers will follow and do the same so coming on the call would be like being in an elevator you just tell me you Where do you want to go and it will take you there with the utmost level of security.

it will be normal i will be normal like there used to be lift operators for elevators you can find that guy pushing the lever now you just turn on and you press the button and it’s well taken i mean me Thinking it is possible to build something in electric aircraft is very exciting.

There’s going to be a lot like a civil brain interface in genetics and essentially a human machine brain interface, I think it’s related to some pretty singular deep AI that I think we should be concerned about Whether this may or may not happen well, I think this singularity is probably the right word because we don’t know what’s going to happen when human beings have much more intelligence than a brain.

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