Tesla's founder and CEO Elon Musk recently launched such a crazy motor

Tesla’s founder and CEO Elon Musk recently launched such a crazy motor


Let’s know in detail Tesla’s founder and CEO Elon Musk has recently launched such a crazy motor which has shaken the entire industry, what is the name of this new motor, how it works.

Why is this shocking the whole industry Are there some Tesla EVs that are already using this motor This could be new The motor is the greatest invention ever.

Elon Musk operates under the motto of making today better than yesterday after getting into EVs.

Creating the industry, they left other automobiles with innovations that didn’t even yet have an idea that they wanted to launch their Model 3 and Model S.

Did he make his point very clear?

He has come up with the new crazy motor that will shake up the entire EV industry when Tesla was founded by a single person in 2003. It took only five years for the group of talented engineers to make their presence felt in the entire automobile industry.

He made his point very clear, since then the world has known how premier class Tesla cars really are with the world-class Model S as well as other avant-garde technologies.

Tesla has made great strides in the car manufacturing industry, the aesthetic design goes without saying that we all know how unique Tesla cars look.

There is no doubt that the designers have left no stone unturned to ensure that the car now sports a classy look.

Given the great performance of these cars, there is definitely something about the inner workings of Tesla cars that they are doing uniquely as compared to other counterparts in the automobile industry.

Inner workings of the new motor:-

The answer lies in Tesla Motors, now a new motor is loose and things will get even crazier, but before that let us look at the inner workings of the crazy new motor.

A quick background on where these motors got their start and how different they are from traditional engines will serve. A good place to start is glorifying the motor. Before the automobile industry used an internal combustion engine to propel and move a vehicle.

What every vehicle owner didn’t realize when he was talking about how harmful engines are to the environment is that, unlike motors, these engines require components such as fuel pumps, fuel lines and fuel tanks.

Since they relied on burning fossil fuels to power the car, the sure result was a much higher carbon footprint from the cars’ exhaust, when everything seemed to be polluted with carbon.

Nikola Tesla formulated a simple idea of ​​induction motor, we cannot talk about induction motor without mentioning the first two. Main parts stator and rotor These are the foundation blocks of induction motors which are relevant even for modern ones.

Does the strider provide a magnetic field?

The short-circuit bars on the other hand are driven into the rotor by the end rings. The strider provides a magnetic field that drives the rotating armature. Here the unique role of this level is to convert the rotating magnetic field into electric current.

Three phase current is supplied to the output T until the resulting rotating magnetic field causes a current on their rotor bars, this will determine the speed and torque of any type of EV.

Now the most amazing thing about induction motors is that the rotation speed can be modified by increasing or decreasing the amount of alternating current power supply which is very simple.

All you want to do is vary the power supply frequency and voila, you have a more powerful induction motor, these typical induction engines have evolved over the 100 years since their first invention.

Tesla’s humble beginnings began with testing with a permanent magnet motor, which as the name suggests consisted of a permanent magnet in the rotor.

Why does it reduce the overall AC supply to the rotor?

The rotating magnetic field of the outer tubes interacting with the permanent magnetic field introduces a force that causes the rotor to turn the wrong way.

The motor causes a strong series of opposing permanent magnetic field called EMF which is the type of EMF that opposes AC hence reducing the overall AC supply to the rotor.

By now we know that less AC means less powerful motor as a result of which he designed a great solution an asynchronous reluctance motor. This motor solved the problem of magnetic resistance by eliminating it.

A reluctance medium that resisted the magnetic fields to achieve this goal, they used iron and air. Iron is known for its low reluctance while air provides high reluctance.

Easy Points:-
  • So to do these things together, permanent magnets were inserted into the air groove within sin rm.
  • So that the permanent magnets aligned with the rmf reduce the field from the permanent magnet so that at high velocity the back emf is minimal.
  • Most of the torque was produced efficiently as this motor was suited to perform at high speeds.
  • But Tesla decided to combine PMM.
  • Sin RM after combining the two motors to make one more powerful motor they produced terrible results that were sure to reduce.

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